Governor Napolitano continuing to promote herself using tax dollars in midst of $1 billion dollar budget crisis

Napolitano abusing office to campaign for replacing McCain in Senate


Even in the midst of our billion dollar state budget crisis, Governor Napolitano is continuing to come up with new ways to market herself using tax dollars. Her latest self-promotion involves sending parents in Arizona a large colored booklet with information about saving for college. It features a prominent picture of herself – after all, she’s running for Senate when McCain steps down. When is this wasteful use of our money going to stop? Remember the meaningless self-promoting billboards she put up around the state featuring a large picture of herself bragging about Arizona’s home cooking? Or the letter she sent home with schoolchildren also prominently featuring her picture?

Then there’s her Arizona Copper Card for drug prescription coverage. We’ve all heard her talk about it so much we associate her with the card (gotta make sure all those senior citizens in Arizona remember to vote for her when she runs for Senate). And just in case they forget her ads, she’s put her name and signature prominently on the front of the card – every time a senior citizen pulls it out to get a prescription filled, they’re reminded that they got that card thanks to Napolitano. It’s not necessary to have her name on the cards. Your driver’s license doesn’t have the governor’s name on it, even though it’s issued by the state. In fact it’s wasteful to have the governor’s name on the card, because instead of lasting awhile like our 25-yr long driver’s license, the Copper card will need to be replaced when Janet leaves office with one that doesn’t have her name on it. Or, if it’s not replaced, there will be a bunch of senior citizens out there with cards bearing her name long after she’s left office – clever marketing.

The so-called mainstream media won’t cover any of this. Because Napolitano is a Democrat, she gets a free pass. I’m frankly surprised the media covered Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall’s recent self-promoting booklet, because LaWall is a Democrat too. She must have made some enemies in the media, and the media needed just one Democrat they could say they criticized to pretend to have some balance. Too bad the biggest abusers of this taxpayer-funded self-marketing get off scott-free – Gabrielle Giffords, Terry Goddard, and Napolitano. Remember the attacks on Jan Brewer for running a video prior to the election reminding voters to bring ID after Prop. 200 was passed? Of course you remember, because the media went after her relentlessly – she’s a Republican!

Maybe we should start a new feature on Sonoran Alliance – “What new way is Napolitano/Goddard/Giffords marketing themselves today using your money?” We’d never run out of material. And it would all be new scoops, since the so-called mainstream media will never cover the gross waste of tax dollars by Democrats.


  1. Why the heck should I save for college???

    Janet Incompetento is going to pay my way. All I have to do is grajeeeate the eigth grade and “promise to stay out of trouble”.

    Spin that kral! Those were her words. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it. What a whipsaw policy failure she is. A couple of weeks ago: the state will pay for your child’s college education. This week: I encourage you to save for your child’s college education. What a schizo.

    Meanwhile, Napolitano is away from HER JOB. Bouncing around the country campaigning for Obama. According to the Democrats, that’s dereliction of duty. I don’t have a problem with it because if she’s away from AZ, my taxes are not getting raised and I’m not getting photographed by a photo radar. So I ENCOURAGE her to find alternate uses for her time and multi task. However, the Dems do not see it that way and I demand to see a press release from the Arizona Democratic Party condemning her campaign work for Obama.

  2. This is the type of posting I missed seeing during the long period of McCain bashing on this site. Thanks for putting it up.

  3. Good job bringing this up. Keep at it.

  4. The proclamation did absolutely nothing BUT promote her. A proclamation is not the way to inform parents of the cost of college and the need to save. A much better use of the the public funds would have been to co-op with the TV stations and colleges for PSA’s using names kids and parents know and appreciate. Lay out a real plan, not just a self-promoting slick piece of junk mail with her picture as the only understandable part.

    She is so toast!

  5. Please add Harry Mitchell to your list. Thanks!

  6. Bob,

    You should save for college because the cost continues to go up while the state proportion of spending continues to go down down down. It is our university system, a landgrant, and many in your party continue to think it should be privatized.

