GAME ON….and comments.

Being the pro-McCain contributor on a blog that is administered by a paid Hayworth staffer might seem uncomfortable.  It isn’t.  I have known Shane for a few years and we have a mutual respect for the other’s positions, even if we do not agree.  Shane has made no secret of his work for and endorsement of JD.  Unfortunately, I do not have the same luxury of being able to be so forthcoming; something about a little oath I took that limits me from certain behavior.  Hence, the pen-name Molly Pitcher and the persona that allows me to exercise my First Amendment rights without concern to any violation. 

There is a post on this site entitled, “Who’s the Real Lobbyist?  John McCain or JD Hayworth?” submitted by DSW.  The comments are closed.  That is too bad.

I am posting my views and the McCain response.  Because of the limitations I have on public expression, I understand fully how frustrating it can be to have the ability to express your views stifled or limited, even when it is for a personal cause, therefore comments will be open.  When you have the truth on your side, why be afraid ?

  • First item, the Time Magazine is a direct quote from an Obama campaign memo NOT Mark Halperin’s words.  Really? Obama?  The guy who brought us socialism?  Internal campaign memos are now your big gun?  From the campaign that is pushing back on McCain comments daily, I would suggest you reconsider the use of an old OBAMA memo as evidence of anything but attempts to disingenuously influence the American public into electing the worst POTUS we have ever had.  God save America!  

I respectfully submit the following questions to Team Hayworth and ask for a reply.

  • Congressman Hayworth claims he registered as a lobbyist to help out an unnamed “hometown friend.” Who is this friend, and when and how was Congressman Hayworth approached to do this lobbying?
  • What is Congressman Hayworth’s current relationship with this “hometown friend?” 
  • Exactly what was Congressman Hayworth asked to accomplish for the Wealth Transfer Group?                                                                 
  • Which of Congressman Hayworth’s former House colleagues, and/or his colleagues’ offices and Committees did he lobby, and what did he ask them to do on his client’s behalf?
  • What if any actions did he take on behalf of Wealth Transfer Group?                                                                                                                                                                      
  • What was the result of Congressman Hayworth’s lobbying efforts, and where does the issue stand today?                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Did Wealth Transfer Group pay Hayworth for anything other than his lobbying activities? Was Congressman Hayworth given any other asset or monetary reimbursement for doing this work, including any “success fees”?                                                                                                                                                                       
  • On his lobbying registration forms, Hayworth identifies himself as president of The Great 48th Group, a company he formed in 2007 — a year before he registered to lobby. Who were The Great 48th Group’s other clients, what did they pay Hayworth to do, what actions did he take on their behalf, and how much did they compensate him for his work?
  • Did Congressman Hayworth do any “consulting work” for this or any other clients that did not trigger the lobbying registration that Hayworth filed?                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Did Hayworth lobby or consult either for or against any legislation currently pending in Congress? If so, what is his position on that legislation?

 Comments are on and we are waiting.


  1. Re #43

    Hello Dearest Wanumba: I never said that you called anyone a paid staffer.

    I never asked you to stop anything.

    I am not irate.

    I am not concerned in anyway that Shane is paid by Hayworth. I mentioned it in a completely relevant manner regarding sources of information only.

    Speaking of projecting…

    On another matter – Peggy #44, JD’s spouse has chosen to be part of the campaign. No one chose that except the Hayworths. Mary Hayworth has been paid by JD’s political campaign. I did not lie. You, however, called me a “taxpayer paid McCain staff”. In the words of Joe Wilson, “You lie!”

    I’m not a McCain staffer.

    I’m not a paid McCain staffer.

    I’m not a taxpayer paid anything.

    I’m not who the loons on here have said I am.

    You don’t know me.

  2. Radical American Patriot says

    Travis Says:
    June 19th, 2010 at 6:40 pm

    “Most of the loons on here are constantly calling the McCain supporters ‘paid staffers’. I know I’m not, so I have no reason to beleive the others are either.”

    Hey Travis no one has ever seen your brain, so I have no reason to believe (correct spelling) you HAVE ONE! LOLOLOL

    Seriously though, It’s not Molly’s anonymity that bothers people, it’s her patent dishonesty!

