Goddard Calls the Kettle Black

The East Valley Tribune reports that Attorney General Terry Goddard has accused his Republican challenger, Bill Montgomery, of misusing Clean Elections funding in the filming of a campaign advertisement and for using illegal immigrants in the campaign ad.

While the Montgomery Campaign did indeed use the services of a media company to film their campaign ad on Tuesday, September 12th, there is nothing illegal in using Primary Election Clean Elections funding to pay for such campaign materials as long as it is spent before or on the day of the Primary Election. As Montgomery stated in his response, “…spending was legitimate, likening the money spent for filming to money spent on campaign signs. He said candidates don’t have to buy signs during the primary and then repurchase them during the general election…” 

This begs the question why the highest attorney in the State of Arizona doesn’t quite understand the law on this matter? Perhaps he should take a look at his own campaign finance violations early on in the campaign when he used his campaign committee domain name to redirect to his official state position?

Then there’s the accusation that Bill Montgomery used illegal immigrants in his advertisement.

How does Terry Goddard know that illegals were used? Has he seen the ad? Has anyone seen the ad? Did anyone ask for documents?

But this isn’t the most damaging reflection on Terry Goddard. It really is a statement about Goddard’s views on race especially if he assumes that all illegal immigrants are Hispanic or vice versa? 

But let’s assume that Goddard is correct and that the “actors” used in the ad were indeed Hispanic AND illegally in the State of Arizona.

Isn’t Terry Goddard the current Attorney General of Arizona? Isn’t this happening on his watch? If anything, this is a damning indictment of the Goddard administration on the issue of illegal immigration.

So let me get this right. The current attorney general is complaining about an ad he hasn’t seen, which features a handful of Hispanic people who he assumes are illegal who are used to point out the fact that under his watch, the problems of illegal immigration have skyrocketed.

But let’s take it a step further.

Terry Goddard is running for re-election. According to his website, he has a number of events scheduled. In fact, on October 11th, Terry Goddard will appear at a luncheon sponsored by the Women’s Council of Realtors. The event will be held at the Gainey Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale.

Can Terry Goddard guarantee that every person working at the Gainey Ranch Golf Club will be legally eligible to work in the U.S? Will Terry Goddard send his staff to the event to ask for paperwork to prove citizenship or work eligibility?

What about the 100 Club Dinner scheduled on Friday, October 27th to be held at The Point South Mountain Resort? Again, can Terry Goddard guarantee that every person being paid by The Point South Mountain is employed legally? Will he send his campaign staff to check?

Even broader, is Terry Goddard raising the standard that every political candidate must now check the work eligibility of every person affiliated with a campaign activity?

My point here is that Terry Goddard has a big problem on the issue of illegal immigration. Arizona’s problems have occurred on his watch.

Before he starts accusing his challenger of using illegal immigrants in an ad, he should look at his own campaign activities AND more importantly, the problems he has refused to address under his administration.

I’d say Terry Goddard’s calling the kettle black.


  1. He’s not accusing Montgomery of using illegals, that what the police officer who stopped to find out why Montgomery’s people were filming without a permit reported that he was told by the people from the video company, a company that specializes in producing political commercials.

    Your argument here is really a stretch. Can you say for certain that everyone who’s ever been involved in the building of any structure in which you’ve set foot; the washing of dishes, serving or preparation of food at any restaurant at which you’ve ever eaten or a multitude of any other possibilities is legally authorized to work in this country. Unless you built your house yourself and never leave it, you have no idea.

    However, if Arizona Right to Life had hired a company to produce television advertisements and that company, in the production of those ads, knowingly hired illegals than the “former” Executive Director would be culpable just as Montgomery is responsible for the actions of this production company.

  2. Eph - the PRO LIFE JEW !!! says

    Munsil is crushing janet in tonights’s debate !!!

  3. Enjoy the blog. Two quick points: 1) no illegals hired, no police on scene. Check my CCEC reply at: http://www.montgomery4ag.com/latest_news.cfm#37; 2) I refused, and will continue to refuse, to assume someone is illegal because of how they look.

    Keep up the good work!

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