Gallardo cries discrimination.

Last Thursday state representatives Russell Pearce and Steve Gallardo appeared on the Lou Dobbs show. The piece is mostly Dobbs and Gallardo. Gallardo constantly plays the race card with no examples or evidence of how the “bad written” law is discriminatory. Dobbs directly ask Gallardo how, according to a new ACLU lawsuit, the law denies due process. Gallardo does not even try to address that. Then Dobbs asks him what is discriminatory about the employers sanction bill. Gallardo repeats the charge but again fails to answer the question. Despite the fact that federal law already covers discrimination Gallardo seems to want federal law repeated in HB 2779. Dobbs calls his bluff, saying his race baiting has not place in the discussion.

BTW: Gallardo is minority, not majority, whip. The middle of the tape has poor audio quality so it is not your computer.


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