Friday Poll: GOP Presidential Picks

It’s mid May, 2011 and we thought it would be a good time to take the temperature of the GOP Presidential Primary race again. This time, there are officially announced candidates as well as a few who have officially bowed out.

The poll will remain open until next Friday so be sure to share it with your friends online!

To add a little wackiness to the poll, here’s a little graphic we thought we’d include.


  1. Elmer Bringleson says

    I like Senator Rick Santorum from PA. I saw one of his umpire stcker’s yesterday that said: “Santorum … A frothy mix for America”. Not shrewish the slogan means but it’s all good. Second choice is Ron Paul from TX and third choice Jebb Bush from Florida.

  2. Oberserve says

    Where did you dredge up that ridiculous graphic. Whatever you may think of Ron Paul, he’s been a Republican longer than you have and a 12 term sitting Republican to boot. To suggest he’d run with a Dem is absurd, ignorant and just plain nasty.

    John McCain would (Lieberman). Paul not.

  3. That stcker perfectly captures the essence of Ron Paul.

  4. Maybe this will help. Paul and Kucinich actually agree on a number of things in particular, the war on terrorism.
    Dennis Kucinich & Ron Paul

    • Oberserve says

      Do you mean the constitution which says that Congress, not the President has to declare war?

      Maybe you should read what he actually says? Posting half-truths is dishonest.

    • Clark_kent says

      What is the point of this ? Ron Paul is a man of character and of clear conservative voting record.

  5. Love it! They are both wacky.

  6. Carl Hay says

    Why not have a poll of erstwhile candidates who are unacceptable to real Republicans?

    Huntsman could probably win that poll.

  7. Why do the constitution and it’s most ardent supporter (Ron Paul) warrant these attempts at marginalizing by the Sonoran Alliance. Does the Sonoran Alliance prefer the establishment GOP hacks that got our country into this mess. God Bless Ron Paul! Maybe the Sonoran Alliance should research maybe why Ron Paul received more campaign contributions by members of the military that all other GOP candidates in ’08 COMBINED! I’ll trust their collective opinion of SA’s any day! Nice attempt to smear Ron Paul though!.. albeit didn’t fool me. If congress had voted they way of Ron Paul all of these years we would have had ZERO fricken debt! And you RIDICULE the one man that champions sanity and has the guts to go against the rest of the GOP lapdogs who grew the fed govt and began getting us into the present dire mess that we’re in. Unreal!!

  8. We have to want our freedom, and our republican form of government, MORE than an empire across the globe and a national security state at home! We can take the steps necessary to fix what ills America, but we have to have fundamental principles; individual liberty and a sound, Constitutional rule of law! The US federal govt today sees no limits to its authority- we have to get it back into its Constitutional box. Thus we need a leader with the courage and the will to demand limited government, and the only man I see with such a resume is Dr. Ron Paul!

  9. Well, it’s a good living being a perpetual POTUS candidate if you can get enough people to pay your expenses and travel.

  10. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. “The wrong Paul is running for President.” Why can’t Ron get out of the way and make way for his son Rand? Rand would generate excitement, not come off as some wacked out angry old man and still have many of the same policies of his dad. It would be a win-win!

  11. Clark_kent says

    Sonoran Alliance ..are you the hacks that dictate the local GOP and shut down committee elections in districts when your neo-conservative chairmen begin to lose the elections? HMM. Maybe you are the same goons who print up sheets of blacklists of everyone in the GOP who is not a mccain camp when its time to vote for delegates as well?

  12. Just do your own independent research of everything Ron Paul says and I bet you will see he tells the truth.

    How credible are all of your claims about Ron Paul if you only pay attention to the same news corporations… how do you develop your own perspective?

    I think maybe you forget this isn’t entertainment tonight… this is the real world and it hurts right now for those not in charge

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