Governor Napolitano: Do as I say, not as I do

From Napolitano’s State of the State speech Monday –

“But too often lately, we see this money go for TV commercials that amount to little more than publicity for an elected official. That’s the wrong way to use it.”

Juxtapose this with a letter Napolitano sent home with every schoolchild in the state in 2005, while running for re-election, featuring her picture on the front. Paid for by us, the taxpayers.

And below that is a billboard she put up around the state around the same time featuring – her 3-foot tall picture. The billboards cost close to $150,000 and were paid for by us, the taxpayers. What does home cooking have to do with running the state?

I will continue to fight for full day kindergarten until every family has this option in their district or charter school.

I launched Arizona’s Master Teacher program, an initiative that provides outstanding teachers the opportunity to develop their skills and mentor other teachers.

I will also continue the tradition I started when I took office: giving every first and fourth grader in Arizona a book they can take home and call their own.

We must continue to redirect more resources into K-12 classrooms, which we have done through my Nickel to the Classroom Initiative.

I know parents want these opportunities for their children, and we want it for our state’s future.

I appreciate your continued support in our efforts to improve education Arizona.

(Thanks to espressopundit for originally discovering these)


  1. What about the biggest self-promoting politician in Arizona on the taxpayer dime, attorney general Terry Goddard? He has produced so many glossy pamphlets and booklets with his picture plastered across the front of them, as well as promotional videos featuring himself talking I don’t know how he keeps track of them all. I went to the list of publications on the AG website ( and didn’t even see all of his booklets and pamphlets listed there.

    Check out these brochures and pamphlets with his picture prominently on the front of them. Wonder how much of taxpayers’ dollars went into publishing them? The newspapers don’t seem to care about exposing this BECAUSE HE’S A DEMOCRAT LIKE THEY ARE.

    Check out one of his videos featuring himself at the beginning and end –

  2. In September 2006, Lighthouse did a posting on General Napalitano’s name and picture being on the Clean Elections Website homepage. Talk about bias and using tax dollars to promote oneself. See posting:

  3. Any politician, Republican or Democrat should be prohibited from using taxpayer funds for this sort of thing. I supported the Governor in 02 and 06, but cringed when I saw the billboards. Unfortunately in politics these sorts of things escalate over time. Thomas has taken it to the next level. If he is not punished or rebuked the next pol will take it further. This should be regulated.


  1. […] other politicians who use taxpayers’ money to promote themselves (like Napolitano’s $150,000 billboards featuring her face and Arizona’s “home cooking&#8…), Thomas was merely following the statute. If you don’t like it – change the statute. The […]

  2. […] its $900,000 anti-smoking ads. Instead, the ads will be placed on websites. Considering Napolitano never saw a promotional op she could refuse, nor something to throw taxpayers money at, we’re surprised. She must be worried that with […]

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