GOP debate tonight

The remaining Republican candidates will debate tonight at 7:00 pm Arizona time (9:00 pm Eastern Time.) MSNBC is hosting the event and says that it will be shown on MSNBC and streamed live on as well.


  1. Aaron Charlton says

    I hope the pressure of being second in the newest polls doesn’t cause McCain to lose his cool and physically beat down Ron Paul. I’m pretty sure that’d be bad for the party. If they’re smart they won’t put the two next to each other this time.

  2. So, I’m guessing no one here from Sonoran Alliance will be watching it lest they accidentally glace at Keith Olbermann and be turned to stone?

  3. Looks like there is a truce between the McCainiacs and Romney supporters. Good to see that

  4. Klute, that was hilarious! Thanks for the grins!

    What a lovefest tonight compared to the fisticuffs between the Dems on Monday! Methinks that was agreed upon by all to serve as some kind of contrast. Smart move…and I’m saying that as a Democrat. Some of what happened between Clinton and Obama that night was unseemly and unpresidential. Bill Clinton, meanwhile, has been ruthless, calculating and thin-skinned. I’m willing to forgive Obama his anger (to an extent) because the Clintons have been busy devising cheap shots at him since Iowa.

    As for tonight, it is apparent that Romney has hit his stride at just the right time. He has never been comfortable as a negative campaigner and it’s good to see him talk more about himself and his attributes. The “run against Washington” strategy has been employed by governors to great effect for years and he is clearly going to keep banging that drum.

    McCain was strong, too, however, and he was quite skilled in discussing why conservatives should vote for him. he also effectively discussed why he can be considered an authority on economics, which mitigates against the tendency to see him as just a national security candidate. He’s learned his lesson from Michigan, it seems. His tribute to Rudy at the end of the debate was both genuine and also strategically wise as it was a sportsmanlike way to show Giuliani the door.

    As for the other three, Paul was his usual “turd in the punch bowl” self, Giuliani did or said nothing to break out of the pack and Huckabee, while he is always eloquent and passionate when discussing his faith and how it grounds him, is just not saying enough to broaden his appeal, although I did like the populist strains evident when he was discussing the current economic conditions leaving some folks behind. But, it ain’t working for Edwards and it sure won’t make Huck the GOP nominee.

    This is going to be, after South Carolina for the Dems and Florida for the GOP, a two-person race on both sides heading into Feb. 5th. If the anti-McCain crowd that runs this blog thinks McCain has any chance of losing Arizona, by the way, I wish you were right (because I still don’t like how he has reinvented himself since 2000), but it ain’t gonna happen!

  5. Romney got the face time and multiple sound bite for first place; McCain got the redeem thy self on the economy and I’m not old opportunity for a second place; Huckabee gets a third with his Chuck Norris kick to the face story (the dance recital/soccer game reference cost him points that might have put him in second); Giuliani seemed to be not quite prepared to hit the high points and is a fourth place; and Ron Paul…well, at least he is still on the stage.

    And I am still undecided! ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!

  6. Klute,
    After reading your post I was worried, but I’m still here, hehe

    I need to send in my early ballot and I thought last night would help. I agree Romney had a good showing last night as well as McCain. I would like to see all debates like that, instead of the cheap shots.

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