Governor Jan Brewer Endorses Peggy Neely for Mayor of Phoenix

CONTACT: Paul Bentz

“Arizona needs experienced leaders like Neely who are dedicated to job creation”

PHOENIX – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer today announced her enthusiastic endorsement of Peggy Neely as the next Mayor of Phoenix.

“I have admired Peggy Neely’s record of job creation and her devotion to government reform,” stated Governor Brewer. “With the passage of Arizona’s economic competitiveness package and the creation of the Arizona Commerce Authority, Arizona needs experienced leaders who are dedicated to public-private partnerships and job creation.

“Peggy fits that bill and has my full support. I look forward to working with her on Arizona’s comeback.”

Former Phoenix City Councilwoman Neely said, “I am extremely honored by our Governor’s support. Governor Brewer has been a model for making hard decisions and standing by them. I will work hand-in-hand with her administration to make Phoenix and Arizona number one in job creation.”





  1. TruGrassrootsGOP says

    Thank you Chuckles Coughlin. Why do you let that no-talent ass clown lead you around, Governor?

  2. Thats no way to address a master of manipulation that is shooting for the tri-fecta of Mayor, Governor and Congressman.
    The newer kinder version of Chuck is no match for the old school Chuck that would use book burnings an racial slurs to win elections. Ah, the old days.

  3. Did you catch that “i will work hand-in-hand ” comment at the end? Proof that a certain consulting firm that looks down on everyone else will cook every deal and get a cut of every contract that goes thru the City, just like the ones that go thru the state.
    The AZ Commerce Authority is part of Agenda 21 to put business leaders in charge of all economies and control our freedom. Coughlin and High Ground are going to make sure that Neely (their hand picked candidate for mayor) works with the Gov and the AZ Comm Auth to control al business in Arizona. When they also get Matt Salmon elected to congress, they will have their federal connection to complete the plan.

  4. Phillip the Great says

    “With the passage of Arizona’s economic competitiveness package and the creation of the Arizona Commerce Authority, Arizona needs experienced leaders who are dedicated to public-private partnerships and job creation.

    Translation: “With our government-led fiscal malfeasance, I need concubines like Neely to help those of us already in government to morph every speck of private progress into public gain and electoral victory.”

    There are no leaders, there is only Brewer. There are no ideas, only Brewer. There is no legislature, no party, no criticism, nothing exists but….Brewer.

  5. Tiny Elvis says

    You know, there was a time and a place when the High Ground manipulation was at least mildly veiled.

    Now, it’s just grossly abusive and transparent.

    How does this crap not get covered by the media?

  6. Cracking Up says

    You people are just funny. I don’t have skin in this game but have gone up against Coughlin (won and lost). I know the Governor and Neely. I’ve seen some of the commenters on here say how hard headed or worse both women are. Do you all really believe they are puppets for Chuck? If so, you need to spend some more time around politicians. There is a reason they have the egos they do-they think they know it all.

    Do they answer his calls? Absolutely.
    Do they do his bidding? If you are in the circle of politics you know that is the furthest thing from the truth.

  7. I guess the Governor who poll tested SB 1070 and has tried casting herself as a real conservate, I guess, is not. Like we did not know.

  8. Clark_Kent says

    Jan Brewer is not a real conservative. Jan Brewer is a progressive with an agenda. She not only passed private prison lobbyist legislation SB1070 , she attempted to strip u.s. citizens of their u.s. and state bill of rights.

  9. @Cracking Up – I guess getting the Gov to support interests like City North and the Mine in Florence are not signs of Chucks influence. Yes the gov and Neely are strong minded independent women, with big egos, and chuck plays on those and manipulates his way with them. It also helps that his clients like the Mining outfit and the Klutznicks at City North are pushing his agenda and they probably do the whispering in thier ears so Chuck doesnt have to.
    Chuck is like Nucky in Atlantic city. He just thinks thats the way stuff is supposed to work.
    What conflict?

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