Governor cannot weasel out of signing employer sanctions bill

Arizona Political Heat has compiled a list of 7 statements Napolitano has made in the past indicating her strong support for employer sanctions. For her to try and weasel out of signing the bill now would reveal an arrogant disdain for the citizens of Arizona who voted for her and her promises. According to the article, Napolitano has a policy of not commenting on pending bills in order to leave wiggle room for herself later in case she decides to veto the bill. She can then point to some small part of the bill later and pretend that is the reason she is vetoing the bill.

Napolitano vetoed an employer sanctions bill in the past because she said it wasn’t tough enough. I’m not kidding, she really said that, it’s #2 in the article. So here we have a governor who talks as tough as Russell Pearce on a key illegal immigration issue, yet will do everything in her power to avoid actually putting any enforcement in this area into effect, spinning reasons so twisted you have to think about them twice to make sure you comprehend them.


  1. PartyGuy says

    Cannot weasal? Are you kidding me? She can weasal like a world champion weasal… She’s home right now, in her burrow, planning the weasal as we speak…

  2. Napolitano was hoping the amnesty bill would pass so that she could say that this is a federal matter, and veto the bill on that basis.

    Since the feds have shown no real interest in making employers comply with existing law, Arizona will enforce such laws.

    Also, Napolitano knows that if she vetos the bill, it will be in a ballot measure next year, which she doesn’t want to happen.

    So, don’t think she will veto it this year.

  3. Read the article in the Repugnant this morning.

    Is this the precursor which is the justification for her vero? It should be interesting Monday.

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