FreedomWorks Key in Jeff Flake Victory for U.S. Senate!

Outcome of Senate election in Arizona proof that grassroots campaigns are critical to winning elections.

MESA, AZ – Congressman Jeff Flake will become Arizona’s 11th U.S. Senator after defeating former US Surgeon General Richard Carmona. After months of polling that showed Flake trailing in the race to fill outgoing Senator Kyl’s seat, momentum began to swing toward Flake in the closing weeks. As early ballots were returned Richard Carmona held an early 1.5% (2500 votes) lead on Jeff Flake. The overall results changed on Election Day when Flake closed the gap beating, Carmona at the polls by 10,000 votes. This shift, due in part of a larger than normal election day turnout, accounted for a net 9% gain on Election Day for Flake. Hundreds of thousands of provisional ballots statewide have yet to be counted which should only add to this lead.

Despite what many political pundits predicted, Romney did not carry Flake’s victory. Nearly 100,000 votes for Romney did not go to Flake. While Romney’s Election Day percentages dropped from early return ratios, Flake’s increased by double digits.

“Given the news that Jeff Flake has been elected our Senator, it’s impossible not to recognize the efforts of our organization and our volunteers,” said Freedomworks Field Director Stephen Viramontes. “After opening our office in Mesa right as early balloting began in October, we were able to produce and deploy the largest grassroots army this State has ever seen.”

As can be seen from the raw numbers, grassroots wins elections! In just a short 5 weeks, the accomplishments for Flake were tremendous along with support from various organizations.

  • 389,000 phone calls to voters
  • 193,070 doors knocked with placed literature
  • 11,026 signs placed
  • 102 completed precinct walks
  • 2,309 volunteer hours

FreedomWorks is the nation’s largest Conservative grassroots political organization. Its focus and purpose is to help Conservatives get elected all across the country. This was the first cycle in which FreedomWorks had a grassroots presence in Arizona. With results such as these and a solid coalition built, it is likely to continue to focus efforts on future races in Arizona.




  1. LEO IN TSN says

    We can certainly acknowledge that McFreedomworks, assisted by the legions of LDS and COC zombies, assassinated the campaign of conservative patriot Wil Cardon.with a typical McAmnesty hi-dollar blanket of lies. Now AZ has another mcliberal going to DC on our dime.

    For this they are trumpeting victory? Well, AZ, we’ll see if we can sing along when our borders are erased and illegals are stealing American jobs, gutting American education, bankrupting the American economy. How loud will we be singing when Cap N Tax are destroying the frail American industrial model, and causing prices of everything to skyrocket. What will the refrain be as we watch our own McBlond Boy, surrounded by dancing soldiers in drag, as America becomes a slave to the New World Order.

    Yup, we owe a lot to McFreedomworks. Keep reminding your kids and grandkids what we owe McFreedomworks.

    God bless America.

    • DisgustedinAZ says

      “Conservative patriot Wil Carden”


      If Carden had won the primary, Rich Carmona would now be our Senator, and AZ would be that much closer to becoming a purple, if not outright blue, state. Which it will become, probably by 2016. Which will be better for both this state, and the country.

      The majority of this country is NOT buying into the Tea Party poilitics of division, hate and fear-mongering. The Tea Party, who ran on jobs, jobs, jobs in 2010 has done nothing for two years but obstruct progress and growth in this country while promoting their “less government” BS (unless it’s in a woman’s uterus, our bedrooms or our doctors’ offices).

      Tea Party BS may play well among older, angry white men, but it doesn’t translate well to the general population. The only reason most of them were re-elected in 2012 is because of Republican gerrymandering after the 2010 census.

      The sane people of this state and the country can only hope that despite these blatant attempts by Republicans to retain power at any costs, these Tea Party fanatics can be ousted in 2014.

      The sane people will NOT tolerate another debt ceiling showdown and possible credit rating downgrade. Should that occur early next year, expect HUGE Democratic, Independent and third party gains in the midterm elections in 2014.

  2. DisgustedinAZ says

    FreedomWorks is NOT a grassroots organization!!!

    It is a corporate astroturf group started by the Koch brothers in 1984 as Citizens for a Sound Economy. It merged with Empower America in 2004 and was renamed FreedomWorks.

    FreedomWorks is run by Dick Armey and has close ties with both the astroturf Tea Party and the bill mill, ALEC.

    This was CORPORATE money supporting a CORPORATE candidate, Jeff Flake.

    They also supported Richard “pregnancy from rape is a gift from God” Mourdock, surprise, surprise.

  3. Freedom works was started by Dick Armey.

  4. The Koch Brothers are against Amnesty, Freedom works is for Amnesty, why do you think they supported McFlake.

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