    The state indeed needs to help provide access because it is a good that benefits our whole state and nation. Good people are trying to figure out how our university system will be able to even serve the mass of college age students coming our way.

    You know not what you talk about. But I cannot think of a thing more important for state funds than education. PERIOD.

  7. Did anyone else notice that in two places in the College Savings Proclamation the governor called upon the citizens of the State of Arizona to save for our “children’s” higher educational needs and only once mentioned parents?

    Access to higher education has always meant financial sacrifice by parents on behalf of their own children or by a hardworking student willing to work their way through school on behalf of themselves.

    When did the notion emerge to include asking the citizenry in general to meet specific individual’s costs instead of a general subsidy to higher educational institutions in the state to meet the need for access?

  8. Kral

    Of course parents should save for a college education for their kids! That’s why I pointed out the governor’s dichotomy of saying two different things in a week and reiterating my opposition to the concept of “free college for all”. Somehow, I think it means a little more if the parents and student saves for it, hustles for one of the many scholarships available and, as a last resort I guess, borrows for it.

    Sorry, but I can’t agree with the governor on turning college into the equivalent of four more years of high school on my nickel.

  9. The Constitution is very clear, and the state has seriously ignored that for the last few years. However, it does not say the same for out of state students. We keep tuition low for out of state students hoping to use them as the cash cow as we let ASU grow, and grow, and grow.

  10. I’m all for providing “free or nearly free” institutions for higher learning in Arizona as citizens of this state for the benefit of state resident students.

    But tuition is only one facet to costs for college. The attendent costs of housing, board, books, fees, parking & transportation added up to much more for my undergraduate degree than the tuition. Meeting these costs should be through a combination of parental savings and work-study, not shifted onto the taxpayer as a form of extended K-12 education.

    The proposal of a “promise” of a free college education at AZ universities or community colleges to an 8th grader in the State of the State is misleading unless costs in addition to tuition are included. Otherwise, how is it free? That is what I’m reacting to.

    If only lowering tuition cost was meant by that proposal, then it was irresponsibly presented OR the governor intends to largely expand the taxpayer’s role in funding individual students’ higher ed degrees.

  11. kralmajales says

    The problem that I think the Governor, and I, am getting at is that we have a major access problem in Arizona…and businesses are learning quickly that this is harming the growth of our state. You can only give away free land for awhile until companies start looking at the infrastructure and people. As it stands now, we are second to last in student aid (and we are one of the poorer states in the nation for students entering higher ed). Wyoming is behind us in the 50 slot by the way. So we have an access problem.

    We used to be one of the cheapest (tuition wise) higher ed systems in America (Florida leading the way) but our system has had big cuts from the state and tuition continues to soar. When coupled with the 2nd lowest aid for students, that makes access even harder than it used to be on parents and children.

    Last, I took loans and worked too. Yes…but it was very very hard..and I wouldn’t have done it without supportive parents and friends who know the value of higher ed. Unfortunately, not all are as lucky as I was…and fortunately for some, their parents pay the whole tab and can afford it….they don’t work a day Bob…and with that we get closer and closer to the days when only the very rich go to college, the middle class get squeezed and work their way through, and the poor continue to have access problems.

    But lets leave the social justice aside. Republicans in 80s saw the value of higher ed and supported subsidizing it. The philosophy was always that a student that was willing to work hard in high school, get good grades, and graduate, poor or not, deserved access to higher ed. It is good for our economy, but it is also the idea that if someone wants to better themselves than the state should have a role…just as the state spends billions on defense contracts, wars, transportation, and other subsidies that benefit some over others.

    We have a serious labor shortage in Arizona…and we have an underskilled labor force. That is without question. The Chambers of Commerce in this state know it, fear it, and babble about it. They need to step to the plate and expand access to higher ed. It is the only way we will be able to compete with other states that “get it”.

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