Governor Jan Brewer Files Arizona’s Reply in SB 1070 Litigation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 22, 2011
CONTACT: Matthew Benson

Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Review the Ninth Circuit’s Opinion 

PHOENIX – Governor Jan Brewer today filed a reply with the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the State’s petition for a Writ of Certiorari in the SB 1070 litigation initiated by the federal government.

In August, Governor Brewer petitioned the High Court to take review and lift an injunction that blocked critical provisions of SB 1070 from taking effect. The federal government has since asked that the U.S. Supreme Court deny Arizona’s petition and that the injunction remain in place.

With today’s reply brief, the Governor urges the U.S. Supreme Court to hear this nationally-significant case.

Statement by Governor Brewer

“I have said it before, and I will say it again: Illegal immigration is not just Arizona’s problem, it is America’s problem. The actions of other states such as South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and Utah  to follow Arizona’s lead in adopting SB 1070-like legislation is a true testament to the pressing national importance of this issue. Yet the federal government continues to turn a blind eye to the human and financial costs of illegal immigration, and instead imposes unprecedented litigation upon those States who are forced to do the job that it will not.

“Arizonans bear the burden of the federal government’s unwillingness to secure the border and enforce immigration laws. Cartel-related violence spilling over from Mexico is perhaps the most chilling symptom of this failure. Just this week, the bodies of three suspected drug mules were found after reportedly being killed execution-style in the Tumacacori Mountains of southern Arizona. This is the vengeance of the cartel culture. Arizonans have every right to demand that their government – both state and federal – do everything possible to combat this violence before it takes root here on American soil.

“I urge the Supreme Court to hear this case. The Court has an opportunity to solidify the principles that govern cooperative federalism, and to clarify the role that states may play in fulfilling duties the feds have abdicated – namely, to defend the safety and well-being of our citizens. The people of Arizona deserve clarity from the Court. I am hopeful it will hear our appeal.”



  1. She does know the Supreme Court won’t accept her petition if it’s been written in crayon, right?

    • With all the ‘riten she have done did the last couple weeks (and the month she spent out of state on her “book” tour), she’s probably about due for a new box of Binneys.

    • Conservative American says

      …and we know that you’ll never loan her your crayons because then you won’t to have anything to write with at all, LOL!

  2. Everytime a Democrat around here sneers about Jan Brewer’s education, consider how un-American that is – our entire national culture has been tocelebrate that ANYONE can achieve by hard work and perserverence. WHy isn’t it being celebrated with Brewer?

    It is more than possible to disagree with her politically without stooping in jealous pettiness to diminishing her hard work to get where she is today – decades of investment.

    Brewer’s AZ political career resembles more Democrat President Truman who was a pretty obscure VP until moving up to POTUS after the death of Roosevelt and then won in the general election.

    Truman had a High School Diploma. DO we hear Democrats snickering about Truman signing treaties with crayons?

  3. Conservative American says

    Putting important and relevant things like crayons aside, let’s focus on substance.

    A lawsuit was brought against provisions of the “Legal Arizona Workers Act”, crafted by Russell Pearce, on the grounds that those provisions were unconstitutional. The case was heard by U. S. District Court which found the provisions to be constitutional.

    The decision was then appealed to the U. S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which upheld the decision of the lower court.

    At the specific request of Obama, through his Solitictor General, the SCOTUS heard the case and it too found the provisions of Pearce’s bill to be constitutional. The provisons were one which empowered Ariozna to penalize employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens and one which requires that Arizona employers use E-Verify.

    On what grounds did Obama base his claim that those provisions were unconstitutional? Obama claimed that it is the sole right of the federal government to enforce immigration laws. The SCOTUS found, however, that states may help to enforce immigration laws.

    So Obama prevailed upon SCOTUS to hear the “Legal Arizona Workers Act” case but now, his claim that only the feds may enforce immigration having been refuted by SCOTUS, he is prevailing upon the court to NOT hear the SB1070 case!

    “Govt asks justices to stay out of immigration case”

    “The Justice Department on Thursday urged the Supreme Court to stay out of a lawsuit involving Arizona’s immigration law, saying lower courts properly blocked tough provisions targeting illegal immigrants.”