  3. Ann,

    Am curious why you think the McCain government staffers are above the law. The Hatch Act prohibits federal government employees from using government resources to influence an election ( I was the County Elections attorney for a year and a half, and we regularly adjudicated violations like this on the county level. I specifically remember handling a situation where a government official used his county car while campaigning, and another where a county official used his county stationery to solicit campaign contributions. They may sound small, but they give incumbents unfair advantages. McCain already came into this race with a warchest of $5 million, it is unfair that his staffers are able to cut corners and illegally work on the campaign while being paid by the taxpayers.

    It is patently obvious to me that it is McCain staffers visiting my website. Who else from the Senate is going to regularly click on articles critical of McCain on my website? Most high-level staffers are expected to work on the campaign of the elected official they work for. Instead of spending time outside of work on their own computers at home, they are able to save some personal time by sneaking and doing their opposition research and comments from work. Considering how many people read the comments after these kinds of blog posts and articles, there is certainly an effort to influence.

    I love the fact you think I am going to “retaliate” against you. Do you say that to everyone to smear them, along with calling them paranoid in order to dismiss plain facts of illegal activity?

  4. Ann Says:
    June 20th, 2010 at 8:35 am
    With trepidation and fear of political retaliation I say this..

    Ann, I wouldn’t worry about your political future. You don’t have one. You were allowed to be on the CAP board because it is harmless. A lot of us are now thinking that was a mistake and are making new plans.

  5. Peggy, even McLame had the good sense to fire Travis, so his statement is true. He is not a paid staffer. He is a want a be shill hoping McLame will hire him.

    Radical American Patriot, Travis would need a brain for us to see it. If he has one, it fresh since it hasn’t been used.

  6. peggy wisfom says

    Are you on the McCain payroll?

  7. Roger,

    Do you really think that there is only one Travis in the world? You don’t know who I am.

    Perhaps you are Roger Stanford, convicted of mail fraud and recently released on parole. Is that you? Why should anyone listen to anything a convicted felon says? By the way, have you stopped beating your wife?

    Again, you loons think you know who people are because you live in a small world and sit in an echo chamber of hate. It’s just weird.

  8. Travis, everyone who reads this blog has figured out you are Travis Junion. It doesn’t take a genius. You bash anyone who dares criticize McCain and conservatives. We all know you worked for McCain and carried out some of his nasty orders against conservatives. Plus you have a lot of extra free time on your hands after being fired from McCain’s campaign and Vernon Parker’s. Does that law firm you work for now know that you spend all day long posting comments attacking other Republicans on this blog? You’re probably using their computers to do it too. Grow up, Travis. Bashing conservatives is unproductive and we all know it is you.

  9. “McCain already came into this race with a warchest of $5 million, it is unfair that his staffers are able to cut corners and illegally work on the campaign while being paid by the taxpayers. ”

    Reading a blog post after clicking on a twitter link is hardly campaigning let alone a violation of the Hatch Act. (And for that matter, you should also know as a former County Elections attorney that the Hatch Act only applies to EXECUTIVE branch employees and local officials. Congressional staffers are covered under similar internal rules but under completely different authority.)

    Also, we weren’t talking about your blog. We were talking about the frequent pro-McCain commenters on THIS blog and the constant reflexive accusation that they are all somehow McCain staffers.

  10. The Mole says

    The accusation are made because no sane person would work for the great tyrant McCain. Cross him and it right under the straight talk express for you. McCain must buy his “friends” therefore the assumption is made positive comments come from either paid staff, cowards living in fear of retribution or people hoping to be granted a favor for showing support.

  11. VSB (obviously a paid political consultant),

    My reference to the Hatch Act was generic; on the local level we refer to the Little Hatch Act but we’re obviously referring to the state version. Same principles apply regardless of the kind of government employee – cannot use government resources to influence an election. The precise applicable rules that would apply to Congressional staff are detailed here if you want to get technical –

    It is irrelevant whether the visits occurred on Sonoran Alliance or my blogs. Both blogs regularly post considerable material in favor of Hayworth and in opposition to McCain – it’s obvious to anyone that visits from the Senate are coming from McCain’s team. How can you make the conclusion that government staffers are not leaving comments on Sonoran Alliance yet they are on my blogs (unless you’re in the tank for for them)?

    I find it amusing how quick you are to defend this practice, and am curious who you work for. Using your reasoning, when I was at the County Attorney’s Office, I could have done all of my opposition research against ACLU Tim on my government computer during work hours, leaving comments on blogs. Sure would have freed up a lot of my personal free time! Are you in effect telling Rick Romley now that it is ok for his employees to do opposition research on Bill Montgomery? It is disturbing that you are defending this unethical behavior as a political consultant.

