Gov. Sarah Palin Endorses Dr. Paul Gosar

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Sarah Palin Endorses Dr. Paul Gosar for Congress

“Paul stands firmly behind Governor Jan Brewer’s
efforts to protect Arizonans”

(Prescott, Arizona)  Today, Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Dr. Paul Gosar for Congress. Dr. Paul Gosar is running in the Republican Primary Election in Arizona’s First Congressional District.

In announcing here endorsement of Facebook, Governor Sarah Palin stated:

“I’m also proud to endorse Dr. Paul Gosar for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District. Thankfully, Paul shares our belief that the federal government’s reckless spending is putting us on a dangerous path towards insolvency – and he’s determined to do something about that. In addition to being a proud family man, Paul is a dentist, and as a small business owner running his practice, Paul understands the challenges confronting job creators when DC stifles us with endless mandates, over-regulation, plans to impose new energy taxes, and just generally (and unnecessarily) overreaches into the private sector. The good doctor knows that true job creation comes from the private sector, not government; and he will work to rein in the fed’s long arm and get our economy moving again by getting government out of the way.

Paul stands firmly behind Governor Jan Brewer’s efforts to protect Arizonans, and the rest of us for that matter, by securing the border. He’s endorsed by three of Arizona’s leading sheriffs because they know America needs Dr. Paul Gosar to hold Washington accountable on this imperative national security issue.

Paul is a bold man! He deserves our support, so please join me in helping him help this great country. You can visit his website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.”

“I am very honored to have received the endorsement and support of Governor Sarah Palin,” said Dr. Paul Gosar. “I ask that Republican voters join her in supporting my campaign and together we will take back Congress.”

Dr. Paul Gosar is a small businessman who knows how to create and protect jobs. He is a dentist and health care provider who has garnered many awards and honors, such as the Arizona Dental Association’s “Dentist of the Year,” and was inducted into the Arizona Dental Association’s Hall of Fame.  He served as the President of both the Northern Arizona Dental Society and the Arizona Dental Association. He also served as the Vice-Chair of the ADA Council on Governmental Affairs.

Dr. Gosar is a 25 year active resident of Flagstaff where he has been married to Maude for 22 years. They have three children.



  1. Prescott Girl says

    Game. Set. Match.

    Good bye Hay, Bowers, Beauchamp and Mehta…

    Its time for all to rally behind Dr. Paul Gosar.

    As a resident of of CD1 i am so excited that Palin has endorsed Dr. Gosar. Now we stand a real chance at defeating Kirkpatrick!

  2. YavRepublican says

    Way to Go Dr. Gosar!

    I’ve seen you at many events here in Yavapai County and its great to see that Sarah Palin supports you like we do here.

    If Palin knows Gosar can beat Kirkpatrick, we should all be standing with the Doc thru the primary and in November.

  3. I wouldn’t dance to much. Her endorsment has been a curse for some… Although it does seem like Gosar is the clear front runnwe. Anyone but ann!

  4. Sedona Jim says

    Palin is very astute. Gosar is the clear conservative choice because he is and was the only who can beat Kirkpatrick. All polling in this district by Kirkpatrick has pitted her against Gossar. Gosar has raised the most money. Hays is a proven loser and the people of this disctrict will not support a lobbyist in 2010. All conservatives need to rally around Paul Gosar to beat Kirkpatrick.

  5. Stephen Kohut says

    Sedona Jim,

    What polling in CD1? Unless you have inside access to Ann’s campaign how do you know what her polling data shows?

    There has been zip public data for CD1 shown on Real Clear Politics or any other reputable site. With 8 candidates in the race and no polls to lool at no one will know where this is headed until 8/25.

    I know Beauchamp has been hard at it all over the district and is one of the very few candidates to spend significant time in Pinal County. Beauchamp has been the hardest working of the candidates.

    Since her endorsement of McCain, an endorsement by Palin is now a mixed bag at best.

  6. FlagstaffDEM says

    I am a Flag Dem and have been following Dr. Gosar. I am very upset with Ann. Her lack of attention to the district and her constituents has send me packing from her camp. I received a call asking who would support if the election were held today. Gosar or Kirkpatrick. Those were the only two candidates. Someone is doing some polliing….

    In any event, I think I will support Dr. Gosar. He seems like a straight shooter. While I may not agree with all of his politics he seems to be a good man that will put people first. This is what I am looking for as well as most of my Democrat friends.

  7. PianlCountyREP says

    Stephen Kohut:

    Bradley Beauchamp is a joke. If he truly was working the hardest of all of the candidates he would have raised a lot more money. Or received a Palin endorsement for that matter.

    As for Pinal County, Gosar has Sheriff Babeu and Supervisor Martyn in his camp. Enough said…

    The fact of the matter is that money and endorsements win campaigns. Gosar has that on lockdown.

    The last thing rural AZ needs is an ambulance chaser like Bradley Beuachamp.

    The Palin endorsement of Dr. Gosar is huge. Gosar is our best chance at defeating Kirkpatrick. Period.

  8. This Paul Gosar? says

    Apparently the truth about Paul Gosar is being censored. If you see this comment before it is deleted, please take a screenshot and email it to so that the administrator of this site knows that the Gosar Team doesn’t want the truth to get out.