    “The state law is a challenge to federal policy and is designed to establish Arizona’s own immigration policy, the department’s solicitor general said in a filing with the justices. Arizona says the law is an effort to cooperate with the federal government.”

    How blatant can the Obama administration be in it’s efforts to manipulate SCOTUS? It prevailed upon SCOTUS to hear a case involving Arizona immigration law and lost. Now, having lost the first time around, it is specifically asking SCOTUS to NOT hear another case involving Arizona immigration law! Disgusting!

    • True Conservative says

      CA – you really don’t understand the American legal system.

      When you win, you don’t want an appeal to be heard. When you lose, you do.

      Obama’s administration lost, quite properly, in the lower courts on the “Legal Arizona Workers Act.” As such it sought higher review.

      Obama is winning on SB1070, as such he doesn’t want a review.

      Sometimes, when you take the time to learn the basics of civics, the world is no longer filled with the sounds of black helicopters.

      I hope you now understand why what you call “disgusting” is simply the mundane for the thinking man’s crowd. With so many reasons to dislike Obama, don’t dilute your voice by backsliding into craziness.

      • Conservative American says

        Cut the BS, TC. It’s showdown time!

        You’ve been running around this blog claiming that you are conservative and that I am not. It’s time to put up or shut up. Put your money where your mouth is.

        The conservative definintion of marriage is that it is exclusively between one man and one woman. If you are a conservative, you should be in complete agreement with that definition.

        Say it, TC. Say that marriage is exclusively the union between one man and one woman or you are proving, beyond doubt, that you are a same-sex marriage liberal and not conservative at all.

        • True Conservative says

          Temper, Temper, dear boy.

          If you want to learn my thoughts on any issue, simply post an intelligent original article and I will respond.

          I will not reward your boorish behavior by following you off-topic. Your entitlement mentality and unhinged behavior casts you in a very unflattering light.

  4. Wanumba,

    I don’t think anybody is sneering at her education. Plenty of people have succeeded without a college degree. People sneer because she has no command of the issues and can’t speak intelligently about the things she is supposed to be doing from her own office. “I wish I had my letter here so that I could read from it?” Seriously?

    It’s not that she didn’t complete high school. It’s not that she didn’t go to college. It’s not the dodged DUI in the 80’s or the fact that she lives in a cocoon of spokespeople and advisers who wouldn’t dare let her talk to the press unless it involved selling a book that she didn’t write. It’s the simple fact that she is unintelligent.

    • That doesn’t explain why she’s governor and you’re not.

      Obama didn’t write his books, but in double-standard-ville, no one would DARE, that is, DARE out of abject FEAR to call him unintelligent. You think Hillary Clinton who spends WEEKS at a time living in the metal coccoon of an airplane actually wrote by her onesies the Foreign Policy article in last’s month’s FOREIGN POLICY?

      There is no “simple fact,” just blah blah. Napolitano was so smart, how come she left Arizona in the red when she quit? If she was SMART, she would have provided the political leadership to make sure that didn’t happen… nope. Blame blame.. not my fault is a confirmation of incompetence or cover for corruption..

      IT’s the cheap meme du jour to claim a political office holder is only a puppet with handlers… conveniently ONLY Republicans are cast that way, with not a peep about Obama and his stable of over 20 UNVETTED hired “czars” which included the communist Van Jones (Guess we know why HE wasn’t vetted by Congress) , and that’s what we KNOW of these secretive people behind the scenes in the WHite House.

      • True Conservative says

        I’m sorry, you were against the cheap meme du jour, but only after you were for it?

        Pick a path, then stick to it. Decide what you think is right and wrong in isolation from what others are doing.

        People will take you more seriously.

        • Conservative American says

          People will take you more seriously as a “true conservative” if you provide us with your definintion of marriage. The conservative defininition of marriage is that it is exclusively the union of one man and one woman. Agree completely with that, Ms. Conservative. Say it or you are proving that you are not a conservative but rather a flaming left wing same-sex marriage liberal.

