Friday Poll: Who should replace Jon Kyl?

Sonoran Alliance is now running a weekly feature we will call Friday Poll.

This Friday’s poll will revisit the US Senate Primary here in Arizona. Since our last poll, we’ve discovered that several of the potential GOP candidates have indicated they are not interested in running. We’ve gone back over the field of serious and potential candidates and have distilled them down to the latest list.

Voting will start immediately and will end tomorrow at midnight. IP addresses are tracked which prevents multiple votes coming from the same IP address.

Please spread the word about this week’s Friday poll and get your friends to vote today and tomorrow.

Here’s this week’s Friday Poll:

Next week, we will look at a congressional race.


  1. I see Jeff Flake is the hands down favorite so far. Keep in mind that for all the things I may like about Jeff Flake he is an absolute no-go because of his stance on immigration. For 8 years Bush refused to enforce immigration laws on moral grounds. We do not need another Bush, we need immigration enforcement and all incentives removed NOW.

  2. AZ House Member says

    Come on! If you are going to list Corporation Commissioners, flatter us rank-and-file state legislators as well.

  3. Yay another post where the flake lovers and haters can post what a waste of time

  4. Franks + Hayworth + Pearce = 45%

    Flake + Munger + Symington + Salmon = 40%

    Conservatives outnumber RINOs.

  5. True North Conservative says

    @Pima Paul, Good assessment. The math doesn’t look good for Flake. If Franks enters the race and Hayworth does not, JD’s people will go to Franks. (They were never with Flake.) Pearce’s people too. This gives Franks the mathematical edge over Flake. Some of Salmon’s people will go to Flake but why didn’t they go to Flake in the first place? This race is winnable by Trent Franks. His conservative record is much better than Flake whose Achilles heal is is record on immigration. What’s he gonna do? Get Paul Babeu to do an ad for him about the danged fence?

  6. Another LD20 PC says

    Why did you do the poll this weekend. This is the first time I have been at my computer since Thursday of last week, the Tea Party Patriots summit was in town and we were very busy.

    JD showed up at the Summit on Saturday night he was late in arriving he had guests in town, but there were many many waiting there for him till the doors opened for the guest speakers, and they had to go into the hall.

    Flake was there on Friday, and we made sure to tell Hugh Hewitt Flake had no Tea Party support. In fact the Arizona contingent was pretty mad he dared to show at all.

  7. But, didn’t Flake previously state that he was the tea party candidate?

    He’s dilusional.

  8. I’m curious Pima Paul, are you married / related to Pima Pam?

    I think you had a Bushism and may be resorting to “fuzzy math.”

    That being said, let’s entertain your logic.

    First, you’re “conservative” math is a little off. Franks + Hayworth + Pearce is actually 46.64%. (But maybe you were just giving the RINOs a head start).

    Moving along. Salmon + Flake + Munger + Symington = 39.93% (I’m sure the RINOs appreciate you rounding up). But let’s also add Gary Pierce to the equation, and we come up with 43.62% (RINOs still losing).

    What do you suggest we do with that pesky 3.69% that just can’t make their mind up? Well, this is my math problem, so I would like to assume that these individuals fall into the “normal people in Arizona category”, which by default goes to Flake, but for sake of argument let’s split the difference between the two camps. Sounds fair…

    Re-calculating the numbers, it looks like the RINOs have 44.80% and the “real conservatives” end up with 49.16%.

    Shoot. Looks like Flake is toast!

    However, I think we are forgetting the all-powerful “better-looking candidate” percentage boost wild card. The better-looking male candidate has won every major presidential election in modern time (well, maybe with the exception of the Carter v. Ford race), and I have to think that’s good for a 5% point boost in this race.

    Guess what? Flake and the RINOs win! 49.80% to 49.16%.

    Man, that was close!

    And when it comes to the Tea Party…it’s okay if Flake isn’t the favorite. Turns out just 32% of Tea Party actually wins:

    (Just playing with you PP. Not mocking you, but your premise — and True North Conservatives follow-up logic – are ridiculous).

  9. Tom Dodson says

    I wanted to vote for JD , Darn it. Poll Closed.

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