Goddard finally confronted by mainstream media about glossy self-promoting booklet

The East Valley Tribune ran a fair article on the wasteful self-promoting “Consumer Guide for Young Adults” that Attorney General Terry Goddard just released; a full-size 8×11 glossy 28-page booklet featuring a large picture of himself on the outside and another inside. The article failed to mention however that this was done while the state is currently facing a $1 billion deficit and the reason Goddard continues issuing booklets promoting himself is because he’s trying to increase his name recognition in preparation for a run for governor in 2010.
“Two months after another politician was criticized for using public money to promote his own name and image, one of the state’s top elected officials has done roughly the same thing. Last week, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard released a 28-page booklet with a full-page cover photo in which he’s featured prominently. The thousands of dollars it cost to design and print the booklet came from money intended for public use.”

Goddard blatant self-promotion for governor

The Bruce Jacobs show has also been covering Goddard’s booklet.


  1. So you are saying we shouldn’t help young people entering the marketplace?

    I am point this out cause Goddard is clearly wrong to having his picture, but I think this booklet is amazing and should be given out everywhere- without his picture and his name in as few places possible.

  2. SonoranSam says

    Let’s allow Mr. Goddard to state his case…the following letter is from today’s East Valley Tribune:

    Your Monday story about my office’s Consumer Guide for Young Adults, which you compared to a booklet recently distributed by Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, gives new meaning to the phrase “roughly the same thing.”

    The county attorney’s office was widely rebuked for spending $220,000 to print 600,000 booklets and have them inserted in newspapers across Maricopa County.

    Mindful of that criticism, we limited our expense to $6,600 from our consumer fraud recovery fund to print a total of 5,000 copies of the consumer guide. We are not spending a nickel on newspaper inserts or any other mass distribution. Instead, we have encouraged citizens to download the guide at no cost from our Web site at http://www.azag.gov. Also unlike the county attorney’s booklet, the content of our guide is not copyrighted and can be used by other groups to help educate consumers.

    Our low-cost approach is far different than the county attorney’s.
    Arizona continues to rank near the top of the nation in consumer fraud.

    Giving people the information they need to protect themselves from scams and rip offs is an essential function of my office. The guide was created to do precisely that, and I expect it will prove highly cost-effective.

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