Genetics DNA Bank to be Discussed in Phoenix

I’ve been asked by a friend to post this. If you are pro-life, please read:

Phoenix has been selected as one of only five to participate in a nationwide series of town halls on creating a national biobank.

NIH and other Government Health agencies who are thinking about creating a large-scale biobank, collecting close to a half a million people’s DNA information and studying them over the next 10 to 20 years to examine how their genes and the environmental factors they are exposed to.

This type of study can help to cure some of the most common diseases including health disease, diabetes and obesity. However the study would require people to give their genetic information to the government and this causes concerns with many people.

This is why NIH wants to talk with the American Public to see how they feel about a study of this size, whether they would like to see it move forward, what safeguards they would need to see in place and what compensation they feel is appropriate for the participants.

It’s being held at the Raul Castro Institute at the Phoenix Community College on April 5, at 10:00 am.GPPC_flyer_AZ_.jpg


  1. Definitely worth looking into but rent and watch the movie Gattaca before attending.

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