Good News for Pullen – Not All Mud Sticks!

An interesting article in Sunday’s Arizona Republic…  The reporter tries to make the race for State Party Chairman sound like it is very nasty and then raises the James’ campaign’s scare that Pullen won’t be able to raise any money if he wins.  To support this argument, they turn to a couple of lobbyists (DeMenna and Williams) whose very professions keep them beholden to the same interests that asked James to run, and he also asks Keith DeGreen, Lisa James’ neighbor and the State Committeeman who resigned his position so that the LD8 folks could appoint her and qualify her to even be a candidate, after she failed to get enough votes to be elected on her own.  Not exactly an impartial group, but this is the Republic we’re talking about.

The article also contains some nice words about Randy Pullen from his supporters and detail some of his efforts on behalf of the party, its candidates and its issues.

Where the article gets interesting is right at the end, where Tuscon car dealer Jim Click endorses James (because “she’s more moderate”) but makes it clear that he wouldn’t have any trouble writing checks to Randy Pullen either.  Readers of this blog will remember Jim Click as one of the main movers who supported Steve “Sleaze” Huffman in the recent CD8 primary as the alternative to Randy Graf because, as I recall, he was “more moderate.”  With the possible exception of Jim Kolbe, Click was likely more responsible for the bloodletting in that primary and the eventual Democrat victory than any other Southern Arizona player because he encouraged it, raised the money for it, and refused to condemn it even when it was obvious what kind of damage it was doing.  He was also aware, in advance, that the NRCC was going to get involved in the primary, which proved to be the straw that broke the party’s back.  Suffice it to say that in addition to being perhaps the largest GOP donor in the state, Jim Click is no conservative.

So when he endorses James for being more to his liking, he’s really not doing her any favors (New James Slogan? If you liked Huffman, you’ll love James!).  When he follows that up by making it clear that he would still write checks to Randy Pullen, he proves Pullen’s point that his existing relationships with donors (Click included) will be beneficial to the financial health of the party.  Contrary to the rumors that James and her people are spreading about Randy, the majority of donors that know Randy like Randy.  It is nice to see that sometimes mud that is thrown doesn’t stick.


  1. be there done that says

    Jim Click is a true Republican- Remember although he worked hard for the election of Steve Huffman in the Primary, once Randy Graf won that race he lent his name and gave his money to help Randy. During any contest, we as Republicans may prefer one Republican over another, but following Mr. Click’s example, we must all unite as a party once the winner is declared- even if they were not our first choice.

  2. az_conservative_alltheway says

    why aren’t we talking about some other problems with one of the candidates? For instance, why did Randy Pullen donate to Harry Mitchell, then State Senator in Tempe? I don’t believe I have ever seen Lisa’s list of contributions go to a democrat?
    It was emailed to me today. Here is the information below from the Arizona Secretary of State’s website:

    HARRY MITCHELL FOR STATE SENATE (ID: 199891422) listed the following transactions on the specified reports.
    Pullen, Randall Contributed $100.00 on 10/29/1998

  3. His wife is also on the WISH list donation site with a donation of $1,025.00.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says


    That is interesting. Can you please state the date of the donation?

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Is it really interesting OVD? Ann has been calling for a “civilized” discussion yet now she’s attacking Randy’s wife? What is Randy’s wife running for?

    Ann, if connections to WISH is damning, then the endorsements Lisa enjoys from State Senator Carolyn Allen (former Planned Parenthood board member) and all those other WISH listers does damage that you will never be able to undo. Randy Pullen’s resume includes endorsements from Arizona Right to Life. There is no question about his commitment to the pro-life position.

    Would you have us now start smearing Lisa James’ family? Should we check out her husband’s business connections and contributions? I don’t think so… Desperate people do desperate things and with less than two weeks to go, these posts make it clear that panic has set in at the James campaign. Still, panic and desperation aren’t good excuses for doing what is wrong. It really tells us more about Ann and the rest of them than it does about Randy and Katherine Pullen.

  6. az_conservative_alltheway says

    Ok, Sonoran Truth, stick to the two candidates. Please tell all of us:

    Why did Randy Pullen give money to Harry Mitchell, now democrat congressman, then democrat Senator? In a General Race AGAINST A REPUBLICAN, no less!!

  7. Where was the smear? Did I say because of her donation she was not fit to be a Republican or that Randy, by proxy, was also out of favor? Did I call her a RINO or suggest she did not have the right to support whomever or whatever she so desires? Did I suggest she was a liberal or that Randy by association was, too? NEVER. Nor would I. I have nothing but respect for Mrs. Pullen and appreciate her individuality.