  12. peggy wisfom says

    Gosh, some of these comments must really help the following because they show how much they care about:

    *our troops
    *those who have a house in foreclosure
    *whose spouse is in the hospital but can’t afford the medications needed when she is discharged
    *can’t even go to parts of our own State because of signs posted warning of drug/human illegal immigration
    *person who will be hearing next week if they are being laid off or not

    McCain has been in office for how many years yet he does nothing about any of the above issues. That’ why I believe we need a change of attitude with one of gratitude and understanding what’s really going on–JD Hayworth.

  13. No McCain says

    Bravo Peggy!

  14. I almost feel sorry for McCain’s staff. I’ve seen him treat them bad in public. As many times as I have met Sen. McCain, there is never any clue that he has ever seen me before. You get the feeling that he is just putting on an act.

  15. “VSB (obviously a paid political consultant”

    Obviously?!? LOL! Unlike you, I have never been a paid political consultant, a government bureaucrat, a lawyer or someone paid to twitter, blog, etc. It only seems “obvious” because that that is the world you live in. I have a real job working for a real company (one that actually makes and sells physical things, imagine that!). My opinions are my own, they aren’t bought or sold by anyone.

    “My reference to the Hatch Act was generic”

    No it wasn’t. You very explicitly accused McCain Senate staff of violating the Hatch Act and then posted a link about the Hatch Act.

    “The precise applicable rules that would apply to Congressional staff are detailed here if you want to get technical – ”

    If you wanted to get technical, you would have posted the Senate ethics rules. But I digress…

    “It is irrelevant whether the visits occurred on Sonoran Alliance or my blogs. ”

    It’s relevant to the conversation as to whether the specific commenters on this blog are somehow “paid staffers”.

    “I find it amusing how quick you are to defend this practice, and am curious who you work for.”

    I wasn’t defending “this practice”. I was pointing out that you are making unsubstantiated accusations. You claimed that McCain Senate staffers were illegally violating the Hatch Act (or similar Senate ethics rules in your latest comment) by campaigning on Senate time. But nothing you have posted establishes that they were McCain staffers working on campaign business. For all you know, they might even be Kyl staffers (or anyone else’s staffers for that matter) who just don’t like you or JD Hayworth. And even if they are McCain staffers, how do you know they were doing “campaign work” or “opposition research”? Reading a blog and a commenting on it from their work computer might be a firing offense, but it is not against campaign related ethics rules unless they were doing it as part of the campaign.

    “Using your reasoning, when I was at the County Attorney’s Office, I could have done all of my opposition research against ACLU Tim on my government computer during work hours, leaving comments on blogs.”

    That’s not “my reasoning”. Someone who does opposition research for a campaign on Senate work time or using Senate work resources would be indeed be in violation of the ethics rules. But someone who has nothing to do with the campaign and who isn’t doing “opposition research” wouldn’t be in violation of the campaign ethics rules. Just reading a blog and posting a comment does not in and of itself constitute a campaign related ethics violation.

  16. VSB is a consultant with the Ben Quayle campaign. Speaks volumes about the ethics of that campaign.

  17. OK, VSB is not a paid staffer. that leaves coward living in fear of retribution or people hoping to be granted a favor for showing support.

    Which is it?

  18. If u believe vsb is not a paid political consultant, with all his insider knowledge, I’ve got a bridge in brooklyn I’d like to sell ya

  19. VSB is quick to give the McCain government staff the benefit of the doubt — when we know what the McCainiacs are like, they will stop at nothing, no matter how unethical, to slime their opposition and win. Indicates VSB is in the tank for McCain and my money is on him being a consultant for McCain.

  20. The Mole says

    Anne, are saying that a McCain person could be less than honest? And I thought character counted. Who knew???

  21. LOL! This blog is some quality comedy! Based on absolutely nothing I am now:

    A paid political consultant

    A Ben Quayle campaign consultant (This one really cracks me up!)

    A coward living in fear of retribution

    A person hoping to be “granted a favor”

    Someone with “insider knowledge”

    A paid McCain campaign consultant in the tank for McCain

    I couldn’t possibly be an ordinary guy with a non-political job….LOL!

  22. Finally, the truth comes out! I was betting on a person hoping to be granted a favor.

    VSB will find McCain dumps him too when he is no longer useful. But I’ll bet he is used to getting dumped.

