Gilchrist endorses Goldwater.

     Goldwater may not be sure when he first visited the border area of Arizona but the people who take a firm stand in favor of doing something about illegal immigration don’t much seem to care.

     Jim Gilchrist, one of the founders of the Minuteman Project, has endorsed Goldwater for Governor. Gilchrist’s co-author of Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America’s Borders, Jerome Corsi, is also supporting Goldwater. According to an article in WorldNetDaily Corsi said “Senator John McCain’s support is all anybody should need to determine that Len Munsil is soft on border security.” I wonder if that quote is what Len had in mind when he posted McCain’s endorsement on his web page.


  1. I appreciate you notifying us of this endorsement – I just want to meantion that Chris Simcox, President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp has supported and worked with Don much more than Gilcrist. Gilcrist – is (perhaps)only endorsing Don to get his own name out there in the AZ public eye (by the way for those who do not know – he lives in CA).

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