    Any negative connotation is in the eye of the beholder. If the shoe fits……

    Is it possible there are many individuals with many different attitudes and beliefs? Is it possible that good people may not always agree on every issue?

  8. OVD,

    The list of donors can be found on the Arizona Conservative site.

  9. Oro Valley Dad says

    The date please.

  10. 6/12/2003

  11. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thank you. We will look into this and see what the story is.

  12. Smart Voter says

    This brouhaha did not rise up out of thin air. It is nothing more than an well-orchestrated rehash by worried James’ supporters who are acting out of fear that their candidate could be losing traction. These issues are replays from years past. We’ve all heard them previously. Randy Pullen was interviewed by and endorsed by Arizona Right to Life. That should take care of his credentials in that arena.

    As to the Mitchell donation, one can only speculate that there was a reason based on business or longstanding friendship. That’s for Randy Pullen to answer. The donations were made several years ago and circumstances change–as all of us who are old enough to be typing here certainly know.

    The website that posted these links is run by a Lisa James supporter who didn’t get enough votes to be elected as a precinct committeeman. By virtue of that misfortune, he was ineligible to run as a state committeeman and will be unable to cast a vote for either of the two candidates. Blasting Pullen (and trying to influence others) is his vote.

  13. I read a story on HotAZitgets, which referenced both the Arizona Conservative and Political Mafioso. I selected the link, read the story and read the names of the donors. Then to be sure it was correct, I checked the public donor list.

    Why is it OK for this site to post things supportive of Pullen and all is to be considered the truth and justified but another site is not? Is there a sole proprietorship on labeling and guilt by association? Much has been made about the list of Lisa’s supporters and their political leanings, well maybe that is a broad swipe that just hit too close to home.

    This is about who can and will do the job at hand. For my money it is Lisa, but if you think Randy is better…great, at least you care! For once we have some choice and potential for real progress.

  14. Nightcrawler says

    Pullen and James are both Pro-Life. So what is up with all the white noise about supporters on WISH lists and nine year old contributions ? Who cares. What a complete waste of time and energy. Why judge the candidate by who lends support ? What we need is some good old fashioned analysis into what each of them truly stand for and their track records. That would be worthwhile.

  15. Eyes on West Washington says

    az conservative asks, so West Washington answers! Ok, so it isn’t worth writing a whole post about it, but we went directly to the source and it turns out that Pullen was invited to a fundraiser or asked to write a check to support Mitchell by one of his employers. They did a lot of business in Tempe and were trying to raise him money. So Randy gave them one hundred bucks… Incidentally, Mitchell was his seat by more than 11 points that year, so it wasn’t exactly a nail-biter. That’s it… Sorry it wasn’t more salacious, but what do you want from a 9-year old contribution of $100?

  16. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Nightcrawler has it mostly right… Although it is probably fair to judge a candidate by the choice of supporters they feature. If you’re actively promoting the support of known leaders in the pro-abortion community, then it is obvious that their position does not bother you and that you want their support and the support of the folks they will attract.

    I think it is interesting that the James campaign has got an opposition research program going for a State Chairman’s race. I guess working next door to Nathan Sproul is bound to have a bad influence on you… How are you going to run as a “uniter” when you’re willing to burn the party down to win? Shame on them… I suppose Randy should respond by having his supporters post links to the articles about investigations into Sproul’s company and James’ company, coordinated expenditures, and other allegations of illegality… But give the man credit, when he talks about uniting and growing the party, he backs it up with action.

  17. Wait a minute… Pullen gave Democrat Harry Mitchell a contribution? Would that be considered an endorsement? How does Rob Haney explain that one?!?! Don’t get me wrong, I think Haney showed real guts to call out the Republicans for Napolitano types and I support Haney’s efforts to change the bylaws, but how can Haney support a guy FOR CHAIRMAN who has given money to a Democrat, who just so happens to be the same guy who took out J.D.? As I recall, there was a pretty vigorous effort to defeat Mitchell in 1998 exactly for the reason that he could run for Congress at some point (back then it was Salmon that was worried, since it was his district). So, Pullen supports Mitchell financially, Mitchell runs against Hayworth – the strongest voice on immigration in the delegation – Pullen doesn’t make up for his contribution to Mitchell by supporting Hayworth, Hayworth loses and now Pullen wants to be chairman – courting the support of those of us who are the tough on the border crowd.

    Sorry, can’t have it both ways. Pullen giving money to a Democrat is unforgiveable. And the excuse that he was asked by his employer? As best as I can tell from his bio, he was PRESIDENT of ILX at the time. So we are supposed to believe that the Chairman of the Board (the only person who could be his employer) asked him to give money to Mitchell? Doesn’t add up.

