GOPAC comes to Tucson.

GOPAC class.jpg

     This Saturday GOPAC, Pima County Republican Party, and the Arizona Republican Party held another very successful candidate school. State and local candidates packed the room to learn the nuts and bolts of how to win from GOPAC associates David Avella and Todd Schnick as well as some local Arizona campaign professionals.

 jonathan paton.jpg

     Lunch featured an uplifting speech by Arizona RNC Committeeman Bruce Ash. State Representative Jonathan Paton followed Ash. He inspired the audience and impressed the national political consultants with his delivery and message.

     Saturday’s Southern Arizona GOPAC campaign school followed the June GOPAC campaign school held in Phoenix, the largest state sponsored GOPAC training held this year. Sources said that a candidate school of this quality has not been held in Tucson for many, many years.

     Congratulations to everyone from GOPAC, Judi White and staff at the county party, and Sean McCaffrey and staff at the state party for working so hard day-in and day-out on their mission of getting Republicans elected. If you are considering donating to a national Republican organization that has not sold out the grassroots of the party we wholeheartedly endorse the well run and focused GOPAC. A big thanks as well to Jim Click for his support of the event.


  1. Keep training ’em folks! We need all the help we can get!

  2. Thanks Jim Click!

  3. I just wanted to thank everyone again who put on the event and I really enjoyed being in the same room with my fellow political colleagues.

  4. gop4ever2008 says

    Hmmm… GOPAC started with Newt and he went on to become House Speaker (and is coming to do a state GOP event soon, I hear). Now Michael Steele is GOPAC chair and has already been to Arizona for a state GOP event… and he’s discussed as a likely next RNC Chairman. Could it be that Arizona is already a battleground for 2008? So long Harry! So long Gabby! The Republicans are coming!!!

  5. Thanks Jim Click! You are a true supporter of Republicans and Republican candidates.

  6. Jim Click is terriffic!
    Johnathan Paton was awsome!
    Bruce Ash was motivational!
    The team from GOPAC was outstanding!
    Sean I hope the Irish did well!

    RollOn AzGOP
    all the way to Victory!
    08’ll be great!

  7. Tucson is growing in Republican strength.
    Much thanks to all who are working so hard for the AZ GOP. 2008 is coming up quickly,
    keep up the good work.

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