  23. haha VSB trolls this blog leaving insider comments all day long…you’re fooling no one dude, your boys mccain and quayle better be paying you well because you spend hrs on here defending them

  24. No one gets excited about McCain, like they do about JD. Someone who leaves repeated comments praising McCain is getting paid.

  25. I admit, I am not a McCain paid staffer. I am not a McCain unpaid staffer, but I do support the Senator. Yes indeed!
    I confess, John once bought me a beer it was in New York during the Bush Cheney reelection convention. That was a Republican Victory event! I’ll never forget.
    J.D. was nowhere to be seen.
    Well, so it goes actually so it went.

  26. OK Horst, keep your pants on… McCain is usually out of State so it makes sense you saw him in that bastion of democracy, New York. That where his friends are from anyway.

  27. I know you are but what am I?

  28. There is one obvious fact to anyone following this Senatorial primary!

    J.D.’s followers are volunteer enthusiasts and McCain’s are paid hacks, or social climbing “wanna be’s” for country club invitations!

    But the game is over for establishment “suck ups”!

    Lay down and enjoy it Travis, you’re gonna have to acquire principles if you want to survive!

  29. Hilarious! The JD lovers have spent 2 days turning the story away from the point of the post to calling anyway who supports Senator McCain a paid staffer. The Rachel Alexander entries were especially priceless. All of them, even the ones she posted under different names. Oh wait…maybe the vile and vicious JD lovers are the only ones allowed to make wild speculation about folks based on absolutely nothing but a desire to discredit anyone who does not fall in line.

    OK…for the record, I am not now nor have I ever been a paid staffer for McCain or anyone else for that matter. Small business owner, private sector 100%.

    So, back to the subject…..where are those answers?

  30. Mike S. wrote: “Travis, everyone who reads this blog has figured out you are Travis Junion. It doesn’t take a genius.”

    Everyone? “Figured out”? Because my name is Travis? If this is indicative of how you all “figure things out”, no wonder you are supporting Hayworth.

    I am not Travis Junion. And you are not a genius.

    Carlist, your constant vulgar references toward the person who you think I am is creepy. You sound like a pervert.

  31. Ann (who I am told by others is Susan Bitter Smith),

    I do not appreciate the false accusations that I have left other anonymous comments in this thread. I’m sure Shane can look at the IP addresses and determine they are different from the one I am using to post comments. Unlike you, at least I have the guts to post under my own name.

  32. What one finds interesting about Ann is her loyalties on the internet don’t seem to match up with those she espouses in her election campaigns!

    But this duplicity is quite common among G.O.P. establishment types.

    It’s refelected in the public backing of Sheriff Joe, combined with the financial backing of Phil Gordon and Don Stapely!

    So much for “Ann”!

  33. Oh Rachel, I am so sorry you do not like false accusations made in reference to your postings! But you sure do like making them. Such self-important and righteous arrogance is not shocking from an Andrew Thomas operative.

    Accuse anyone who posts pro-McCain comments of being paid staffers working on the public dole. Funny how you are so knowledgeable of such behaviors.

    I’m beginning to see a common thread…
    Rachael posts under one of her names, depending on the topic, and the others get their marching orders to follow her lead.

    How about you all answer the questions from the original post? Or, even try to explain JD’s voting record. Or his miserable service and the resulting removal of office by the greatest term limiting entity there is..the ballot box!

  34. Carlist,

    I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion I am Bitter-Smith. I am not and have very little in common with positions. Then there is the other thing…I do not live in CD5.

    Sorry to disappoint you… just a regular person. A GOP PC since the 80’s, active in my church, family comes first, and I work hard for the candidates I support. There are lots of us who do the same thing and we support Senator McCain…we are called grassroots. There is no monopoly on that.

    Enough of the name calling as a diversion and back to the subject…what about the questions raised in the original post?

  35. Ann (Susan Bitter Smith),

    I appreciate the credit for organizing everyone who comments in favor of Andrew Thomas on this blog! Wow I feel pretty powerful. Thanks, even though it’s not accurate, why not take credit for those who are defending someone who deserves it. Andy is one of the most ethical politicians I have ever met, which I know having worked for him for 5+ years, and I will continue working for him as long as I can without pay with no expectation of anything (I enjoy the private sector) because I am so sickened by those of you who have falsely smeared him. The truth will win out in the end.

