Gentleman Jim.

Jim 1.jpg     Very soon to be retired Congressman Jim Kolbe is in the news again. What a great way to finish up a long career in public office. The Star promises more in Saturday’s paper.

(We realize that some of you may not be interested in this angle of the page scandal but we offer it up as a pathetic consolation prize to those who are sorry that we lost AZ 8 to the Democrats. I know Kolbe told us that Graf could not win, he just did not say how personally invested in that outcome he would be.)

Friday 12-8-06, 4:45 pm

Dan Nowicki at the Arizona Republic comments on the Ethics Committee report.

According to one of the comments left here we are trying to smear Kolbe. I wonder what you call it when the local paper puts the story of the front page in a none too positive light.


  1. roderick parker says

    What’s pathetic is how this website is trying to smear 22-years of dedicated service by Cong. Kolbe with one incident where he merely talked to one page, but didn’t actually do anything inappropriate himself.

    I’ll bet you could find lots of other congressmen who knew about inappropriate activities by their colleagues – taking bribes, having affairs, accepting payments from lobbyists, etc. but apparently it only matters to you if it involves gay sex or the discussion therof.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Funny how linking to an article in the Arizona Daily Star is considered a smear. If you did not like the Star’s article then make sure you don’t read what Nowicki at the Arizona Republican had to say about the whole thing.

    Southern Arizona politics is one of the areas that this blog covers. That is why we comment on Kolbe and maybe not other congressmen.

  3. I thought the reference to pathetic was actually to Kolbe’s investment in turning over the district to a Democrat. I hate to say it but CD 8 belongs to the Dems now. Tucson has gone liberal and it will be a long time before it flips back to the GOP. I’m glad I don’t live there anymore.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Frankly, the pictures of Kolbe partying with Giffords and the Democrats on Election Night are all that anyone needs to remember about this man. Good riddance to him!

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