Freedom in the Foothills.

     Last night the Friends of the NRA held their Tucson Dinner at the La Paloma Resort in the Foothills. It was a larger venue than years past and was sold out for days. 

     The keynote speech by Wayne LaPierre received multiple standing ovations. NRA President Sandy Froman was also very well received as she spoke and introduced Wayne. 

     The evening went well and there were more Republicans there than at a state party convention. Len Munsil and Don Goldwater were greeting attendees as they walked toward the ballroom. Hanging out with Len was AG candidate Bill Montgomery. Mike Harris also joined the event. 

     All of the Republican CD8 candidates were there. Randy Graf had a table, same for Frank Antenori. Mike Hellon’s table was graced by Ray Carroll. Mike Jenkins also had no problem filling his table. Steve Hufman showed up but did not stay for too long. Maybe Steve did not want to have to explain his C rating on the firearms issue from the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association

     Representing CD7 was the standout (actually stand-above) Hon. Ron Drake

     The next State Treasurer, Dean Martin, and his lovely wife came down from the Phoenix area. (Dean’s web site wins the award this year for best music.) 

     This year’s event was actually held in legislative district 26 and it showed. State Senator Toni Hellon was there as well as her opponent Al Melvin. The house side of 26 was well represented by Carol Somers, David Jorgenson, and Lisa Lovallo. Noticeably absent was the F rated Pete Hershbuger. Strange that someone who says he supports the 2nd Amendment on his web site can’t make it to an NRA dinner. No surprise actually since he has received an F rating from the NRA several years running. Oh, did I mention that Pete has an F rating from the NRA. 

     Not to be left out, district 30 was also well represented. State Senator Tim Bee and Representative Jonathan Paton also attended. 

     Despite a little bit of campaigning going on the auction raised a bucket of money for youth shooting programs and for range improvements in the state. A great cause and a great evening for passing on the traditions of our freedom loving country. 

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