Grassroots Interviews with Brenda Barton, House candidate in LD 5

I interviewed Brenda Barton on June 15 at the Fox Sports Grill in Scottsdale because the Arizona Patriot Caucus was having a gubernatorial debate watching party and they subsequently endorsed Dean Martin for Governor and I covered the event.  I appreciate that Brenda made the long drive to Phoenix for the interview.  Ms. Barton is running with Chester Crandell in the House and Sylvia Allen in the Senate.  Sylvia Allen’s opponent is the RINO Bill Konopnicki.  Konopnicki found a RINO flunkie to run against Crandell and Barton in the House:  Keith Alexander.  Be wary LD 5 voters.  Voting for RINOs will cost Republicans elections down the road.

Brenda Barton interview


  1. Thank you for the interview! Brenda Barton would be an asset serving LD5!

  2. Harris Shirley says

    Alexander mouths the words of a conservative just as his mentor Konopnicki advertises he’s a “Constitutional Conservative”… fairy tales

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