The ‘Good Guys’ – 2014 Arizona Elections

Alliance of Principled Conservatives – 2014 Arizona Elections

The Alliance of Principled Conservatives is pleased to present the ‘Good Guy List,’ an Arizona Republican Primary election guide to principled conservatives who will protect your freedomsprotect your wallet, and protect Arizona.

We are pleased to also announce that all of the incumbent candidates on the ‘Good Guy‘ list have also been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses NFIB.  No candidate on the APC ‘Blacklist‘ has been endorsed by NFIB.

Additionally every incumbent candidate on the APC ‘Good Guy’ list has received high scores on the Americans for Prosperity 2014 Arizona Legislative Scorecard with the majority receiving a cumulative designation of ‘Champion of the Taxpayer’.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses states “the legislative candidates endorsed by NFIB today are proven friends of free enterprise whom Arizona small-business owners can trust to place their responsibility to taxpayers first over the interests of bigger government and its enablers.”

The candidates on the APC ‘Blacklist’ have tried to demonize the mission of APC as non-comprehensive and one-issue focused. Ethan Orr in LD9 continuously states that his Obamacare Medicaid Expansion vote is the only vote people find disagreeable. Heather Carter in LD15 blatantly ignores the Republican Party joining Jeff Dial and Rob Robson in LD18 bragging that their Crony-Capitalist war chest is all they need to get the votes to retain their seats.

The Blacklisted candidates trumpet their commitment to the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion, Common Core, increasing your taxes, and SPENDING MORE THAN WE PAY in taxes.  APC is glad that organizations like NFIB and AFP prove that the Blacklisted candidates do NOT deserve a vote based on their commitment to ‘bigger government and its enablers.’

Join APC in supporting the ‘Good Guys‘ – principled conservatives, small-business owners, and hard-working taxpayers along with the friends of free enterprise, NFIB and the champions of limited-government, AFP.


Dr. Ralph Heap, Senate LD25
David Burnell Smith, LD15
John Allen, LD15
Darla Dawald, LD8
Irene Littleton, Senate LD8
John Fillmore, LD16
Kelly Townsend, LD16
Shawnna Bolick, LD28
Tom Morrissey, Senate LD18
John King, LD18
Jill Norgaard, LD18
David Farnsworth, LD16
Sam Medrano, LD5
Sonny Borreilli, LD5
Jay Lawrence, LD23
Michelle Ugenti, LD23
John Kavanaugh, Senate LD23
Steve Montenegro, LD13
Darin Mitchell, LD13
Paul Boyer, LD20
Anthony Kern, LD20
Steve Smith, Senate LD11
Vince Leach, LD11
Mark Finchem, LD11
David Gowan, LD14
David Stevens, LD14



The GOOD GUYS                                                                                The BLACKLIST

Good Guys

Good Guys


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