GOP State Chairman’s Race – Final Entrance Poll

A bit more than 24 hours until we know the final results in the race for GOP State Party Chairman. Since it is so boring at the State Capitol (outside of the occasional bomb scare), loyal readers have had nothing else to occupy themselves with other than this race. To guide you to the finish line, we now present our final entrance poll!
Lisa James’ website continues to collect more cobwebs than visitors or endorsements. It appears to have been weeks since the site was updated which is especially curious when you consider her background in politics and public relations. Running a campaign that displays no outwards signs of growth, excitement or momentum doesn’t sound like a professional move. It does however make our job easier as there continue to be no changes in her vote total.Over at the Randy Pullen campaign website, his numbers continue to build. The recent endorsements do not seem to come from a specific area so much as they are just single votes being rounded up from all over.For the last time then, let us summarize how this works… We are offering polling based on the endorsements claimed by both campaigns. The winner will need approximately 419 votes to win. How is the data compiled? Well, we do it as follows:

1. Start with the list of endorsements provided by both campaigns. No, not the entire list of everyone who claims to be a supporter, but just the names of people who are also State Committeemen.
2. When a husband and wife are both State Committeemen and only one appears as an endorsement while the other does not, we assume that the spouse WILL vote for the same candidate.
3. Where both candidates claim the endorsement of the same person, we try to contact that person and determine who they are actually supporting.

As of Thursday, January 25th, the vote count stands as follows:

Randy Pullen – 379 of which 1 is questionable

Lisa James – 131 of which 1 is questionable

Unclaimed – 330

Both candidates claim the support of the same 5 people, but Pullen has the signatures of 2 on support cards while a third person tells West Washington that he did not tell Lisa he was supporting her and that he is supporting Pullen. We have resolved one of the remaining two cases who says that she is supporting Pullen. The other one remains unreachable, so we have left their vote on BOTH vote counts.

Privately, Pullen’s campaign is indicating that they now have well in excess of the number of votes needed to win. Some of these votes do not wish to be seen publicly endorsing Pullen because they do not want to upset their Congressman or district leadership, so they have asked not to be listed on Pullen’s website. We do not include those figures because we believe that the most accurate count is of those who will publicly stand with a candidate. Those who do so privately may well be making the same promise to both candidates. Nevertheless, Pullen would need only 40 votes out of the 330 votes still outstanding to win and it is highly likely that he has those commitments already. Furthermore, his already substantial lead would strongly suggest that even if he had no additional votes at this time, he would not have troubling attracting the support of a mere 12%-13% of the remaining voters.

At this time, Eyes on West Washington is calling the race for Randy Pullen.

If Randy does in fact win, then we will have invented “Entrance Polling” and we will be considered very cool. If Randy does not win, then we shall never speak of this again!

Next week, we shall turn our eyes back to West Washington for more news!


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Thanks Eyes for keeping score… It was pretty cool… Now we’ll see if your predictions are correct!

  2. I want to know if another presidential straw poll will take place.

  3. I will not be at the state meeting today as I will be in DC taking care of some business, my plane leaves this morning and I should be landing about the time the final numbers are well known. I am expecting several voice mails and text messages giving me the play by play, I will be anxious to take it all in. But more than that, my arrival will immediately remind me of why we all care. By now most of you are probably on the road or getting ready to go take care of business of your own, our own. While I am confident Lisa will win, whatever the outcome there is a much bigger story than this race going on here.

    All of us with a dog in this race have accepted the responsibility of maintaining the precious liberties this country solely provides. Our efforts to be part of the thing we call politics really equates to the protection of our way of life. If it were not such a valuable and rare treasure, our personal passions would not run so deep.

    So, thank you to all who share that core value with me and for doing what you do.

  4. Pullen wins! 408 to 404

    The nudist loses! 635 to 166

    There is hope for the Arizona Republican Party.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    And entrance polling is born! Congrats Eyes… You might just be on to something!

  6. As the results for the Chairman’s race were read, I said a silent prayer: “God, please have Scotty beam me up, I don’t want to be part of a financial fiasco”.
    Luckily, she answered my prayer.

  7. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Geez Horst, your earlier posts were quite complimentary of both Lisa and Randy. Coming off like a sore loser now really does not become you. Neither does blasphemy… Please consider the results of your own race the next time you determine to stand as a “leader” in our party. We are the party of Mark Foley no longer…

  8. STS,
    What’s with this blasphemy? Is it because I referenced God as in female gender? Father Andrew Greeley knows her well and he speaks to her all the time. I heard it from his lips. He should know, he is ordained.
    And what is with this reference to Mark Foley? He’s never been to Shangri-La, ever.
    And what is with this “sore looser” stuff? Some other poster in another blog observed that I accepted defeat rather gracefully.
    You are right on one count I am not uncomplementary of Randy Pullen, I supported him in his bid for Phoenix Mayor and worked hard to have our Phoenix members vote for him. Unfortunately that was not enough.
    My concern, and that is shared by others is the ability or lack thereof to generate enough contributions to operate the ofice.

  9. az_conservative_all_the_way says

    So who do you think Randy will name as the Executive Director?

  10. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Various folks on these blogs seem to think that Randy has promised lots of people jobs. That should become obvious in the next day or two if he suddenly fills lots of paid positions. I’d be surprised if that happened though. He said he was going to conduct a national search for an ED and that he was getting resumes from all over the country…

  11. I hope he does hire someone from outside the state. I would raither have an outsider that just want to better the party, than a local just trying to better his/her career. Plus I believe an outsider would discharge a lot of worries from both sides.

  12. honest abe says

    Randy is a liar, period.

    He has no money to hire anyone or resumes to review..

    The entire staff resigned today because they can’t stand him or his unethical behavior. One staff member made mention of that in a resignation letter today , while another, took offence to his passing a hat around Saturday for donations in cash to help pay for the room he rented.

    The total sum of $250.00 collected was an illegal contribution since no one accounted for who contributed what amount. Nor was it reported. Randy was told it was illegal but choose to do it anyway, this is now being reported to the FEC.

    Way to go Randy!! The ship is listing after just 48 hours .I have plenty info on you my friend and all of it will be published in the days and weeks ahead.

    Honest Abe

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