FreedomWorks Releases “Hand Picked by Obama” Ad Against Richard Carmona


  1. CA, this looks like 2008 all over again. We had a great candidate in Wil Cardin, but the McLiars money all went on flake so he could have another “Friend” in the Senate. But it is the base who does not want Flake, like we did not want McCain. We have seen for years what Flake has done and how he betrayed “THE CONSERVATIVE BASE” for his support by McCain. McFlake lied to us and dissed the Tea Party trying to stay in the good graces of McCain and the Libs in congress.

    I left it blank, I could not bring myself to vote Democrat, but neither could I vote McFlake. FreedomWorks, is another reason I will not vote flake, they are not a Tea Party and your leaders support Amnesty.

  2. Predicition:

    Flake: 56
    Carmona 43

  3. I’ve had enough of the ‘lessor’ myself, AND also enough of passive (no vote) protests. This race is cut and dry. The GOP party loyal (primary voters) removed illegal immigration from the race for this Senate seat by blasting Wil Cardon from the water to put up Jeff “Strive Act” Flake.

    My vote for Richard Carmona is against those party loyal and the direction of the Arizona Republican party in general. Defeating Flake in the general will not only send a message to those frolicking facists in the McCain Club, it will send a message to Mitt Romney and the RNC: Arizona has NOT backed down on illegal immigration.

    It has already been reported in the media that Wil Cardon’s campaign bolstered “negatives” about Jeff Flake. In fact, the pimple poppers who host EIGHT’s Cronkite News, in looking at close polling numbers in this race, remarked “many Arizonan’s don’t like Jeff Flake.” A Carmona victory, which will be analyzed to death, will re-invigorate the message of Cardon’s campaign:

    1. Arizona is SICK of amnesty-peddling RINOs
    2. Arizona is SICK of business as usual: pretend border security
    and pretend interior enforcement of immigration laws

    Is Arizona still the “toughest state” on illegal immigration? If we expect the presumed “Romney administration” to reverse the trend of the LAST TWELVE YEARS, we had better act like it.

  4. Ray Harris says

    Zoo and Conservative American,

    While immigration may by your top issue, it is not the top issue among the voters in this State. This type of narrowed ideology and the median of your message will never be successful, anywhere. As long as you continue with this approach and put up candidates like Russell Pearce to further this type extremism as an agenda, you will be met with defeat each and every time.

    • Cheers Ray! Did you just move to Arizona or are you just out for an evening troll? “Extremism?” Is Feathered Bastard shut down for repairs?

      In 2004, Arizona voters approved by 56 percent Proposition 200 to require proof of citizenship in order to register to vote.

      In 2006, 71.4 percent of state voters approved Proposition 300 to ban illegals from any state funded social service and from in-state tuition or financial aid for college.

      In 2006, 77.9 percent of Arizona voters also passed Proposition 100 which prohibits bail for illegals in serious felony cases.

      In 2008, 59.2 percent of state voters passed Proposition 202, a mandatory E-Verify law requiring Arizona employers to verify, using a federal database, that applicants for employment had Social Security numbers that matched their names.

      In 2010, the Republican party grabbed a “super majority” in both state houses eight months after passing SB 1070. Russell Pearce’s legislation was tested all the way to United States Supreme Court, and the core, a strong deterrant, survived judicial scrutiny.

      Gee – I hate amateur night.

  5. Spiked Flails says

    I hate the liberal McCainiacs like the rest of the conservatives, but for once, I think if we win the battle we may lose the war. If we’re going to get rid of Obamacare, the Republicans have to flip the Senate. If we don’t flip the Senate, not only can we rest assured that we’ll be stuck w/ Obamacare for another two years, but if Romney gets into office, his agenda will be stalled in the Senate, and if he gets any Supreme Court nominees, they’ll have to be liberals to get past the Democrats in the Senate (can anyone really see Romney appointing a conservative anyway? The Rs have the WORST record for ensuring conservatives get onto the S. Ct. bench). If Flake loses, we’ve gotta pick up the slack elsewhere. Has anyone seen any projections about the Senate races? Will Republicans gain any seats? By a margin where we can afford to toss out the McCain flunky McFlake? I know we can’t trust a word McFlake says, but Carmona says he supports Obamacare and McFlake is trying to contrast himself by saying he opposes it.

    Again, just a little worried we might be winning one battle only to lose the war. I just want to have the long-view and not be myopic.

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