Governor Vetoes HB 2807

Governor Napolitano has vetoed HB 2807, a bill that would have required local law enforcement to take a greater role in immigration enforcement. Phoenix and Mesa are now free to continue their sanctuary city policies of looking the other way when they encounter illegal aliens during routine law enforcement stops.


  1. No se puede!

  2. Duke the Dog says

    More like:
    “No oiga nada mal”
    “No vea nada mal”
    “No diga nada mal”

  3. kralmajales says

    More likely, they have all together struck a strong message for federal dollars and support for the policing of the border and to not have it shoved down the throughts of our state law enforcement as what most GOPers tend to favor as…


    Talk to a few cops in Arizona about whether they want to, on their meager salaries, fight this war for FREE.

    And you all are supporters of law enforcement.


  4. GOP Spartan says

    Kral (Member of the aider and abeter party),
    The primary function of State Government is to provide for Public Safety not public Welfare.

    If the Governess has the money to pay for giving free healthcare to illegal immigrant women and their anchor babies with the abomination known as Access.

    Then she can find the money to FULLY FUND the efforts of our law enforcement as they ENFORCE THE LAW.

    Here in Tucson the leftist city council would rather cut police jobs and freeze the pay of our police officers than cut the hundreds of thousands they’re spending on artsy fartsy stuff and soccer fields.

    The GOP base only wants the government (State and Federal) to do it’s primary job: ENFORCE THE LAW.

    When the Feds have failed (Yes, another one of your Congress Critter Gabby’s empty promises from 2006 to secure the Border, ha! Change obviously can wait).

    Then it is the State’s Duty to step in to protect its citizens. Why is our governess more worried about protecting the illegal aliens of a foreign government?

    Gabby’s and Janet’s political careers will be dragged down by the Anchor known as Barrack Hussein Obama.

    Gabby promised “Change can’t wait.” So much for that load of tripe. Come this November… Gabby’s Chickens…….Are Coming Home…….To Roost!

  5. That was pretty good Sparta.

    Kral, two words: Mara Salvatrucha

  6. All the cops I have talked to (not more than 20, but that’s still a pretty good sample) want to go after the illegals because of all the other crimes they commit. Kral doesn’t get that good cops like stopping crime. That’s why they became cops. And letting people know that they can get away with crimes only encourages more crime, ultimately making the cops’ lives more dangerous.

  7. Sonoran Sam says

    Yeah; going after crime by going into certain neighborhoods and stopping anyone who “looks brown” for such crimes as has cracked windshields, a malfunctioning tail light or failing to signal a turn.

    That’s a good use of police resources. Going after felony warrants is such a silly way to use scarce police resources.

    PS – the “Access abomination?”

    First, I THINK you meant AHCCCS.

    Second, yeah, keeping working low-income families healthy so they can work – and pay their fair share – is such a lousy use of state resources.

    No racial agenda here. Nope.

  8. SS = race baiter

  9. Romo Lampkin says

    John say: “All the cops I have talked to (not more than 20, but that’s still a pretty good sample) want to go after the illegals because of all the other crimes they commit.”

    If they’re committing other crimes, why can’t the cops go after them? Are you saying that illegal immigrants are just more likely to commit crimes than U.S. citizens and thus should be rounded up before they get the chance?

  10. kralmajales says

    Well said Romo.

  11. kralmajales says

    Oh…and the on the city council budget…it is the recommendation of Mike Hein, the developer’s choice of City Manager, to recommend cuts to police. And boy must he have to makes some tough choices. The police is easily the largest percentage of the budget. Maybe if take away their million plus dollar toy helicopters and robots, and instead fund human, flesh and blood, cops, then we wouldn’t have the budget problems that we have now.

    OH…or we could raise taxes and actually pay for what we use. The fact is that the reason local govts are in trouble in Arizona is because of the mismanaged fiscal policy at the state level…driven and guided by the GOP led house and Senate.

    Last, parks, arts, and soccer fields…while they gall you…make up a teeny tiny part of the budget. Cutting both would not even stand up to what the police get already.

    Check your facts. Its the same tired assed argument that some of you make about earmarks breaking the budget…not even a scintilla of what you all spend on the border and on the war.

  12. GOP Spartan,

    Yours is a bleak and unimaginative world.

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