Grand, if only symbolic, gesture

Today‚Äôs LA Times details a GOP challenge to President Bush’s amnesty plan.

House Republicans Reps. Lamar Smith (R-TX) and Peter T. King (R-NY), have issued a sharp rebuke of the amnesty legislation causing a major rift within the GOP. The symbolic legislation, given no chance of passage in the Democrat controlled Congress, would disallow legal status for illegal immigrants in the U.S., require tamper-proof birth certificates for Americans and make English the nation’s official language. Enforcement of existing immigration laws is the cornerstone of the legislative package.


  1. If only. Instead we are disregarded by the elected elites who curry our favor during campaign season, only to forget the promises made when they were running scared. How much worse could Jim Pederson have been?
    I say this out of pure frustration, knowing what they know: We have nowhere to go since few of us would support a liberal. That’s what we’ve gotten, but with R’s after their names. McCain aligns with Kennedy and Kyl shoves this “bipartisan reform” down our throats.

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