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Ron Paul

     Framer over at Arizona 8th has some insightful observations about the Ron Paul candidacy and its supporters. For his report he did some amazing research, he actually talked to some Ron Paul supporters.

     Some within the party have taken the easy way out and dismissed Ron Paul supporters as a fringe element. Framer correctly points out that such a simple analysis misses the bigger picture. Dismissing his supporters allows the party to avoid some serious soul searching. Since the end of the Gingrich era it could be argued that the Republicans have become the party of big government with the Democrats the party of even bigger government (nice range of options.) Lots of Republican candidates talk about lower taxes but few of them talk about reducing the size, in a meaningful way, of an increasingly intrusive and less effective federal government. To me that is still a core Republican principal that only one candidate is emphasizing.


  1. Parties dismiss or disparage supporters of ANY candidate at their peril, so OV Dad makes an excellent point. Reagan showed how to bring together the various camps within the GOP and Bill Clinton did the same with the Democrats in the 1990’s, arguably bringing that party back to the center on many issues, including trade, welfare reform and budgetary policy. Republicans who held sway in the 60’s and 70’s tried to dismiss the Goldwater/Reagan activists as overzealous ideologues and look where it got them!

    America has operated under a two-party system since the original debate over the structure of the Constitution. The ideas or reforms proposed on occasion by third parties are quickly absorbed by one of the two major parties. Great leaders have the ability to fuse the disparate elements that make up the two parties with independents into a winning coalition.

    2008 is the first election in many years that does not feature a sitting president or vice-president of either party. As such, the need for the eventual nominees to heal the wounds that come about during the primary battles and hold the party together is even more pressing because those two people will not have been national candidates prior to this year. My hunch is that Romney has the best shot at playing this role for the GOP because he seems to be everybody’s first or second choice and he has been the soul of caution when it comes to taking on other candidates or the leaders of various factions within his party.

  2. Passonate Moderate says

    Ron Paul is a “Classic Conservative”. That makes the less than conservative, republican candidates nervous. When McCain is the most conservative candidate in the top tier, we are in trouble. This is shown by the general lack of gusto in the Presidential election.

  3. There’s Ron Paul’s message, there’s Ron Paul’s supporters, there’s Ron Paul’s delivery and there’s Ron Paul’s ideology. A candidate must be a complete package to be a viable candidate for a party’s nomination. They should inspire and reflect the party’s core supporters and values. The reason Ron Paul does not have the support to win is because his message, his supporters, his delivery and his ideology are liberatarian and not that of the Republican party. To complain that he is being dismissed by a party that he does not represent is unreasonable.

    If Ron Paul supporters want the Republican party to be more libertarian, then they need to work through the party to do that. If they just want to push Ron Paul’s square candidacy through the round hole of the Republican party all they will get is frustration.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says


    Please tell me the candidate that has the right message, supporters, delivery, and ideology to fit the Republican mold. I am very interested in the candidate who fits that criterion.

  5. OVD, you could make a strong case for Romney, Thompson, Hunter, Huckabee and maybe Giuliani and/or McCain depending on how flexible you are on ideology. But at least four meet the basic requirements.

  6. cactus wren says

    I’ve found myself starting to like Ron Paul’s message and his ideology. I will say this – he certainly has the most enthusiastic supporters of those running – and his delivery is better than Thompson’s. Huckabee probably has the best delivery of all. Then I’d say Giuliani or Hunter. Romney sidesteps and McCain has no charisma (not that I’d vote for him anyway)

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