GOP VP Predictions

Last Tuesday, we started a discussion on who Obama would pick for his running mate. I predicted he would pick the strongest candidate to take on McCain – Hillary Clinton. Well, I was wrong although there are quite a few Democrats who agree with me that she should have been the choice. Never mind. That’s history.

Now it’s time to predict who Senator John McCain will choose as his Vice President.

I’ll go out on a safe limb and say that if it isn’t Mitt Romney, I’ll be shocked. Other possibilities include Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Governor Mike Huckabee, former Ohio Congressman, John Kasich, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and former Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Ridge.

Now it’s your turn. What say ye?


  1. McCain is a rather arrogant type who will do what he is advised not to do, simply to show that he’s “in charge.”

    Everyone has been telling him, not Lieberman, so, I suspect he will pick Lieberman to show that he’s in charge.

  2. She’s not on your list – but I hear Kay Hutchinson has been getting alot of attention the last 48 hours.

    Conservatives would not be pleased with her as VP – but independents would.

    Prediction – if she is the VP, evangelicals lead by Dr. James Dobson will stay home on November 4.

  3. Happy Hanna says

    Joe Lieberman. Mc Cain lllllooooves to stick it to us. Obam asimply can not win..and Mc Cain knows it.

    I am with Joe Farah. After Mc Cain, there will be no Republican Party. Then we will get 8 years of Hillary OR Hillary/Obama/Hillary Obama/Chelsea/Chelsea

    I’m feeling sick………..

  4. Kasich gets the nod.

  5. This reminds me of Bush/Miers all over again. But unlike that situation, there are no second chances here. I’m bracing for the worst. Not necessarily Lieberman, but I’m expecting him to undercut conservatives again. Ridge, Huckabee, or Hutchison would be my guess.

  6. nightcrawler says

    Got to match the oratory skills of Biden and also make up for McCain’s weak areas.

    Personally, I would like to see Romney or Huckabee. Beyond that it is anyone’s guess.

  7. Romney will get the nod.

  8. Expecting Ridge, hoping for Pawlenty.

  9. Blogger friends of mine on the ground 2 weeks ago in NH spoke to Sen. McCain. They have been his friend for years. They were told the choice was made 3 weeks ago. They were told Mitt Romney wasn’t even on the list. Could be wrong, but looks like Pawlenty…my McCain Insiders I talk to daily are SILENT so we will all know Friday @ 11:00am EST

  10. It most certainly will not be Romney.

  11. Poison – How on earth would you consider a Huckabee pick to undercut conservatives?

  12. If McCain wanted to shake things up big time, he would pick Palin, Whitman or Fiorina. Putting a woman on the ticket trumps Biden…and also takes away some of his advantages in a debate. Palin would be a blockbuster pick! She is young, articulate, a TRUE maverick and also very acceptable to the Right.

    However, my hunch is he goes with Pawlenty because of the latter’s youth, outside the Beltway experience and appeal to conservatives. The minute I saw that Romney was in a “war room” in Denver, I knew he was out. As for Lieberman, even McCain is not that brash and dismissive of the Right!

  13. I think Pawlenty gets the pick….

    Unfortunately that knocks his wife out as a pick for a judge appointment

  14. T.J. Shope says

    My vote goes to Palin although the buzz on her seems to have died down.

  15. America wants Mike Huckabee according to the Rasmussen Reports poll taken nationally. All the others are b-o-r-i-n-g!

  16. Regardless of the VP pick, McCain is making a brilliant move by rattling the saber bout it today. He will take a slice of the spotlight from O-chosen one tonight just like he will take a slice of the Reagan Democrats in the election.
    Great Job President McCain!

  17. OK here is the latest. Fox News just confirmed that McCain has made the choice. My sources within the campaign are sending mixed signals. Some say Pawlenty, some Romney. I just spoke to one of my East Coast friends, he said that the Secret Service did a sweep of Romney’s house yesterday. Whomever Sen. McCain picks, like Max said, Great Job President McCain!

  18. I think Romney is probably the most qualified to be President. As someone who worked for Gore in 2000 and feel that Lieberman probably lost the election for him — he is indeed a horrible candidate, whatever his political views — I can’t imagine McCain’s advisers don’t know how bad he’d be as a campaigner, let alone how the base would go crazy. They must be floating Lieberman’s name just to raise interest . . . probably the same with the women. If it is not Romney, it will be Pawlenty, who seems safe but kind of boring. Of course Biden is boring too, and sometimes boring is safe.

  19. If McCain is really serious about cutting government spending, he should pick Dick Cheney, which would save the taxpayers the expense of footing the bill for someone to move in and out of the Naval Observatory and changing the vice Presidential stationery. And it definitely provides continuity when a nation has the same leader for 12 years.

  20. Richard, thanks for the humor 🙂

  21. Todd, if you’re still out there… conservatives won’t like the taxing, spending, or open borders that Huckabee brings to the table. I understand that he’s pro “laaaahf,” as his supporters like to point out, but that’s about it.

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