Governor Scott Walker Endorses Doug Ducey for Arizona Governor



PHOENIX (May 14) – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, today endorsed Doug Ducey in the Arizona governor’s race. Gov. Walker has an established reputation as a committed reformer and one of America’s most innovative governors.

“Doug Ducey demonstrates the kind of conservative, common-sense leadership that our party needs in Arizona,” Gov. Walker said. “He’s not afraid of taking on tough challenges, and that’s why I know he’d be a great Governor.”

Governor Walker’s fights to revive Wisconsin’s economy became a national story in 2012, when special interests attempted to recall him. As a result of his successful fight, Gov. Walker has developed a national grassroots following and is a hero to conservatives across the country.

“I’m grateful for Gov. Walker’s support and am honored that he decided to endorse my candidacy,” Ducey said. It’s another sign of the momentum we’re building, and I’m confident we’re entering the summer months in strong shape to win the primary in August.”

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About Doug Ducey: Doug was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and came to Arizona in 1982 to attend ASU, where he worked his way through college at Hensley & Co. After a stint at Procter & Gamble, Doug helped launch Cold Stone Creamery on its path to success. Alarmed by the state of the economy and the massive spending and debt that government was incurring, Doug decided to make a positive difference by seeking public office, and in 2010, was elected as Arizona’s 32nd State Treasurer. In 2012, he led the opposition effort for Prop 204, which lost by a nearly two-to-one margin after Ducey pointed out that it was essentially a blank check with no reform or oversight. A proven coalition builder, he assembled an alliance of business and civic organizations, including noted education reformer Craig Barrett and The Arizona Republic, in his successful effort to block Prop 204. For more information about Doug Ducey or his campaign for governor, please visit You can also follow campaign updates on Facebook at or on Twitter at @dougducey.


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