Friday Poll: The Race for Arizona’s CD-1

We’re still in the early stages of the 2014 mid-term election and that means that individuals are starting to prepare to become candidates in campaigns for Congress.

With Ann Kirkpatrick in trouble in Arizona’s 1st Congressional district, we’re asking our readers to weigh in on who they best think would win back the district for Republicans.

Some of these names are confirmed but others are speculation or wishful thinking. Here’s your chance to vote:


  1. Ditat Deus says:

    Pavlich is only wishful thinking. No chance of her running.
    Gary Pierce and Andy Tobin don’t even live close to CD-1.

  2. Ditat Deus says:

    Pavlich is just wishful thinking. No chance she runs.
    Gary Pierce and Andy Tobin don’t even live close to CD-1.

  3. Karen Mackean says:

    How exactly is Kirkpatrick in trouble? Haven’t heard a thing… Very interested to know!!!

    I live in Show low … Donv know Adam but from the pole everyone else seems to.

    Also Gaither is a terrific candidate … Very skilled conservative and can carry the Reservations in CD-1 . Should be interesting year to come… But my hope is we have a small group… Actually one candidate so money and time are not wasted in the primary! We must get this district back into the “R” column..

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