    • Conservative American says

      TV wrote: “It’s the simple fact that she is unintelligent.”

      And you, of course, are intelligent. You must think that you are intelligent if you are willing to label someone else as unintelligent.

      We know a lot of the details of Governor Brewer’s life, because she is a public figure, but we know nothing of the details of your life. Please submit to us the details of your life so that the intelligent among us can determine if you are one of them or if, in fact, you are to be classified as unintelligent.

      The classification of people as either intelligent or unintelligent is, of course, very important or an intelligent person like you wouldn’t be wasting time with it. So let us then bring before you the citizens of The United States of America, one by one, so that you may sit upon your throne and determine for us which are intelligent and which are unintelligent.

      When you are finished with that, you can begin the process of determining which among us are humble and which among us are arrogant. That is assuming, of course, that you yourself are among those with humility, something which is in question because of your labelling people as intelligent or unintelligent.

      And if you think that your stature is such that you are fit to judge others, make it rain. Perhaps attempting that will make you aware of where you end and God begins.

      • True Conservative says

        Some people just hate America.

        Voters get to comment on public figures. We get to discuss what we think of what they think.

        Sorry to learn you hate America.

        It is very impressive that GED Jane was able to go from high school drop-out to Governor. The question to ask, however, is whether that speaks to her ability to succeed, or to our system’s failure to weed out the unqualified? Perhaps it’s both. Rose Mofford, anyone?

        That said, unlike Truman, in this day and age the fact that a person dropped out of college does inform us something about that person. It’s not an irrefutable conclusion, but a fair factor for consideration.

        We conservatives routinely mock the intelligence of liberals, we need not fear it from them, in response, or from ourselves in introspection.

        • True Conservative says

          my apologies, the above should read:”that a person dropped out of high-school and college.”

          • You need some more apologizing because if you were legit about all your “conservative” posturing, you would be lecturing the Democrats on this thread who demeaned the Governor, not the people who have defended a better level of discourse.

            And the private fleet of black helicopters you keep in your own head is bigger than the Russian air force inventory of whirly-birds. I guess that invoking them all the time is supposed to result in a Pavlovian reaction of irrational knee-jerk response. The OWS is full of that sort, ain’t it?

            • Conservative American says

              I loves ‘ya, wanumba! 🙂 Let’s cut our thumbs and become blood brothers!

              It’s about time some REAL conservatives got together and gave these liberals hell!

              • Heh. Found this out in the big ethersphere. You’ll appreciate it:

                “Pay attention to minute particulars. Generalization and abstraction are the plea of the hypocrite, scoundrel, and knave” – – William Blake

              • Conservative American says

                Wow! Good one, wanumba! Hits the nail right on the head! 🙂

                Now let’s take some coup!

            • True Conservative says

              You assume Brewer represents conservative principles.

              She’s part of the wingnut nation that is actively, if unwittingly, harming the (R) party. I stand for traditional conservative values, and that is in direct contravention of GED Jane.

              She’s just as prone to telling lies and memes as are you.

              Decapitated bodies in the desert – remember that winner?

              She’s part of the reason the nation thinks so poorly of Arizona.

              Arizona needs to go back to core conservative values: work on jobs, taxes and education. She’s had her chance, and she failed.

        • Conservative American says

          What is the definition of marriage, Ms. TC? You claim that you are a conservative and that I am not. If you are a conservative then you should have no problem with the conservative definition of marriage as being exclusively between one man and one woman. Say it, TC. Say that you agree completely with the conservative definition of marriage or you have proven yourself not to be conservative at all but rather a same-sex marriage liberal.

          • True Conservative says

            I’ll answer any question you have if that question is on topic. If you want to learn my thoughts on anything, just write an intelligent, original article and I will respond.

            You are also an obvious liar. You know, as does anyone reading this, that no matter how I reply, you’ll use that black-helicopter logic to twist into somehow proving your preexisting position. We also know that you really don’t want to learn my thoughts on marriage, because while you spend hours cyber-stalking me, you refuse to put even the slightest effort into doing that which would earn you my comments – the posting of an intelligent original post on the topic.

            You’ve been weighted, measured and found wanting.

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