  18. Gerry Mander says

    Crawdad’s right. If Pullen donated money to Harry Mitchell, it’s a dealbreaker.

  19. 1998 was Mitchell’s freshman election year into the State Senate. He had been beaten in a statewide primary race for Superintendent of Public Instruction in 94. this was his return to public office….

  20. Republican Conservative AZ says

    Randy Pullen gave money to a Harry Mitchell? A Democrat? You have got to be kidding me!

    I didn’t believe it was true, but I looked it up. To make matters worse, it was given at the very end of a GENERAL Election- to help Mitchell get over the top. Now Mitchell has had a long standing run as a politician, and just took out JD. AND Randy helped him? AND Randy is running or the Republican Party Chairman? I’m sorry- but if we are calling for PC’s to resign if they are endorsing Democrat’s, then we should ask the same of Mr. Pullen. I would NEVER give a dime to a democrat, and I would expect the same from our State Party Chairman.

  21. az_conservative_alltheway says

    It gets worse folks.

    I was curious and decided to check out Mr. Pullen’s contributions a little more. Turns out, in 1998 he ONLY gave to DEMOCRATS. If you go to, you will find that Randy Pullen, one of our candidates for Arizona Republican Party Chairman, gave a $500 contribution to Paul Johnson who ran against Jane Hull for Governor as well as the Mitchell donation. This is AWFUL!!!

    What’s worse is he didn’t give a PENNY to a REPUBLICAN. How can Haney and his cronies stand for that?

    I understand the frustration of PC’s, as elected officials of the Republican Party, giving their name to democrats as being unacceptable. But if Haney and his crowd have any credibility at all, their latest by-law change in Maricopa County to put teeth in sanctions against PC’s who give their name to Democrats ought to apply to their choice as Party Chair as well.

    Recipient Office Status Party State Amount Date
    JOHNSON, PAUL EDWARD GOVERNOR Lost – General Election DEMOCRAT AZ $500 10/05/1998


    Total Given to Date: $600 (2 records)

    Address: PHOENIX, AZ 85018

    Employer: PULLEN AND CO.

    Occupation: CPA

    Breakdown by Political Affiliation
    Party Counts Total % of Overall
    Democrat 2 $600 100.00%
    Republican 0 $0 0.00%
    Third Party 0 $0 0.00%
    Ballot Measures 0 $0 0.00%

  22. Thanks for the link-

    If you look up where the two candidates give their money, Randy gives to both DEMS and GOPS and Lisa gives only to the GOP.

    We need a chairman that supports ALL Republicans and NO Democrats- how can they lead the party when their donations go to both sides?

    Enough said!

  23. Republican Conservative AZ says

    I doubt any of Jim Pederson’s money went to help Republicans. We need a chairman who 100% supports Republicans. 100%.

  24. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    The mere fact that Nathan Sproul and the rest of Lisa James’ cabal actually has an opposition research effort underway to try and sleaze their way to victory tells exactly what kind of a “uniter” she’ll be.

    Looking at all of these posers who grab “conservative” identity to stage conversations between themselves and feign outrage is out loud funny…

    Pullen gave money to a friend who was a Democrat a decade ago? Shocking…

    I noticed you haven’t reported his contributions since then, to the State GOP, to County GOP organizations, to Bush, to Kyl, to Graf… Hey, I wonder how much money Lisa James gave to Randy Graf? Oops, I guess you don’t want us looking at that, do you? So while Randy was writing checks and holding fundraisers for Graf, where was James? Supporting 100% of the Republicans? Apparently not… I guess Republicans who oppose amnesty need not apply for Lisa James’ support…

  25. az_conservative_alltheway says

    If you must know, Sonoran Truth, I did look up Lisa James support over the last 10 years as well as Randy’s.

    As it turns out, Lisa only gave money to the Arizona Republican Party and one GOP candidate, Cheryl Chase.

    I am guessing Lisa’s contribution to Cheryl was a reward, evidently, for Cheryl Chase switching parties. Lisa did so AFTER the GOP primary in Cheryl’s district so as not to hurt the other Republicans in that primary. ($100, 10-12-06)

    Randy on the other hand, has given to Democrats Harry Mitchell and Paul Johnson, both men running against Republicans pro-life Senator Gary Richardson and pro-life Governor Jane D. Hull.

    He also likes to meddle in Republican primary politics.

    Randy Pullen gave money to pro-choice Kathleen Dunbar in a GOP primary ($256,6-12-00)

    Randy Pullen gave money to pro-life candidate Matt Salmon in GOP primary ($700, 4-04 & 8-26-02)

    Randy Pullen gave money to pro-choice Barbara Leff in GOP primary ($100, 8-30-02)

    Randy Pullen gave money to pro-life candidate Carl Seel in GOP primary ($50, 7-22-04)

    This isn’t opposition research for me. Nor do I have a clue about your Nathan you seem to be obsessed with.

