Fred Thompson – Arizona Team Forming

Sonoran Alliance has learned that the Fred Thompson campaign has tapped State Representative Sam Crump to help head up its effort here in Arizona. Representative Crump can be contacted here. More details to follow.


  1. If anything has become apparent it is that this is a wide open race on both sides. There are many, many voters who are still undecided on a candidate and a great number who are squishy on their favorite.

    The Federalist platform of Sen. Thompson, his many years of experience at different levels of government, his national security knowledge, and his clear commitment to conservative principles make him my choice.

    Now that this message has legs, lets get it moving in Arizona!

  2. I agree with Ann on Fred being the best Republican, I just wish he would say something interesting or new. He completely wasted all the media coverage he received at the beginning of his campaign. But, who could argue with his law professors for Fred? Viet Dihn, Orin Kerr and Eugene Volokh (both of who post at the extremely well known, Rick Garnett (posts at and Todd Zwicki; those are some legit intellectual legal powerhouses in the conservative wing

    Guiliani has Calabresi and McGinnis, so not too bad himself

    Romney only seems to have Kmiec in his corner.

    This should be the issue that tells people how to vote! (that is sarcasm, just so y’all know!).

  3. I will bet that he doesn’t make it to the Arizona primary.

  4. Hey… where’s the love?

  5. I also don’t think he will make it to the AZ primary (sadly…). In fact, I will go one step further than Kral and say that Ron Paul has a better shot than Fred.

  6. Well, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad and NOW it is 3 out of 4, even better. Hopefully, these so-called front runners will crash and burn. Guiliani, Huckabee and Romney (we can forget Mc Cain, tho’ he never will) have too much baggage to ever be more than a candidate, never the bride.

    Fred Thompson THINKS, for God’s sake. The media prefers robots that spurt out clever, well-rehearsed ‘isms. If you are a thinker, it takes a nano second to do so before you verbalize a well thought out answer…not in the least sexy, nor entertaining. Hey we have already had a sexy, entertaining president. Too bad so many young folks think there is no recognizable difference between reality TV and the Presidency.

  7. Iris please contact Sam, we need help in your neck of the woods.

  8. Fred Thompson–nothing in his life to recommend him for the presidency, no rationale for his campaign, no prayer of winning.

    He’ll be out after his fourth place finish in Iowa, or at least by his sixth place finish in New Hampshire. He’s lazy, 64 and looks not a day over 84. I can’t believe he’s continuing with this sad farce of a candidacy.

  9. kralmajales says

    What Publius said…but I was tryin to be nice (not dissing you Publius…it needed to be said).

  10. Like Ann said… where’s the love? Well said Iris. So are we looking for a President that plays well for the media or one that is concerned about the American people? Thompson is the best conservative we have. He will make it past the AZ primary and then maybe you will all come aboard!

  11. It looks like Rudy is sliding south and there is more to come; he was the big name, now there are new big names with less well-known pasts and less worry over issues where the base may not align with the man.

    Huckabee is moving up but he is a fad not a long-timer, he has no money, no machine, and no conservative platform beyond social conservative issues…not a recipe for longevity.

    Voters are having a hard time warming up to a Ken doll with a ragged record. Mitt drew Mike a line in the sand, but can he cross it and have anything left for the next round? And who is hurt most by attacking a guy who is just so likable as a person, even if not your choice for president?

    McCain is too old, too exposed, and just too McCain to be President. I want to want him because of sentimentality but sorry…just can’t do it.

    Fred Thompson may not be the best looking, the quickest wit, or the most charismatic. He does have the most conservative record, a platform based on Federalist principles that founded this country and from which we have gotten too far removed, is experienced at multiple levels of government and knows the who’s, what’s, and why’s of foreign and domestic policy.

    Huckabee will last thru Iowa and be done, he is spending every dime and every person on Iowa. Unaware of the intelligence estimate, why? He has no room for a briefer on his budget and is strung so tight for cash and personnel, he can’t get the issues. What happens next when the $100K he is getting per day is not enough to sustain a campaign that is heavy on air time and people power? Then who will be the candidate for a conservative?

    He will survive to the Arizona primary and beyond.

  12. A quick poll of these comments proves once again these females are generally more laid back and take their time to make their case. No epees with quick jabs to the heart, they. Which explains why they are attracted to Fred, an older man (agreed, no sex appeal)who takes the time to think and give them what they want…GOOD REASONS…to elect him to the presidency because of a reasonable projection of behavior based upon his previous BEHAVIOR that implies a good outcome for the years to come.

    God knows we need a president who will actually do what he says he will do and not be anxious under pressure to push a button or sign some necessary bill without reading the little lace frills attached. I get the impression in everything that Fred says and does that NO ONE WILL PUSH HIM INTO DOING SOMETHING HE HASN’T GIVEN GREAT THOUGHT TO FIRST. And for those who have bothered to read his suggestions for solving some of the problems we face (position papers), you will find they are actually solutions that could work.

    A real leader.

  13. Note I wrote the previous this morning prior to Fred Thompson stating unequivocally in the debate that he would NOT hold up his hand and he would NOT answer a question if not given sufficient time. What ? A grown-up at last?

  14. Fred Thompson is doing so well that he won’t even be on the ballot in DE:

    That is just sad.

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