Giffords is sweet.

     Gabrielle performed right on queue after the sugar industry invested in her. She voted for the farm bill, which raises price supports for the sugar lobby as well as wheat and soybeans. These artificial pricing schemes lead not only to higher prices for consumers but also to overproduction. The excess sugar will be sold at below market prices for a cost to taxpayers of $1.4 billion. No wonder Giffords is raising so much money for her next campaign. She performs very well for those able to buy tickets to the show.


  1. Yeah, that farm bill was sooooooo controversial, only 398 more representatives went along with it. Good think those sugar lobbyists got out and bought the votes they needed to squeak that one through.

  2. And everyone of those 398 should be slapped upside the head. Of all of the protections subsidies, this is the one that infuriates me the most.

    Imagine a world without high fructose corn syrup. That can only be accomplished by killing sugar protection and subsidies.

    Not to mention that ethanol standards are now making the inferior HFCS much more expensive as well.

    This is going to make your beer and tortillas cost more, too.

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