GOP Nominee Poll at Red State

I figure I’ll have a little fun and drive some traffic over to Red State to a poll that Erick Erickson just posted on the GOP nominee choices.

Sorry all you wild-eyed Ron Paulians but his name doesn’t appear on the list. But that’s OK, you can leave comments there like you did when we posted our poll here on Sonoran Alliance.

As for my latest predictions (not picks), I’m sticking to Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee, Palin will NOT run and one of the young upstart govs will be VP. Sorry Chris Christie supporters. I like the guy’s approach but I think he’s a shooting star at the moment!

(Here comes our crowd, Erick!)


  1. Shane:

    Since your committed to Mitt, we can assume that you’ll no longer carry pieces critical of Government run medical care!

    Consistency counts!

  2. Carlist,

    In 2008, I was a Huck guy. in 2012, I have not decided who I will support. But my “gut” sense is that this nomination is Romney’s to lose. However, I definitely identify a more conservative candidate. I just don’t know who that is yet.

  3. You know, there aren’t too many politicians who haven’t made a mistake. Even the great Ronald Reagan did the amnesty thing while president. There are several of the darlings of the GOP like Ryan or Thune who voted for TARP. A lot of Republicans just voted for this tax bill fiasco and to repeal DADT.

    What it will boil down to is who has the best shot at beating Obama. I would love to see Pence run and he might. If he did, he would have my vote. I also really like Herman Cain. But when all is said and done, I have to agree with Shane. Romney will be the nominee and I think he probably has the best shot at beating Obama. He already is in the polls I have seen. So, do you want another 4 years of Obama or do you want to keep taking shots at Romney? I have faith that the winner of the GOP primary will be the right person. I also agree that Sarah Palin will probably not run. It suits her purpose to continually threaten to in order to keep the other people reacting to her and making sure they polish their conservative chops.

  4. Just a question : Why should Palin NOT run? If the entire media and Democratic Party, plus a bunch of two-faced RINOS in Eastern elite collusion, have spent the past two years trying to destroy her, why NOT run? Why NOT go for the prize?
    Under attack, a shocked Judge Bork folded and went home, but Judge Thomas stood like a rock and is on the Supreme Court.

    The attacks on Palin, and the campaign against the Tea Party are of the same rotten substance, and any candidate who fancies to be POTUS material better take heed of what the Democrats are capable of doing by those two examples – and it’ll be mean, far meaner and disruptive than most Republicans are used to enduring.

  5. wanumba,

    I really don’t think Palin will run. She has been an amazing ‘cheerleader’ for the party over the last year and I get the impression she prefers that and the time with her family.

    I also think that sometime down the road, she will seek the nomination once the public perception of her has changed. This will come when she has obtained the ‘gravitas’ of a Margaret Thatcher or Jeane Kirkpatrick.

    Don’t get me wrong. I probably line up with her on the issues more than any other candidate but I believe its not her time yet.

  6. Just musings:
    I’m only guessing of course, because I don’t know her at all and have never met her, but Palin is absolutely what international humanitarian aid folks call a “field person” -someone who has to work in tough conditions, has a lot of autonomy and is goal-completion-oriented. Palin shows all that. Not so many AMericans live like that these days so, I don’t think people know what they have in Palin. I think a lot of people talk past her, projecting assumptions on to her.

    Queensbury Rules will not be on display in the 2012 campaign. It’s going to be brutal. The Democrats have A LOT to lose. They won’t go gracefully and they have NO intention of going.

  7. Andy:

    There were only 8 Senate Republicans who voted for the repeal of D.A.D.T. and none other than the gentleman from North Carolina who approaches the status of “conwervative”.

    As to having the best chance of beating Obama, what’s the point if our candidate will provide little more than acceptable window dressing to the same menu of tripe passing for policy which we’ve had to endure over the past twenty years?

    Howling about Obamacare is one thing, but encouraging the howlers to reward the guy who created Barack’s template in tandem with Teddy Kennedy is logically asinine…but then again the “Stupid Party” isn’t stupid for nothing!

    Why do we have to keep earning the title?

  8. Steve Calabrese says

    It is absolutely, positively clear except to the most blind person that TARP, Federal Reserve oversight of the currency, and unlimited money printing is ramping up to create the most devastating economic crisis in American history. Almost all of the “mainstream” candidates support this massive, unconstitutional disaster.

    Ron Paul is the only guy making sense on the economy. Mitt Romney might be a distant second. However, mocking the one guy who has been pointing out – for years -the size of the approaching financial iceberg is childish.

    Weimar Germany…Zimbabwe…Argentina…next up for hyperinflation: the United States…all because most of our politicians buy into the lie that by maintaining a firm, corrupt alliance with central bankers they can vote their constituents unlimited funds from the public treasury without repercussions.

  9. Carlist,

    I will in no way excuse what Romney did in Massachussetts but to be fair, what he proposed and what the liberal state legislature and governor after him did are two different things. I dare say Romney has learned his lesson from that and won’t make that mistake again. I’m not here to defend Romney, he can do that himself but I don’t think there is any doubt he would be exponentially better than Obama is in every area because he has actually done something involving executive decision making.

    Frankly, I get really ticked when I hear these GOPers talking about making the tax rates permanent. I sure as heck don’t want them permanent. I want the entire tax code scrapped and I want a flat tax and I want it right the heck now. I want the corporate tax rate cut from 35% to 15% with an 18 month corporate tax holiday for businesses who have left America for better tax law. I want them to come back and bring their jobs with them.

    I want to stop wasting tax payer money by bailing out Europe through the IMF and World Bank. I don’t want to give them another cent. I want to stop sending money to Mexico only for it to be stolen and wasted. I want to stop printing more money out of thin air and I want the Federal Reserve at a very minimum, audited. I want several money pit federal agencies abolished.

    Who in Congress currently has the courage to stand up and say these things? When something is wrong, I don’t want compromise, I want the right thing done and if these sissies don’t have the spine to do the right thing then get the heck out of the way and let someone who does have the courage of their convictions step in. I have had about enough of the Boehners, the McConnells, the McCains, the Kyls and the rest of the elitist snobs who talk out of one side of their mugs and then do something other than what they profess. I find cowardice revolting. I can only hope people like Jason Chaffetz and Allen West get tired of the status quo and doggone do something about it.

  10. Mitt Romney? Ha! Sorry gang, but I really don’t think he has the support you claim he has. He is as exciting as a piece of white bread, and conservatives really don’t trust the guy. And therefore I really believe that he won’t get the nomination.

    My gut says it is going to be Mike Pence. And I think Sarah Palin will not run to throw her support behind him…. If he chooses to run for governor instead, then I think Sarah Palin will run, and win the nomination.

  11. Wow, Shane has a remarkable record of supporting losers! Huck, JD, now Romney? For a “true believer” you really get around!

  12. And here is a link to a PPP poll that was just released today, and says the exact same thing that I stated earlier….Mitt is not popular with conservatives:

    We are not going to settle for a “moderate” this time around…so Romney isn’t going to cut it as our nominee.

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