Grassroots Interviews with CD-3 candidate Pamela Gorman

Last night, I interviewed Pamela Gorman on  She’s running for Congress in Arizona’s Third Congressional District.  There are ten candidates running in CD 3 and the voters really do need to do their homework.  I wish her the best of luck in her race!



Pamela Gorman Interview


  1. CD3 Voter says

    Sam Crump is the ONLY candidate in the CD3 race to endorse J.D. Hayworth over McCain. Why can’t Gorman make a choice between Hayworth and McCain?

    Pamela Gorman endorsed lifelong Democrat, Tony Bouie, over dependable conservatives Sam Crump and Carl Seel in 2008.

    No thanks Pamela Gorman. I vote for conservatives for every office.

  2. TrueAZConservative says

    Why Pamela Gorman is the True Conservative in the CD3; posted on

    There are ten candidates in the race for the GOP nomination to succeed conservative John Shadegg in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District. Based upon what the candidates say at forums across the district, you’d think all ten are conservative leaders. Such is hardly the case.

    In all honesty, there is only one candidate in the race who is a proven conservative who has been tested and passed and that’s Senator Pamela Gorman. Gorman led the charge against her own party’s Governor (and the State Chair of the AZ GOP) in opposing a $3 billion tax hike in the middle of a recession. That pissed off the Governor and the “go along, get along” GOP establishment.

    Gorman has led the charge in toppling the state’s taxpayer-financed election system. The taxpayer-financed campaign system would have dumped $1.4 million into the Republican Governor’s campaign and paid a lot of cash to insider consultants. Those folks aren’t too happy with Gorman.

    And Gorman is the ONLY candidate in the race who has introduced and passed affirmative pro-life legislation through the Legislature. She’s the only legitimate candidate in the race with a conceal carry permit, and along with being an avid defender of the 2nd Amendment (100% NRA voting record), shoots a pistol. Gorman’s passed on the love of gun sports to her teenage son (who is on the NRA Youth long-range rifle team).

    And she’s also fought against crony capitalism and corporate welfare. Whether it be special tax credits for this solar energy firm or special interest legislation for that company, Gorman has been one of maybe two conservatives who have said “No.” That makes some of those insider crony capitalists unhappy.

    Pamela Gorman is an attractive, articulate, principled conservative that drives the left crazy and is willing to take on those in her own party (especially those who claim to be conservative) who refuse to control spending or want to increase taxes.

    Among Gorman’s “legitimate” opponents are the following:

    Ben Quayle. He’s a cute kid. Just passed the bar exam, bought a house, got married and no doubt got a dog to create the perfect “Congressional candidate.” No one heard of him until a few months ago when Daddy pulled out his rolodex, raised a ton of cash from the typical GOP establishment and hosted fundraisers at his home, at the home of President George Herbert Walker Bush’s in Houston, C Boyden Gray’s home in Washington, DC. You get the idea. No one in Arizona even knew the kid lived in Arizona. They will know after he spends a couple million bucks trying to buy a Congressional seat. What will he say when his Wall Street chums or C Boyden Gray calls and says “we need a little favor.”

    Vernon Parker. Vernon is a darling of some because he’s an African-American Republican. He would say that he’s a conservative (they all claim to be conservatives now) but his experience consists of working as a government bureaucrat and then creating a business fueled by taxpayer dollars that allowed him to get wealthy and live in one of the richest neighborhoods in all of Phoenix (it’s the same one as Vice President Quayle). He launched his business (allegedly while still a government bureaucrat) with a $1.2 million Small Business Administration deal funded by the taxpayers. Best I can tell is that Vernon’s job is to have taxpayer dollars fund government contracts for him to teach others how to handle government bureaucracy. The other focus of his business is helping other people secure taxpayer dollars in the form of grants and loans to fund their businesses. Hardly the background of a conservative. He brags about his humble upbringing and I’m glad he “made it” but Gorman had a pretty humble upbringing and was on food stamps as a child, won a scholarship to college and worked her way through school. She just doesn’t think that qualifies her to win a medal or be in Congress.

    Jim Waring has most recently been a Senator in Arizona and is by all accounts a pretty good guy. He has never really distinguished himself as a legislator. He likes to call himself the “hardest working legislator” but he’s never really done any heavy lifting on the legislative work side of the job. No, his work has been campaigning for a Congressional seat that might one day open up. Well, one day has come and bland, milquetoast Jim Waring who is a John McCain loyalist and former staffer is ready to assume the the throne and be a bland milquetoast Congressman for the next 20 years. He’d fit right in in Congress. Sometimes it seems like there is a farm somewhere growing 50-something white, male, milquetoast Republicans who would rather die that stand on principle against their own Republican leadership that has gone astray.

