Grassroots Interview with Terri Proud, LD 26 House candidate

Seeing the written interview with Terri Proud below, I thought I’d add my own video interview with her as well.


  1. Pretty Peeved says

    Google how to produce a tv show please or spend a couple hours in a high school intro radio or tv class. Move the camera farther away and zoom in or else noses look real big. Zoom in so faces can be seen. See you graduated to a real mike thats good but work on that rooms acoustics. Hanging that flag makes viewers think someone’s about to be beheaded.

  2. Excellent suggestion! We’ll anxiously await your generous donation so I can attend such a class.

  3. Ha ha!

    I enjoyed hearing from/more about Proud, especially after the “filmfest.”
    She’s informed. Just keep on as you can, no one is doing this. Useful information trumps media resources.

  4. GOP BoomerGal says

    You, go, girl!! Terri is very passionate and a strong woman; will be a great legislator.

  5. Pretty Peeved says

    Marcus: Visit the public library, I already paid for those books and videos so help yourself.

    You do want people to watch your work, right?

  6. Pretty Peeved is pretty annoying.. Sounds like a snobby elite lib wanting to make fun of hard working people who can’t afford an Obama production.. Shut your pie hole stupid idiot and listen to the content of the video.. Anything to say about that? Tell us what you think, not what you “feel” about the video.. Marcus is being a gentleman by not saying that you are a complete A hole..

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