Friday Poll: Which Republican should run for CD-2?

This week’s Friday Poll is now up and we’re asking which Republican should run for CD-2 should Congressman Trent Franks enter the race for US Senate?

We’ve ruled out a number of potential candidates who we know have not shown any interest but we’re allowing “Other” to be an option in the poll.

Again, the poll will be open one week and repeat voting is blocked in an attempt to make the poll more accurate.

Cast your vote!


  1. State Rep. Jack Harper says

    Thank you for not including my name, Shane. I have endorsed Ron Gould, under the conditions that Trent Franks runs for the US Senate and the Congressional District maps stay similar.

  2. Sure thing Senator Harper. I already know you have other plans in mind 🙂

  3. Lou Cinnation says

    Based on what I read about Gould’s comments about his colleagues, I see him demonstrating that while being conservative is important, it is probably less important than being a person.

    • Lou Cinnation says

      I recall Gould said that a few of his fellow Republicans who didn’t vote his way on a handful of bills had be bought off by business interests like the Chamber of Commerce. Well whoopee for him to purport to have precise knowledge of why his bills failed. When you publicly accuse someone of a crime, you ought to do so responsibly, that’s what a normal person would do, legislator or not. Oh, and Gould is the leader of the ethics committee, right?

    • Radical American Patriot says

      Perhaps, ‘Lou Cinnation’ you are given to too many ‘hallucinations’. Well you are acting like the typical liberal, who can’t tell the truth to save his life, or at least the life of their ‘statist’ legislation. Like Bob Harris you just can’t stand the thought of a highly principled, fiscally conservative man in the legislature. So you simply stoop to sleazy attacks with no basis in fact! Tch, tch! You’re a better man than that, aren’t you?

  4. Lou,
    Your comments don’t make any sense. Sen. Gould is conservative AND a good person. He is frustrated by people to get elected and then back down when they get a little pressure. We need politicians we can trust to vote the way they say they will when they are running for office.

  5. Elmer Bringleson says

    Why did you not add the names of Scott vinegars, representative jack Harper and the skull valley lady? And what about Sidney Hay isn’t her husband Franks district director. Third time could be a charm

  6. TruthSquard says

    Waring doesn’t live in CD2 – he’s a failed candidate from the last go around in CD-1 – if his own district didn’t want him, why pull a ‘Rick Renzi and carpet bag?

    • GOP Angler says

      Waring ran in CD-3 the last go around, not CD-1. With redistricting Waring could possibly be in the same district, but we will not know until later this year once the IRC and Justice Department approve the new districts. Given that he is lost the last race to Quayle, short of a district redrawing that writes Quayle out, and all of the current LD-7 in, along with parts of LD-6, it would not be feasible for Waring to run, and his running for Phoenix City Council negate this likelihood. The question would any of the other contenders like Steve Moak try again if Quayle were some how in a different district. I would look toward Gould and Stump to run, just like I could see Gary Pierce and Russel Pearce or Kirk Adams running in CD-6 or the new CD, since we have two open seats, just no idea where they will be drawn. Although you are correct there is no prohibition for running outside your district, so anybody could run anywhere like Sidney Hay’s running for CD-1 in Northern Arizona but living in North Scottsdale.

      The issue that most people cannot conceptualize with redistricting is that adding a new district and the new census data is mercurial, and it will force all the districts to change around, so we can discuss and discuss but we do not know if a new district will hook around South Mountain to include Pinal and Buckeye, or if it will be Pinal or in the west valley or an amalgamation of several districts. Since so many things are in flux, especially if Franks goes for Senate, then it really will get crazy since seats would be opening up for three districts and two AZ Corp Comm positions (Kennedy/Newman), plus if Stump or Pierce or both run Republicans have a lot of territory to both maintain, acquire, and defend.

  7. Bob Harris says

    Gould? You are talking about a man who is a Libertarian but will not admit it. He does not believe in public education (he has home schooled his own children) and is a shining example of Christian Ultra Right conservatism. Is that really what we want???

    • Actually, that is REALLY what I want!

    • Yea that is what we want. Wish more were like that.

    • Suprise PC says

      I didn’t realize that about Senator Gould……yes I want that too! Gould in ’12!

    • Sam Gerard says

      Bob Harris, Do you have ANY clue about WHAT a libertarian is? Obviously by describing Ron Gould as such, you don’t.

      Ron Gould is a Constitutional Conservative, NOT a Libertarian. Libertarian policy is in either of two veins. First they are moral, or rather Immoral libertarians. They support gay marriage, pot smoking and legalizing all drugs and keeping ALL Christian religion out of the public square. Ron is certainly not that!

      Second, there are ‘Economic’ Libertarians, who pursue no limitations on trade or economic activity, even to the detriment our our own country’s well-being. Like Jeff Flake they pursue an ‘economic free-for-all, including open borders, unlimited immigration to our country and a truly globalist agenda. None of this characterizes Senator Gould.

      If you want to understand the Libertarian Party ideology, just review their own Party Platform approved by them last May. Here’s the link: http”//

      Even in the Preamble, it is clear that they suppor a global, not national, outlook in their philosophy. This does not characterize Ron’s stance in the least!

    • Radical American Patriot says

      Bob, did you know that our Founders & colonists for the most part home-schooled their children? I guarantee you that there was no ‘bullying’ then! Furthermore, in the Communist Manifesto, the 10th and final point of the ‘platform’ was public education!!

      Further Marx, who was commissioned to write the ‘manifesto’ along with Engels, wrote that they wanted to abolish home-schooling and the family structure. They ‘claimed’ the family unit was an expression of ‘bourgeious’ oppression of women and children. Oh yes, three other things the Communists wanted to abolish: Eternal values (absolutes), Religion and Morality. Just like the real Libertarians.

      Maybe you should read the Declaration of Independence, where Jefferson writes: “…we hold these truths self-evident, that all men… are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness.” Now this list is not exclusive. And it is clear that the government, does NOT give us any rights!

      So the right to educate our children is a God-given right, And you tread on dangerous ground to attack any person who is a Christian. Further you line yourself up with the utterly immoral atheists and statists that tell us our rights come from the ‘state’. (Government, for those in Rio Linda, and wherever Bob is from! LOL) when you attack Christians and anyone who choose to home-school!

  8. Yes, that is really what we want.

  9. GOP BoomerGal says

    Stop raiding the ACC….we NEED good people there if we want affordable energy!!

  10. Bob Harris says
    • Sam Gerard says

      Bob, You must really love the unlimited (ab)use of judicial fiat! There is nothing wrong with reining in the power of the Courts. They abuse and misuse their ‘discretion’ (or lack thereof) repeatedly, both at the Federal as well as state level. Just look at the latest ruling on gay marriage in California!

  11. GOP Angler, you sound very knowledgable and have a strategic view of this potential race, just like a consultant. What happened to the old days when a candidate decided he had something to offer and prepared to run, not based on who else is in the race, but based on his confidence in bringing something to the table? I know the whole redistricting thing will be very complicated, but it would be refreshing to see a candidate that said, Im running, no matter what district my home ends up in. To me – thats the John Wayne way to do it, but I guess those types of men are no longer in AZ.
    Also, I guess a consultant cant get a $5 k check to do a feasability poll if they dont know what district the candidate will be running in.

  12. What is up with Buster getting 25 votes? He instituted a dress code for supervisors meetings and had someone arrested for wearing a hat. Is that the kind of Congressman we want?

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