    Paulina Morris, if you look at her Twitter identity, is a “Goldwater conservative”. That’s an interesting interpretation of what the fiscally conservative Goldwater legacy actually represents. While Gorman received the third highest ranking of any legislator from the actual Goldwater Institute, Paulina Morris was a state government bureaucrat who supported sending the $3 billion tax increase (that Gorman opposed) to the ballot. Taking it a step further (and in order to secure support from all the public employee unions), she lobbied the voters to pass the largest tax increase in Arizona history (it was described to be “for the kids”). Gorman was the only one to officially oppose it on the record as a ballot initiative. If you look at Paulina Morris’ website, you won’t see any mention of “abortion/pro-life/reproductive rights” because Paulina doesn’t want folks to know that this “conservative” is a strong supporter of abortion on demand and is the secret stealth candidate of the pro-abortion movement to win a conservative Republican seat.

    The last candidate I mention here is barely on the cusp of “legitimate candidates.” Sam Crump moved to Arizona a few years ago and announced to political operatives that he moved from California to be a member of Congress. He actually worked for Pamela Gorman’s opponent on her first House race. Gorman ran against a RINO Republican who claimed to be a conservative but increased taxes. She kicked his political butt and Sam made amends eventually running for the House himself. Well, Sam won a seat in the House and then announced he was exploring a run for Attorney General and changed his mind and announced he was running for reelection to the Arizona House, before the Congressional seat opened up and he announced that he was ready to accept his birthright and run for Congress. Problem with Sam is that like the RINO Republican he first supported when he got here, he was the leader of a big, special-interest coalition to raise taxes in California. He was a paid advocate for the tax-hikers. He didn’t mention that when he came to Arizona and recently when it was revealed he basically said “I oppose taxes and will do so, but I only supported the one in California because my friends did.” Well, I think we can do better than that, Sam.

    That’s it. Those are the mainstream, legitimate candidates in this race. And Pamela Gorman comes out far and away as the best candidate. She’s the only person in the race who doesn’t only say she’s conservative, but actually has a record to prove it.

  3. TrueAZConservative says

    Note to CD3 voter, Sam Crump supported tax hikes in California as mayor! He is posing as a fiscal conservative, and obviously has tricked you.

  4. Valerie J says

    Wow! Gorman is a real cheap-shot artist “somebody told me Sam Crump said he voted against my bill because…”

  5. Hello!? Have you actually READ the California tax-hike stuff that Gorman’s friends, felon Wes Harris and nudie Horst K. sent around? The conservative groups were ON the tax side and the Sierra Club and environmental wackos were opposing. I feel pretty good when my candidate is on the opposite side of the tree-huggers! Get the story straight BEFORE jumping to conclusions.

  6. TrueAZConservative says

    Ron, Hello!! Were you not aware of the Prop 100 (sales tax) vote?? The “republicans” were for the tax, the democrats voted against it. Does that mean that if republicans support a tax hike, it is okay? I’m a true conservative, I don’t support tax hikes, no matter who is supporting them! And you shouldn’t either, but apparently your boy Crump does! Get the story straight!

  7. To TrueAZConservative:
    Gorman would probably be pretty good if she was not such a big RINO supporter…..and with Horst Kraus as a supporter of hers, you can bet she is nothing but a RINO supporter. You know, those people that say one thing in the campaign to get elected, then do something different when they get to Washington….doesn’t that sound familiar…? At least Sam Crump you can count on to be Conservative.

  8. Trent B. says

    Gorman talks about how conservative she is but she is just fine with electing more moderates, even liberals to the legislature if she thinks it will further her career.

    Right Florine, Horst Kraus doesn’t support a candidate without asking some questions. And those answers better be left of center to win his support. Horst Kraus for Pamela Gorman tells us all we need to know. I’m voting for Sam Crump.

  9. sundevil4conservatives says

    Horst has been apart of the republican party for decades, and was appointed to a position on the finance committee. Give me a break, he is not a liberal. And Sam Crump moved from California, where he lost in politics, to Arizona, so he could try again. He is a carpet-bagger who will do and say anything to get elected. Supporting a tax hike in CA is all I need to know to say NO to Crump the Carpet-Bagger.

  10. You might want to actually read about the supposed California tax-hike before commenting. HELLO? Conservatives on one side…..Sierra Club and liberals on the other! Who’s side would you be on???

    Same thing here: Pamela Gorman, Wes Harris, Horst K., and phony-baloney Bouie OR Sam Crump, J.D. Hayworth, Tom Tancredo, Tea Party Conservatives.
    It’s quite clear when you check out who someone is aligned with!
    And, I’m sooooo sick of the carpet bagger stuff. How long does a person have to live here? 5, 10, 15 years??? Ugh! Soon, we’ll be debating how long a person has been married as a qualification. 5, 10, 15 years…

  11. PC in LD6 says

    Crump couldn’t even decide what to run for! After supporting taxes in CA and then moving here to get elected he still shifted from one campaign to another – give me a break. Some people just want to be elected to anything to feel important.

