Grassroots Interviews with CD 3 candidate LeAnn Hull

My interview with LeAnn Hull was one of my earliest.  My apologies, the set-up and sound quality are poor.  The interview was not broadcast initially because LeAnn wanted it to be recorded rather than broadcast live.  After many travails, we finally got the video on ustream.  I’ve been attempting to put my entire archive on Sonoran Alliance and I’m playing catch-up.  I wanted to put this interview up now because I think it’s important for voters to know that LeAnn is pro-“choice.”  Three sources have confirmed this.  There are two pro-abort candidates in the CD 3 race.  The other pro-abort candidate is Paulina Morris who threw a $5 qualifying contribution party for Brewer.

LeAnn is passionate and I’d almost go as far as saying emotional.  I admire someone who is passionate on top of being logical, but I have to take issue with LeAnn’s pro-abort stance and I have to state that when she said she opposes amnesty, her explanation sounded an awful lot like amnesty to me.  Her website states, on the issue of illegal immigration, “[t]here must be standards set and a process for these people and their families to legally stay and become productive and contributing citizens.”  I believe the McCains and LeAnn Hulls of the world have a different definition of amnesty than conservatives have.  They think that if an illegal has to pay a fine or jumps through a couple of hoops, then it’s not amnesty.  I think I’m on solid ground when I say anti-illegal immigration activists believe that there should be NO path to citizenship for anyone who has crossed the border illegally.

LeAnn Hull interview


  1. Give her a break, she’s making campaign speeches in her bathroom

  2. I’ll disagree with Marcus Kelley. Immigration law is not valuable beyond measure and breaking it is breaking one more victimless crime law. Slavish respect for a law isn’t productive in my opinion. The people who toughed out the desert trek to America (or otherwise sneaked in) and have managed to earn a living in America should have an opportunity to become a citizen just like those of us who were lucky enough to have been born in the United States.

  3. Kyle,
    By spreading the video, you’re not giving her a break, but I assume your post is tongue in cheek. My wife showed me that video. I won’t share our reaction.

    Apparently you’re an open borders Libertarian. There’s plenty of harm being done and illegal immigration is not victimless. There’s the cost in social services that illegal aliens impose on taxpayers. That affects everyone’s pocketbook. There’s crime that comes along with illegal immigration: identity theft, drug trafficking, human smuggling, rape, murder, tax fraud, violation of labor regulations, etc. etc. There are also OTMs coming to this country and leaving prayer rugs and dinars in our deserts. One is likely to conclude that these Muslims might mean us harm and are a threat to national security. That’s a threat to everyone.

    Sorry, Thane, I’ve got to conclude that you’re just wrong on illegal immigration being victimless. Some of the crime can be obviated by legalizing drugs, elimination of labor laws, etc., but fighting those losing battles are suicide. That’s why the Libertarians pretty much always lose.

  4. PC in LD6 says

    She is a nice lady, but not congressional material – she is pro abortion, pro prop 100 tax and sounds like pro amnesty. She, as well as Paulina Morris really should not be in this primary. This is not what what republicans are looking for right now.

  5. Turn of Phrase says

    The Sonoran Alliance is talking about something that does not exist and a distinction should be made. I too used the term pro-abortion until I was set straight and truly we are talking about pro-choice not pro-abortion.

    I have not ever met anyone who is pro-abortion. The issue is a woman’s right to choose. There are consequences for every choice a woman must make when faced with a difficult decision about an unwanted pregnancy. Having been faced with that choice more than 30 years ago I can assure you that by any measure it never came down to being pro-abortion. What ever I decided to do would have consequences I made my decision based on what set of consequences chose to live with.
    I believe that althought my own choice decision may be different at this point in my life…it is none the less not appropriate for me to prevent another woman from making her choice today.

  6. Turn,
    I respectfully disagree. A child is NOT a choice. Abortion is murder, plain and simple. We’re not talking about “choices” here, we’re talking about murder. Anyone who is “pro-choice” is not only pro-abortion, but pro-murder.

  7. Turn of Phrase says

    Thanks for making it very clear why you use the term pro-abortion. I do not want to get into a debate I respect your beliefs and your right to choose- No.

    Murder is not legal in this country. Elective abortion is legal; hence the law of the land does not define it as murder.
    You obviously feel strongly about this and have your own definition but it is your own.

    Everyone has a right to think whatever they want and believe what they believe. I do not think any less of those who believe as you do- peace out

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