Gabrielle Giffords, the Extreme Candidate.

Border.jpg      The Minuteman PAC has been running ads in the CD 8 general race for a week or two. Now they have put their ads on the internet. Turns out that Gabby is the extreme candidate, extremely liberal. 

     What was Gabby’s response? Did she run out there to discuss the issue or run a counter ad? No, she calls out the lawyers and tries to get the ads removed. Nice work Gabby, sick your lawyers on people who disagree with your liberal positions instead of discussing your position on the border. 

     If you would like to make an “investment” in the sovereignty of your nation the PAC is accepting donations. 

Friday 10-6-06, 10:55 pm

Here is Gabby’s new “tough enforcement” ad

Wasn’t this Steve Huffman’s strategy, demagogue your opponent for his firm stand on securing the border and then try to steal the issue after polling shows that the electorate wants the border secured.


  1. The ad you link to very clearly and concisely states positions Giffords has held as part of her comprehensive border plan for months. It is the “minutemen” who are engaging in demagoguery and outright lies with their ad campaign against her.

    Fortunately, I am pretty confident that most objective observers see through their lies and also know that they advocate positions that are unworkable and costly. Anyone who disagrees with them is castigated as being in favor of illegal immigration and even Bush has the good sense to distance himself from their polarizing rhetoric and hare-brained schemes.

    Certainly, they are no kin to the original Minutemen of colonial times/ Those brave people took on a tyrannical despot and the most powerful military in the world at the risk of the loss of their lives, property and sacred honor. These “minutemen” spout xenophobic cant and employ fear-mongering tactics instead of engaging in thoughtful debate about this complex issue.

    Graf’s association with these “minutemen” tells me all I need to know about his lack of seriousness and maturity when it comes to taking on this issue, the supposed centerpiece of his campaign. Huffman’s folly was in trying to ape Graf when he should have known better. The “flashlight” ad was one of the worst I’ve ever seen!

  2. Oro Valley Dad says


    You said it, “positions Giffords has held … for months.” She stepped onto Randy’s turf on this issue and he has been out in front of this for years while Gabby suddenly came up with a “plan” as soon as she looked at the poll numbers. She is extremely late to this issue.

    There you go again with the demagoguery. Calling someone who wants to secure the international border against drug traffickers, human smugglers, and possible terrorists “xenophobic.” The proper term is patriotic.

  3. Everyone wants to secure the border, OV Dad. Your rhetoric (and that of the “minutemen”) infers that anyone who questions your methods for doing so is unpatriotic.

    Part of the strategy employed by the “minutemen” is to scare people about foreigners, which is xenophobia defined. This is likely why one of their apologists, David Jorgenson, made the outrageous statement in a recent LD26 forum that 50% of illegal entrants are drug dealers!

    If you fan the flames of fear, people will be more likely to see your unrealistic and impractical border proposals as plausible, rather than looking at a comprehensive and sensible plan that discusses securing the border, addresses the issue of employers who hire illegals and suggests a viable guest worker plan that takes into account economic realities on BOTH sides of the border.

    Giffords’ plan is reasonable and comprehensive and Graf chooses to align himself with people whose plans his own president has characterized as unworkable.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says

    How dare the Minuteman scare people about drug dealers crossing into the U.S. from a foreign country. Don’t they realize that it’s our fault there are drug dealers and human smugglers who leave women in the desert to die after raping them and robbing them. Rex I suppose you want us to start therapy classes for these people as we leave the border wide open so we can all just live in peace and harmony.

    Not everyone wants to secure the border. All sorts of people say it can’t be done. How come we can guard the border in Korea and were able to secure the European border against Communism for decades yet now cannot defend our own border? We can certainly secure our own border, if we had the political will. I know a wall would not work along some parts of the border but it would be a good idea along large parts of the border, a big thick one like the Berlin Wall.

    I know Gabby now says she wants to secure the border but where was she during Prop 200? She was against it ergo she supports welfare and other public services for people here illegally. Most of the voters disagreed with her position and now she has done a 180 because she will say anything to win. Very DLC, very Clinton.

    OK Rex what percentage of people crossing the border are drug traffickers? Only 35% or 21% or 17%? I feel so much safer knowing that it is less than 50%. Does that make you feel safer? Are you a lot happier that only some of the people crossing the border illegally are drug traffickers who are destroying the fragile eco systems in that part of the state? I bet it makes most people feel much safer to know that it is less than 50%.

  5. OV Dad, your last post is indicative of what I have been talking about all along. If you are content to engage in hyperbole and hysterics instead of dealing with the issue of illegal immigration and border security seriously and comprehensively, then by all means vote for Graf. He is full of the tough talk that gets your blood pumping.

    He is also full of something else, however, because his plans won’t work. George Bush knows that. John McCain (Randy’s new pal) knows that. Virtually everyone else in leadership in this state knows that. Randy’s proposals would detract attention from focusing on people crosing the border who mean us harm. Jorgenson’s lie about 50% of the illegals being drug dealers trivializes the legitimate goal of interdicting drugs at the border.

    All of the macho jive emanating from Graf, Jorgenson and Al Melvin soothes and placates your base, but most voters see through the hype and are also insulted by politicians who pose simplistic solutions to complex problems. Lucky for all of us, it looks like Randy and Co. will have more time to string barbed wire across the desert after November 7th.

  6. Gabrielle Giffords’ “path to citizenship” proposal for illegals is a scam

    Gabrielle Giffords is a stealth liberal candidate, and if allowed to be elected, she will march in lock step with liberals Clinton, Kennedy, Schumer, Pelosi, et al.

    Gabrielle Giffords’ proposal to offer a “path to citizenship for illegal aliens” is completely unworkable and she knows it. Such a deliberate attempt to hoodwink the public is the hallmark of the stealth liberal candidate masquerading as a moderate.

    Look at her proposal. She states that illegal workers should be allowed to become citizens if they merely pay back taxes and learn English. Really? And how many illegal workers keep verifiable records of their employment income? And what employer of illegal workers is going to provide such verification? And who is going to research these records and in what time frame?

    There is simply no reliable way to verify the income of illegal workers. What is to keep an illegal worker from reporting no taxable income? What is to keep an illegal worker from reporting just enough income to qualify for earned income credit? Will the illegal worker now get social security benefits and a check for earned income credit, based on past illegal employment, all in exchange for applying for citizenship? Hmmm, sounds like amnesty to me!

    Currently, it takes a minimum of ten years and many thousands of dollars to achieve citizenship for applicants who follow the law. The very idea that an estimated 12 to 20 million illegal aliens could be processed for citizenship by an already over taxed immigration bureaucracy is simply ludicrous.

    It is simply unreasonable to expect that such a plan could ever be enacted. Gabrielle Giffords knows that this plan is unworkable, as its deficiencies were discussed at length last Spring in the US House of Representatives.

    Gabrielle Giffords knows that if she told you that she favors total amnesty for illegal aliens that you probably wouldn’t vote for her. So she resurrected this flawed plan that was thoroughly discredited last Spring in Congress and hopes that you won’t notice.

    The fact that Gabrielle Giffords would attempt to scam the public with such an unworkable plan for dealing with illegal immigration shows that she is unworthy of your vote.

    The fact that Gabrielle Giffords proposes to give citizenship to individuals who have evaded US immigration and tax laws without penalty, while an American citizen or employer who is guilty of income tax evasion faces strict penalties, shows what is on Gabreille Giffords’ mind: Amnesty for illegals.

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