  36. …………………
    Travis Says:
    June 20th, 2010 at 9:09 am
    Re #43

    Hello Dearest Wanumba:

    Hello Travis, how special to hear from you again. WE have so much in common.
    I’m not a McCain staffer.
    I’m not a paid McCain staffer.
    I’m not a taxpayer paid anything.
    I’m not who the loons on here have said I am.
    You don’t know me.

    Have a nice day, fellow free spirit. Perhaps next time, we can figure out together how we CAN get paid, with so many paid staffers lurking around, surely we can get in on that action, too?

  37. Radical American Patriot says

    Ann Says:
    June 20th, 2010 at 10:10 pm
    “There are lots of us who do the same thing and we support Senator McCain…we are called grassroots.”

    Well whoever the HECK you are, You complain about diversions; Well, Molly and you BOTH ARE PATENTLY DISHONEST!! IT is UTTER HYPOCRISY FOR YOU TO COMPLAIN ABOUT LOBBYISTS!! Just look at all of them on YOUR candidate’s staff! McCain has been bought and paid for BY SO MANY MORE THAN A TWO DOLLAR Hooker!! More people own a piece of McCain than Mohammed Ali ever had owning him!

    Those who support McCain can count as allies people like George Soros, the open borders destroy America’s sovereignty people like Dick Armey, and those who care little about the American value system.

    It seems like so many of the Objections brought up by McNasty’s supporters are extremely similar to the wannabe 2% other candidate, that I’d swear they are swapping notes! He and his wife believe I’m public enemy number #1! I have so thoroughly laid bare so many distortions, half-truths and outright lies spawned by his campaign that they could be arrested for indecent exposure!

    And NO, I’m NOT a paid staffer for JD (though I do enough work for his campaign to deserve a position!) I just moved here from Montana last August, so I had no particular bias for JD. In fact, I credit some “2% Other” supporters for all the research I performed in response their despicably false claims, for my becoming a HUGE JD fan! HE IS a True Man of integrity. Though falsely accused, threatened, denigrated and lied about by the McCain people, He has stood above the fray. His record is clearly and solidly Conservative, Consistenly so! Though I don’t agree of all his votes, he is principled and honest and votes his conscience.

  38. Ann will go away once she and McCain lose their respective primaries. Conservatives hate Bitter-Smith almost as much as they hate McCain. She even stabbed the Sheriff in the back by supporting the criminal Stapley. Which by the way even the AZ republic is starting to get.

    Then Bitter-Smith tried to convince people the Sheriff still supports her. He had to do an actual press release to set the record straight. Ann, Travis and VSB all have common traits when it come to ethics. Maybe that’s why the flock to McLame. Character counts!

  39. Alicia Gegner says

    Whoa, everybody. This sounds like a shouting match where nobody can hear anything the other guy is saying.

    Yes, it WOULD be nice if there would be a debate. If John has time to do town halls, he has time to join JD in a face to face. He can’t be afradi, can he?

  40. Roger, your inane attempts to label me as someone I am not is showing you to be a very dishonest person who will call others names, lie, distort, and do “whatever it takes”…That is the common thread between you and JD, I can see why you are so enamored of him and his style.

  41. Ann, it sounds more like you think I’m like you/Bitter-smith. Are you still saying the Sheriff supports you?

    As for JD, he has always been consistent in his message. McCain changes for the election, then changes back. I’ll bet he hasn’t even been to the border in his 28 years in office, at least not until recently.

  42. I’m not concerned about anything that registers as a lobbyist. I am more concerned by all those who don’t register and do it anyway, outside of any semblance of sunshine and transparency. We are all lobbyists, after all.

  43. Sorry Ann!

    There’s damned little “grass roots” support for McCain.

    He’s the type of individual who you either “invest” in or has you on his payroll.

  44. larry davis says

    Just a reminder for McCain taxpayer paid staff. 9 am meeting Tuesday on how to better leave comments on blogs while on the public dime.

  45. “Sorry Ann!

    There’s damned little “grass roots” support for McCain.”

    I hope JD supporters keep believing that right through August 24th…..

  46. Free Gov't Money says

    Mike S.: Why trash Travis? Are you jealous that the anti-McCain J.D. keeps rising in the polls while J.D. is again the butt of political observers not only here in Arizona, but around the country? The clearest sign that J.D. is a sinking ship is the fact that the rats are all starting to jump off.

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