Funding Abortion Providers: Prop 204’s Unintended Consequences

Center for Arizona Policy and Arizona Right to Life announced opposition to Proposition 204 today due to vague and ill-defined language contained in the proposition that could allow up to $100 million of taxpayer dollars to be given to abortion providers annually.

While the proposition has been billed as an education measure, it creates a $100 million slush fund that a governor could allocate for “family stability” and “basic needs” that “lead to family stability”. These terms are not clearly defined in the proposition, leaving the door open for chief executives to use this section to funnel monies to abortion providers.

“Center for Arizona Policy typically does not get involved in tax policy. In 2010, we were neutral on the temporary one-cent sales tax. But after our legal analysis, we found that Prop 204’s vague language could be abused by future governors to subsidize an industry that ends the lives of preborn children and hurts thousands of women every day,” said Cathi Herrod, President of Center for Arizona Policy.

Herrod released an online advertisement explaining her opposition to Prop 204 today.

“Voters are getting more than they bargained for under Prop 204,” said Erik Twist, board chairman of Arizona Right to Life. “This is truly a Trojan horse. What’s being sold as an education proposal is actually a $1 billion permanent sales tax increase that could be used to finance abortion providers under the guise of funding “basic needs.”

Under section 41-113 in Prop 204, a “Family-stability and self-sufficiency fund” is created, which according to section 42-5029.02, is appropriated $100 million every year. Besides the fact that this section has nothing to do with putting more money into Arizona classrooms, the obscure language in 41-113 could be exploited by a pro-abortion Governor.

Read the ballot language here.

For more information, contact Aaron Baer, 602.424.2525, go to, or

Center for Arizona Policy promotes and defends the foundational values of life, marriage and family, and, religious liberty.

Arizona Right to Life is the state’s oldest, largest and strongest pro-life organization, committed to preserving, protecting and promoting the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.


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  1. Conservative American says

    Obama Administration Sues Arizona
    by Karla Dial

    A hearing took place today in federal district court in Arizona over a new state law defunding Planned Parenthood. The Obama administration is seeking to block the law before it can take effect.

    The Whole Woman’s Healthcare Funding Prioritization Act, signed by Gov. Jan Brewer in May, redirects state family planning funds from abortion businesses to groups that provide comprehensive health care for women.

    Planned Parenthood immediately filed a lawsuit to block the law, and has been joined by the U.S. Department of Justice. Arizona is the third state to be sued by the Obama administration for defunding Planned Parenthood, joining Indiana and Texas.

    “While Planned Parenthood spends millions to re-elect President Obama and even sends its president, Cecile Richards, to campaign in Iowa this week, the Obama administration once again is stepping in to protect the bottom line of its top political ally and the nation’s largest abortion provider,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, which co-authored the legislation along with the Alliance Defending Freedom.

    “Despite continued scandals including allegations of the waste, abuse and potential fraud of millions of taxpayer dollars, President Obama has refused to allow a single tax dollar to be cut from Planned Parenthood at the federal level,” she added. “When the states take matters into their own hands to protect taxpayers from the abortion industry, Obama’s administration promptly intervenes on the abortion businesses’ behalf.”

    Last year, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Texas’ law could be enforced. Since then, the Obama administration has withheld federal Medicaid dollars from the state until it agrees to restore Planned Parenthood’s funding. The case is again making its way through the federal court system, as is Indiana’s.

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