    By the way Valerie, if you knew people down at the capitol, you would know that it was a fact that Crump would refuse to vote for a good conservative bill if he was angry with the person sponsoring it. Way to go working for your constituents, gimme a break… It’s all about him.

  12. PC in LD6 says

    Oh, and enough with the Bouie crap, a ton of people supported him over Seel – Haney and the county only wanted Seel in office because he owed them and would vote the way he was told.

    Many good conservatives wouldn’t support Seel, then he votes to put the tax increase on the ballot.

    Sorry, but Crump and Seel are 2 “conservatives” we don’t need.

  13. TrueAZConservative says

    Ron: in other words, any criticism of Crump is superfluous? Ugh! Again, republicans on one side of sales tax hike, democrats on the opposite side. It was a tax hike, simple as that. Crump supported it. Any tax hikes should not be supported by a “conservative.” Isn’t out-of-control spending what got the republicans currently in power into trouble?? Crump needs to be stopped here, just like he was stopped in California; then maybe he will move again!

  14. Randy Pullen says

    Since AZConservative used my name in his(her) rant, I thought I should respond and set the record straight. Pamela Gorman was not asked to vote yes or no on a tax increase. She was asked to support 46 out of 54 Republicans in the legislature on a ballot measure to let voters decide whether or not they wanted a 1 cent sale tax increase. This was an issue that two-thirds of Republicans in LD6 thought should be put to a vote.

    Furthermore, well over half of Republicans who voted in the election voted yes. This was a special election that had almost a 38% turnout. An incredible number of voters to vote in a special election. Usually less than 20% will vote in a special election. Voters were paying attention to the issue and understood the serious state of affairs Napolitano left the state, when she moved on to orchestrating her next big disaster, Home Land Security.

    Pamela Gorman was out of tune with Republicans in her district who wanted the chance to vote as well as Republicans in general who supported the ballot measure.

  15. TrueAZConservative says

    Randy, first of all, I never mentioned your name in any post. Secondly, really? Disguising a vote for a ballot measure that will raise taxes is essentially a vote for a tax increase. It is the legislature’s job to make decisions, and when they allow a measure to go to the ballot that would increase the sales tax by 18% or so, that is voting for a tax increase. Gorman was one of the few republicans that took a stand and voiced concern over the prosect of increasing taxes. Maybe lowering taxes is no longer a republican platform, but it still remains a very important conservative ideal.

  16. Dave Price says

    To all you Crump and Gorman supporters out there: let’s cut the hyperbole about which one is a RINO and which one is a true conservative. They have both been solid conservative voices in the legislature. Their voting records are both irrefutable. Criticize them all you want, but calling either one of them a moderate or a RINO is childish, emotional, and irrational. Most of the commenters are choosing to cherry-pick one or two specific events from their past to characterize them as something other than what they truly are. Although that is politics-as-usual, it is also dishonest and I don’t think it serves anyone well to behave that way.

    Personally, I’d be proud to have either one of them represent me in Congress.

    Chairman Pullen, you may be right that Gorman did not support the Republican Party with that sales tax issue. However, I am proud of her for doing everything within her power to stop that tax from passing. The best way to prevent that tax from happening was to prevent it from being on the ballot. That is a solid, conservative, principled stand to take. And the fact that she did so against the wishes of her own party leadership showed the kind of courage under fire that we need in Congress. It is for this reason alone that I will be voting for her instead of Sam Crump. I am confident Sam will be an equally principled fighter for our conversative ideals in Congress, but Gorman has already proven that she will do so.

  17. I’m not sure that what Gorman did in office could be called leadership. She actually lost her leadership position there. She may be on the right side of the issues, and she’s certainly ambitions, but without even basic leadership skills…

  18. nightcrawler says

    I don’t live in CD3. I am not a social conservative. I thought Pamela handled herself well. Given the field is quite large I believe she has as good of a chance of winning as anyone else.

    She has name recognition, is a she, is easy on the eyes and most importantly can articulate her positions in a reasonable manner. Most ordinary voters will have forgotten and/or will forgive her stance on the ballot measure. Some might even vote for her because of it.

    The only concern I would have is that she may not have the funds to compete on the airwaves, although name recognition goes a long way.

  19. TrueAZConservative says

    Purple: Gorman did not “lose” her leadership position. She resigned. And resigning a leadership position when you are the only member of the republican party who is supporting the most fundamental principle of that party IS leadership.

  20. True, you need to either redefine party or redefine leadership.

    Unless you really want to say Gorman is a one-person party and by default she is the leader. But I would not call that a a party, and it’s not leadership either. It’s nonsense.

    All I am saying is that she may be a nice ambitious lady and a good conservative but she was a failure as a legislator. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but let’s not let her rewrite history in her campaign for higher office.

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