Free HB2515 Now!

     Sonoran Alliance joins the Arizona Free Enterprise Club in asking that HB2515 be advanced in the senate. This bill would prevent large developers from luring cities and town into cutting sweetheart deals with a few well connected people leaving the rest of the regular businesses to “pay the freight.”

     Recently Oro Valley was rewarded with a Wal-Mart after giving away $23,000,000 in future sales tax revenue to Vestar. Vestar never explicitly stated what retailers would be at the development but most everyone was allowed to believe that it would be an upscale project. I don’t mind $23,000,000 for a quality project but it is totally wasted on attracting a Wal-Mart. I don’t mind having a Wal-Mart but it’s not worth $23,000,000.

     We know which senator is sitting on HB2515 and ask that he release it for consideration so that Arizona businesses can compete on a level playing field.

(If you research HB2515 please note that it appears to be a strike-all bill.)


  1. Capitol Buzz says

    Don’t make us do homework man, name names!

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    We are big fans of his so we just rather he do the right thing and let all businesses, large and small, be held to the same rules.

  3. ThinkRight says

    HB-2515 would effect Maricopa, Pinal & Marana. The OV deal isn’t. The law would take away state money from the towns that are trying to bring jobs to their communities. I agree that OV got screwed over by the Wal Mart, but the deal still would have occured with or without HB-2515.
    The bill’s introducers intentions were to stop towns in Maricopa from giving tax breaks to strip malls and Marana just happens to fall into the same category. The bill is being held up because our man is protecting Marana. The bill would devistate a town that is relying on retail to bring jobs to support growth. I say hold up this bill until Marana’s future is taken off the chopping block.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says

    Marana is one of the fastest growing towns in Arizona. I cannot imagine that developers would not come on their own. If a project needs a huge tax subsidy then it probably is not a viable development.

    Tax rebates may be use full to revitalize a desolate urban area where companies will not go without an incentive. Marana does not fit that criterion and businesses are moving to the area as fast as they can pave over the cotton fields and blade the natural Sonoran Desert.

  5. ThinkRight says

    I think it’s just you & me interested in this one, I’ll just call you. But, 2515 isn’t fair either, it signles out specific areas and takes state money from them if they have encentives to get businesses to operate in their towns. If this bill did pass, Tucson, Sierra Vista, OV, etc could all offer tax incentives to retail businesses, but certain parts of Maricopa, Pinal & Marana would not be able to offer the same incentives. Anyway, I have a meeting. I’ll post a more extensive opinion on this on my blog and reference yours. Later

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