Friday Poll: Who should run for CD-6?

This week’s Friday poll is now up! (See the right sidebar)

This week we are polling on the race to replace Jeff Flake in Congressional District 6. On the list of candidates are a handful of legislators, prior candidates and local mayors.

Voting will go on for one week until next Friday’s poll.

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  1. I am Number Four says

    Technically, you do not know if it will be CD-6. The district maps are about to change and so are the CD #’s

  2. Where is Jay Tibshraeny? After 8 years in the senate, 10+ years as mayor/councilmen – he has to be in the mix.

  3. Tibshraeny – Added

  4. Oberserve says

    Can you add “other”?

    Maybe it’s just that I’m getting older, but it seems like the quality of candidates keeps going down.

  5. You need to add Corporation Commission Chairman Gary Pierce.

  6. Factoid: Should any sitting elected official decide to announce for this seat prior to December 31, 2011, they will be required to resign their position in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes 38-296

  7. In that case, I hope all RINOs decide to run right now.

  8. Big Minds says

    I attribute all of the zero and low vote counts to Chuck Gray’s “warning” to all who are considering running:

    “I’m expecting others will jump into the race,” Gray said. “I’m also expecting that they will think twice about running against me.”

    I think I wet myself when I read that (and not out of fear).

  9. WhiteKnight says

    LOL at the above comment about Chuck Gray! Sorry man, but you aren’t as hot stuff as you’d like to think! What a loser.

  10. I’m surprised I have not heard any women’s names mentioned.

  11. Higley Patriot says

    There are far too many people on this list. Perhaps trim it down to the five most creditable candidates. Adams, Killian, Smith, Crandall and Pearce. I myself am a huge Scott Smith fan.

    The rest of this list are light weights when it comes to the east valley.

    Don’t count out names like Cardon, Barney, and Coons.

  12. Colleen Hicks says

    Gilbert Mayor John Lewis is the perfect person to replace Jeff Flake. We would finally have someone in office who truly cares about us and what is best for our families!

  13. My take on the Congressional race(s) is this: Russell Pearce will not run; nor will most of the others mentioned. It will end up being between Kirk Adams and Gary Pierce. Both have access to money, are conservative and acceptable to the middle as well as to the right. If redistricting works to his advantage, Chuck Gray might end up in the new district and face Paul Babeau. John Lewis will stay mayor in Gilbert; Jay Tibshraeny will stay mayor of Chandler; Scott Smith will run for governor.

  14. I vote for Mayor John Lewis. I know this man personally and he has the highest integrity and is a man of his word. I would vote for him any day!!!

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