Giffords using taxpayer funds for campaign.

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     The cry-babies in Democratic Party and their patsies in the press are all upset about Tim Bee lawfully staying in office while he explores a run for congress but they ignore Giffords’ blatant misuse of congressional franking privileges to send obvious campaign pieces like the one above.

     Members of congress are allowed to send mailings to their constituents but Gabrielle Giffords, as in the piece above, has been misusing taxpayer funds to send what are essentially campaign pieces. In an earlier mailing Gabrielle claimed that she was a member of the Democrat Blue Dog Coalition that is concerned about government overspending. If she is really a member why does she keep misusing taxpayer funds to send out campaign pieces?

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  1. OVD,

    Giffords is not doing anything the least bit unexpected for a member of Congress, and everyone knows it. She is operating within established practices and the law, no controversy, end of story.

    I am an Independent, not a Democratic cry baby, and if you read my post on the subject of Bee’s fund raising carefully, you should be left with a note of warning, not an attack. He just needs to be careful how he manages this conversation.

    Scarpinato’s piece this morning points to exactly what I’m talking about, and ThinkRight appears to have almost almost had a cow over the article. I can assure TR that Daniel is not in the Giffords camp.

    He just isn’t.

    Frankly, the notion that either Bee or Giffords are “tainted” bores me until more substantive material emerges. I respect both, and may be the best candidate win, including possible Independent candidate Tidball.

  2. Its only illegal or wrong when a Republican does it.

  3. Oro Valley Dad says


    I did not mean to include your blog in the patsy category. Neither is this blog a mindless front for the Bee campaign. I genuinely believe that Giffords has crossed over the line from constituent communication to taxpayer funded campaign pieces. The facts are on my side as these mailing keep arriving every few weeks.

    Also, what about the Blue Dog claim? Would a real fiscal conservative waste taxpayer funds in this way?

  4. Sonoran Sam says

    Apparently it’s only illegal if a Democrat does it.

    I’ve gotten tons of this politcal junk mail from members of both parties.

    Frankly, I agree x4mr that this whole stink is an invented attack.

    Bee is playing games when he pretends to be “exploring” a race for CD8. He’s running, and he’s shaking down lobbyists to fund his race.

    Giffords is also using the powers of incumbency – just like 434 other members of Congress. That includes use of Franking, and it includes fund-raisers in Washington where she “invites” people to give her money.

    A plague on both your houses. This is why I continue to support Clean Elections. It ain’t perfect, but it sure as hell levels the playing field to a certain degree.

    Now, can we talk about ISSUES in CD8?

  5. Oro Valley Dad says


    Great idea to talk about the issues in CD-8. But the mainstream media seems fixated on Bee’s exploratory status so we just thought we would respond to that.

  6. The franking privilege granted to all members of the House and Senate is an unnecessary and outmoded form of communicating with constituents that should be jettisoned. It is a carryover from bygone days when there weren’t as many means of staying in touch with the people. Politicians will continue to use it as long as it is allowed.

    The Giffords mailings are just as self-congratulatory and self-promoting as the ones Kolbe used to send out. Moreover, I am certain that all 535 members of the U.S. Congress use franking, regardless of their alleged fiscal conservatism in other areas.

    If Sonoran Alliance writers acknowledge the use/abuse of franking by all these folks, I’ll take their criticism of Giffords as something more lofty than a back door way of coming to the defense of Tim Bee for his creative interpretation of the “resign to run” law and his shmoozing of Phoenix lobbyists.

  7. Oro Valley Dad,

    Do you always do what the MSM tells you to do?

    I will say at least you’re getting constituent mailings or responses to queries. When J.D. Hayworth was my congressman, I’ve never got a mailing, never a response to a letter/email, nor was I aware of his townhalls until after the fact.

  8. Giffords totally crossed the line. That is a campaign mailer, not a constituent newsletter. I mean, come on, testimonials from a newspaper? Oversized card stock? That’s not news. that’s campaigning. She sure as heck knows it but doesn’t care. That’s arrogance and the corruption of power, she’s a quick study, I’ll give her that. It’s a pretty clear line between informing and campaigning and most people I’d venture err on the side of caution out of respect for the taxpayers who elect them.

    Thanksgiving came a week early when I got that turkey stuffed in my mailbox. However I’m sure the Star and Citizen lapped it up and are begging for more, they won’t even question it. Then again, I’d wager she didn’t send it to the entire district. Anyone want to wager on that? Anyone want to be the Star and Citizen won’t even bother to find out? Let’s see if the Weekly bothers to ask some tough questions about that one. Not holding my breath.

    On top of all that she turned her own wedding into a media event. Just cries of desperation.

  9. I am happy to say I do not get Giffords’ mailings.

  10. OVD,

    No worries. My language was an assertion about myself, not a reaction to your post.

    Sorry folks, but can’t get excited about any of this. Those throwing flak at Bee about his fund raising are full of it, and howling about Giffords flyers is equally impotent.

    If you don’t like her, vote for Bee.

    Bee does need to exercise a certain caution. If a specific and tangible link to favors for funds can be floated… Of course Giffords faces similar scrutiny.

    Frankly, I expect mistakes from neither. Think what you like of either. Both are professionals.

  11. Yup, that’s why I was saddened to see that she had to reach so far to resort to using my tax dollars to send campaign literature. She did seem like a pro and a pro errs on the side of caution to avoid the appearance of impropriety. She didn’t. Just arrogantly giving the taxpayers her middle finger.

    FRANKLY (while were on the subject of franked mail) with $1M or $2M or whatever it is she has in the bank, I’m really stunned to see that she’d resort to this…but I guess not surprised.

    I’ve spoken to dozens of folks about this since Thursday and everyone I’ve spoken to sees this as a blatant campaign piece. You so-called “independent” types can put all the frosting you want on this cow pie and it will still taste the same. She stepped in it.

    But not to worry, the wine of corruption, once drank, is a soothing elixer that will make further transgressions easier for her. This will make the choice easier for her constituents in 2008.

  12. Nice work OVD. Gabby is crossing the line and Pelosi’s new Ethic Committee should investigate her.

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