Free Culture of Life Eric Genius Concert: July 25th

Eric Genius
July 25th – Eric Genius Concert

You won’t want to miss this incredible evening of music, passion, life and hope! Eric Genuis, the world-renowned musical performer and talent extraordinaire, will be performing musical pieces from a mix of his four fabulous albums. Eric has recorded with the famed Maestro Allan Wilson of London and the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra. His concerts are a definite must-see and have proven a riveting experience for audiences of all ages.

When: Friday July 25th, 2008

Where: City of Grace Campus – Worship Center
Building 5
655 University Drive
Mesa, AZ 85203

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Admission to this Culture of Life event is now FREE! This concert, the music, and Eric’s passion for life will inspire you – and we don’t want anyone to miss out!

Contact AZRTL at 602-285-0063 or to reserve your seat. Click here to listen to clips of Eric’s music.


  1. Frank Soto says

    This blog has lost a lot of credibility after saying they wished for a special place in hell for the writer of an obituary. I know you deleted the post already, but have you not learned that once something is on the internet, it is nearly impossible to fully delete?

    It is also in Google’s cache search, so the actual post will be there when the cache is updated later this week.

    Sorry SonoranAlliance, you probably will no longer be able to play the compassionate Christian card, at least, not with anyone who read that post. You may have deleted it, but the fact that it was ever posted reveals a great deal of information about you.

  2. Big Sister says

    Frank…the double standard has long been known and has lessened, not improved, the conservative message.

    It has become the home of a few red meat hungry contributors and mindless empty rhetoric. That’s about it.

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