    This is finding out which candidate can control themselves and support all Republicans. That is what we need in a Party Chair.

    There is no smear. This is actual facts. The REAL TRUTH, Sonoran Truth.

    Rather than using lame disparaging smears of your own about other bloggers, try using actual facts for a change. It would be refreshing.

  26. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Well AZ Conservative, you’re lying about Barbara Leff in 2002, who was running AGAINST the pro-abort, Sue Gerard. Leff had already begun her conversion to her pro-life position and had supported pro-life legislation. Today she is a full-blown pro-lifer and a State Senator, thanks to the support of those who helped her in the past, including Randy Pullen. Calling her pro-choice just to try to link Randy to a pro-choice candidate is dishonest and smears two people unfairly. But you are right that Randy’s list of contributions to Republicans is lengthy, and we thank you for pointing that out.

    Still, until you can commit to telling the truth, save the lectures about using “actual facts”… They don’t become you…

  27. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    AZ Con – You also blow it when you say:

    “I am guessing Lisa’s contribution to Cheryl was a reward, evidently, for Cheryl Chase switching parties. Lisa did so AFTER the GOP primary in Cheryl’s district so as not to hurt the other Republicans in that primary. ($100, 10-12-06)”

    Lisa’s contribution was the result of a call put out by party leadership to get money to Chase. The fact that the party ignored her until there was less than a month to go in her race is yet another indictment of their inability to focus on more than one race at a time. The notion that Lisa waited until the last second so as “not to hurt the other Republicans in that primary” is pure poppycock. Chase HAD NO PRIMARY. I think this is where I’m supposed to lecture you about using actual facts? But something tells me it wouldn’t do any good…

  28. az_conservative_alltheway says

    It does do good. Sorry about that Sonoran Truth. I stand corrected that Chase had no primary. I assumed wrong and didn’t check that small point out.

    You never seem to acknowledge when me or others are correct.

    Lisa James’ job was to be the Victory Chairman. And if she had contributed to alot of primary candidates I would not like that either. At least in her position at the State Party she maintained neutrality, while our National Committeman didn’t.

    At the time of the donation, Barbara Leff was pro-choice. Sorry that bothers you. But she was.

    The Party and others did all sorts of things to help Cheryl, but it wasn’t to be. I supported Cheryl too, but it just didn’t happen.

    But let me ask you, where was Randy Pullen’s donation to Cheryl? Answer: there was none.

    I hope my point is still taken. Randy Pullen meddles in primaries. And is that the kind of Chairman you want? I guess so.

  29. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Oops, you took that logic too far… You say:

    “I hope my point is still taken. Randy Pullen meddles in primaries. And is that the kind of Chairman you want? I guess so.”

    Yet one of the main reasons we support Pullen is he won’t be McCain’s puppet and will stay neutral in the primary. James makes no such commitment and it is no secret why McCain and his folks are pushing so hard for her. They do not want to have to defend his homestate while they’re campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire. Randy has already publicly committed to staying neutral and then supporting whoever our nominee is. Sounds like something that should appeal to you, but probably won’t…

    It does, however, appeal to the majority of State Committemen and PCs in the party, and that’s ultimately who is going to get to decide this thing…

    As for Barbara Leff, the folks at Arizona Right to Life are going to be surprised at the news that she was pro-choice in 1992… Gosh, that whole evaluation process fooled, but one anonymous blog poster blows the truth into the open? Bummer… Hey, maybe you’re right and Randy Pullen was the only one smart enough to see that she was converting to pro-life? Nope, I don’t see you liking that suggestion either…

  30. Oro Valley Dad says

    AZ Con,

    In response to comment 24: All of those donations are from before Randy was National Committeeman, thus he did not have any obligation as an high profile representative of the party. Same goes for the 1998 donations.

    Kathleen Dunbar had no opposition in the 2000 primary when she ran for State Senate (LD 13.) So Randy was actually showing a lot of party
    loyalty by supporting a Republican with whom he did not agree completely.

    Matt Salmon’s primary in ’02 was over before it started when both Bayless and Springer decided to run.

    Yeah, he supported Leff over Gerard in the LD 11 senate primary. They were both pro choice so not much different on that issue. Give me a break on the $50 to Seel in 2004. That is such a small amount it means almost nothing.

    Nathan is Nathan Sproul. Here, you can read up on him. If you do not like that story then google “sproul lisa james”

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