    Paul Gosar on Amnesty:

    Paul Gosar on the Fence:

  9. PianlCountyREP says

    This Paul Gosar?:

    Your an idiot. Tell your boss Beauchamp that he does not stand a chance.

    You know as well as everybody else that these videos take everything out of context. You should be ashamed of yourself. Gosar is our best chance at defeating Kirkpatrick. Obviously the video you created does mean crap since Gosar has been endorsed by Palin, Arpaio, Babeu, Richards.

    It’s time for you to move on!

  10. This is GREAT NEWS!!! We Love Sarah Palin!

    My entire family will be supporting Dr. Gosar.

    Join us!!!

    Thanks, Karen K.

  11. PinalCountyREP says

    Web Administrator:


  12. Payday Paton uses senate campaign funds as personal slush fund

    See the complaint here:

  13. Stephen Kohut says


    God I love these blogging names that seem to imply something and mean squat.

    Supervisor Martyn voted to increase spending and taxes. Can you say RINO needing removal in 2012? He’s on the chopping block with the newly elected Pinal PCs.

    Sheriff Babeu endorsed McCain. Enough said there. Bad mistake for Paul.

    At Saturdays PCRC when all the PCs from the Tea Parties were asked to stand up, it was over two thirds of the room. If you are a PC and were there you would know that, wouldn’t you? Exactly what do you think will be happening in the PCRC in December? The AZGOP in January? With candidates in 2012? The GOP is making a right turn away from RINOs.

  14. Sedona Jim says

    Where to start? We should all agree that defeating Kirkpatrick is the goal. Paul Gosar has raised the most money, from the most sources, and has garnered the most legitimate endorsements, now including the heaviest of all endorsements–Sarah Palin. He polls the highest.

    No one is saying the others were not conservative. But Paul is a true conservative and he can beat Kirkpatrick. Palin recognized this. It is time for Beauchamp and friends to read the signs. If we are going to take back Congress, we have to do it with conservatives who can beat the incumbent. Paul Gosar is the man who fits the bill.

  15. Stephen Kohut says

    And Beauchamp won the CD1 debate on Saturday with 51% amongst the horde of 8 candidates.

  16. Notice once again Palin gets involved in an AZ race, and does not mention McCain in regards to securing the border. Further proof to me here trip here for McCain in March was a one and done political payback. Her silence on the McCain Hayworth race is very telling.

  17. Mepluribusunum says

    Hey PinalCountyREP (Posts #7 & #9), the beauty of Beauchamp’s campaign is that 95% of his contributions have come from CD1. You may want to check out all his endorsements AND his Illegal Immigration Plan. Yes, the National Border Patrol Council has endorsed him. No joke.

  18. Concerned Voter says

    I have admired Sarah Palin for a long time, but I’m have a hard time believing that she has endorsed a candidate who (on his best days)
    comes in 3rd, 4th, or 5th behind the others. I am a very informed voter and have been active in this Congressional race, listened to all the candidates, met them all personally, and I think this endorsement is totally unbelievable. I thought Palin was smarter and more involved. Basically, this endorsement comes through “loud & clear” about what is going on here. Paul Gosar has raised a lot of money, approximately 95% of which has come from dental lobby; he has hired a large consulting firm in Phoenix/Scottsdale, that also has or currently represents McCain, Arpaio, and Babeu, so I don’t need a “road map” to see where the “push” is coming from.

    Personally, I’m tired of the candidates who just “show up”, can’t
    speak in public with intelligence on the “issues” (and not just give us another campaign speech), and flash their money at us. I sincerely hope (and believe) that the voters in CD1 recognize this endorsement for what it is: a travesty. I’m also not going to have an ‘outsider’ who doesn’t live in CD1, ride in here and tell me how I should vote. Like I said at the beginning, previously I have admired Sarah Palin but this time she has really missed the mark.

  19. Stephen Kohut says

    Concerned voter,

    Amen. I’m tired of politicians that stick signs in the ground, drop bucks with the MSM and never show their faces to the voters before the primary. If they are not willing to work their district as a candidate in a contested primary only a fool would believe that they will ever visit it should they win.

  20. This Paul Gosar? says


    No, sir. You’re (correct spelling…) an idiot.

    Please explain how Gosar’s actual comments were taken out of context.

  21. Nuffsaid says

    The reason there are so many folks in the Republican primary is that everyone knows Ann is going to the recycle bin. Look at the reasons they are running, when did they get into the race, where they live and how long they have been part of this District.

    Don’t believe the propaganda about who “won” the Payson CD-1 Forum. And as far as polling goes, it begins at 6:00AM on August 24th!

    Paul Gosar CAN beat “The Ann” and he will poll better on the 24th than anyone left in the race.

    Don;t know about you folks, but

  22. Nuff-Said says

    … finishing my thought….

    Don’t know about you folks, but I CAN SEE NOVEMBER FROM MY FRONT PORCH!

  23. Worried about Gosar says

    There’s a string of videos with what looks like some early footage of Gosar. He does seemed to have changed positions on some issues. I think this was a misstep for Palin.

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