GOP Presidential race stabilizes

Raasmussen Reports that the GOP race for President has stabilized for now.  For the third week in a row Fred Thompson is the leader with twenty seven percent support with Giuliani second in a nationwide poll of likely Republican voters.  McCain comes in fourth again. 

There are two real questions:

When will McCain drop to fifth . . . then sixth . . . then

Where will the numbers go when Fred actually announces – the guess is another five to eight points up. 

At that point, what happens to the fundraising numbers of all of the rest.  It will be interesting.

Addendum: Patrick Ruffini goes over the numbers for McCain’s campaign.


  1. Dick Morris had an interesting take on the race for the Republican nomination, as detailed at the Time for Choosing blog:

  2. Saw that last night. I really don’t think the Newt hypothesis will pan out. The guy I’d like to see move up is Huckabee. He’s got great positives but his moving up would only happen at the expense of the other candidates (Romney, Thompson, Giuliani) negatives going up.

  3. I know a lot of us would agree that Huckabee would be a strong conservative, however, I am interested in a conservative President, not a strong conservative Presidential candidate who finishes second in November.

    Last November should still be on our radar scope and Fred Thompson is the only conservative who can win in November.

    As conservatives we must coalesce behind one candidate so Giuliani, the only real moderate, does not slip in with a plurality.

  4. The ticket will probably be Giuliani plus Thompson or Romney. Not sure who is where (Pres or VP), but Giuliani polls to well among swing voters.

    Huckabee is a good social conservative, but not a fiscal conservative. He or Pawlenty in Minnesota could be a VP choice, especially being from swing states, as long as we have a conservative at the head of the ticket.

  5. Thompson-Romney would be strong geographically and, MSM propaganda to the contrary, the facts are that the times when Republicans are most likely to lose happen when they try to pander to the middle and lose the passion of the conservative base.

    I think that it is a hard sell to conservatives if the Presidential candidate who is strong on social issues chooses to select a Vice President candidate who is a heartbeat away and has a different vision on social issues.

    At that point a lot of the passion from grass roots volunteers that enables Republicans to win close races goes away.

    Remember, of all the Republican losses in Congress last year, only two were members of the Republican Study Committee – the only conservative Congressional caucus. All the other losses were moderates despite the MSM junk that R’s were too far right.

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