Grassroots Interviews with Brian Miller CD-8 candidate

Tonight, Brian Miller was gracious enough to drive up from Tucson to do an interview with me on He’s one of five candidates running in the Republican primary in Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District. I wish him a lot of luck on August 24th.

Brian Miller interview


  1. Precocious says

    A breath of fresh air!

    A solid, conservative candidate with intellecutal depth!

  2. Precocious:

    Well said, and I might add, we’ve finally seen a state Congressinal candidate who has a realistic grasp of foreign policy.

  3. crazyconservative says

    Miller has run one of the most nasty campaigns I have seen in awhile. He has angered and offended more supporters than you can count. And he can’t gain any traction in CD8 so as a result he tells lie after lie to try to get ahead. The guy doesn’t have a chance.

  4. independent says

    Crazyconservative, I assume you are upset about this. It would be a lie… if it was not true. I’ve seen enough out of Jesse Kelly for the past year to believe it is true.

  5. I agree crazy conservative. And independent, REALLY? A link to the Tucson Weekly? Nintzel has had it out for Kelly since day one as has Miller. Sam Stone and the rest of that staff are a bunch of unproffesional hacks who have been slandering Kelly like there is no tomorrow with nothing to back it up. There is nothing even believable about Stone’s “story”. Kelly doesn’t have 50K to waste on Miller. Have you seen the ads he has been running and the amount of $ Paton has brought in? Just another one of Miller’s lies. It’s a shame that he can’t win a debate or raise any money but he seriously needs to start taking the high road.

  6. “I appeal to Democrats.” Yep, that is the way to win a Republican primary in the year conservatism has never been more powerful.

    Good interview though, Marcus. Always appreciate your work.

  7. I’d like to remind Mr Miller that there is another candidate who has no involvement with the RNCC. That would be me. I understand this particular tactic of not mentioning a candidate or considering them not worthy of mention since he did the exact same thing at the Ironwood Ridge debate after he called Paton “Jonathan McPaton” and Kelly “Jesse W. Kelly”. I guess I’ll have to remind Mr Miller starting tomorrow at our events of my candidacy and why I have finished ahead of him at the Ironwood Ridge debate as well as the other ones I have attended.

  8. Mr. Goss,
    Are you going to accept the invitation I’ve twice extended to you to come on Grassroots Interviews?

  9. Mr Kelley,

    I’d love to. You indicated you were pretty booked during the time I had earlier requested so let’s come up with an agreeable time. I leave for Boise, Idaho 27 Jun through 3 July and Fort Polk, Louisiana July 12-21st. What works for you in between or after this time frame? Shoot me an email at and let’s get it done.

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