Friday Poll: Whose your pick for Tucson Mayor?

This Friday’s poll will focus on the race for Mayor of Tucson.

Tucson is a tough municipality to get elected as a conservative. The current mayor, Bob Walkup – a Republican, was elected in 1999 and won re-election twice. He will not be seeking a second term.

This leaves the field to four candidates: Shaun McClusky, Jonathan Rothschild, Ron Asta and Marshall Home. Two other candidates, Jon McLane, a Green Party candidate, withdrew and threw his support behind Republican Shaun McClusky. Another candidate, Thomas Lombardi, a Democrat also withdrew from the race.

As we go to post this poll, we have some questions regarding the credibility of Marshall Home as a candidate. If anyone knows whether Mr. Home is still in the race or is not qualified to run, please let us know.

(The poll will remain open until next Friday and will limit repeat voting.)


  1. Shelby Hawkins says

    Shaun McClusky is a business leader, a man who knows the politics of this community and knows how to get things done. He understands what the meaning is to being a public servant and its not what these other guys know or do.

    Shaun can help bring jobs to our community, trim the budget and restore trust in the city government. Shaun knows we are over loaded at the top, while the worker bees at the bottom are over loaded with work. Any city government worker would be nuts to vote for another one else other than Shaun, he knows how to make things fair!!

  2. Typically, the correct question would be “Who’s your pick for Tucson Mayor?” Not “whose”.

  3. I know all the candidates fairly well. And, without a doubt Shaun is the best choice. But, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. I am certain Mr. McCLusky will impress you as he has me.

  4. Jeannie Delfakis-Benavente says

    Jonathan Rothschild’s credentials make him the best candidate. As a third generation Tucson citizen, a businessman, experienced manager/leader, attorney and family man, he is educated and well-balanced. A mayor (or any politician) cannot and should not be a random entrepenuer from another town subject to impulsive or subjective decisionmaking. The town Mayor must be able to make deliberate decisions that make good sense for the city. A simple review of the candidates’ biographies will clarify the facts. Jonathan Rothschild is qualified to serve as Tucson’s Mayor.

  5. Jeannie Delfakis-Benavente says

    @ Tyler M – Do not get upset – “uer” was just a typo.

  6. Carl Hay says

    Well, Jeanie Delfakis-Benavente, you really should learn at least a little about Tucson so that you would understand Tucson is a “City,” not a “town.”

    I’ve to to admit that your spiel for Rothschild was a good example of random, inane (or is it insane), impulsive gibberish emenating from a subjective source, combined with a dash of ignorance. It reminded me of the old communish chinese rants about “running dogs.” In short, it was so absurd, it was hilarious.

    • Jeannie Delfakis-Benavente says

      Our family has been in this town since 1974. That’s a long time mister. . . and the Rothschild family has been here much longer than that. J.R. knows this town, city, place, village, desert, territory – however you prefer to refer to Tucson. The key to convincing the public is not in insulting Rothschild supporters, but in proposing good reasons to vote for whomever you support.

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