Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Jack McClaren for Sheriff

Pinal County, AZ – The Arizona State Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.)has endorsed Jack McClaren over all other candidates for Pinal County Sheriff.

F.O.P. State President John Ortolano announced the support of the 6,500 law enforcement members of the organization, including all Pinal County law enforcement members behind the McClaren election effort, in a letter send to Jack McClaren.

“I am proud of the backing of the many law enforcement professionals not only in Pinal County, but in Arizona, for my effort to return dignity and integrity to the leadership of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office,” said McClaren.

The F.O.P. endorsement adds to the endorsement by the Fire Fighters, beginning to make a solid statement by public safety professionals that only Jack McClaren can get the job done in working for a comprehensive and collaborative effort to make Pinal County safe.

The F.O.P. represents the interests of professional law enforcement officers working in Pinal County and agencies throughout the State.

Nationally, the FOP is the world’s largest organization of law enforcement officers with more than 325,000 members.

According to campaign finance reports, McClaren is fund raising more than Paul Babeu by more than three times the total that Babeu brought in during the past six months.

McClaren, is a 19-year veteran of Pinal County law enforcement work who has served as the elected County Constable in Pinal County, is a 36-year county resident and U.S. Army veteran. He is a graduate of specialized government and law enforcement programs with the FBI, Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. He is also a leader in the Boys and Girls Club, serving as the Board Vice President of the Apache Junction Boys and Girls Club.




  1. FOP endorsed Babeu in 2008, and continued to defend him as the wheels began to come off midway through his term. Their pointed repudiation of him now reflects a growing realization in law enforcement that this fast-talking politician isn’t the savior he pretends to be, and that his reelection isn’t in the best interest of the county’s people or deputies. Pinal Co. conservatives are still sorting through which challenger to get behind, but more and more of us are convinced that we have to do better than the profoundly unconservative current sheriff.

  2. David Smith says

    Jack McClaren was fired from PCSO by Sheriff Chris Vasquez after he continued to have an affair with a married subordinate of his after he was told by the sheriff to end it. He also provided her information for a sergeants exam that he was in charge of. Chandler PD investigated it and Jack was fired for dishonesty and lots of other offenses. His lover was demoted as well.

    Jack was barred by the County from ever being rehired. I guess the FOP should have asked PCSO for the investigation before they made this embarrassing endorsement.

  3. Mr. Smith is sadly wrong. Jack McClaren was an at-will commander in the PCSO. His Arizona POST (police officer) certification was never affected and he passed three polygraphs on exactly the issue concerning the exam. Mr. Smith, you simply fail to tell the truth. You also failed to state that McClaren is single and the other party concerned had long since separated from the former spouse. Contrast this to an X-rated sheriff who is a political opportunist with a Massachussetts land of the liberal past with multiple questions left unanswered from allegations as a school headmaster for trouble youths.

    It is exactly this type of cronny internal politics that Jack McClaren – a 19 year veteran of law enforcement – all of it spent in Pinal County – it is exactly this type of cronny politics that Jack is running to eliminate. Police Chiefs throughout the county have endorsed Jack McClaren.

    Conservative Pinal County voters have stood up for Jack McClaren before and will again. If these were issues, then how did Jack McClaren get elected County Constable?

    Mr. Smith seems to be an apologist for a politician sheriff who failed a Congressional run and is now trying to salvage a political career. The old saying “keep your shirt on, buddy” applies to Babeu, but with the addition, “keep your pants on, too” might be in order.

    Jack McClaren is a good, church going father and grandfather and Army veteran who Pinal County voters have already validated once before in a professional law enforcement role.

  4. David Smith says

    Jon before you doubt what is written why don’t you read the investigation done by Chandler PD? Ask for it from Pinal County or Chandler PD. You will see what I wrote is accurate. You are also referring to allegations made against Babeu; not proven facts. What I wrote about regarding McClaren was proven facts. I am an FOP member and have spoken to other FOP members who can’t believe our organization would stand behind McClaren. So far all of the allegations made against Babeu have turned out to be untrue. I also asked deputies who know Ms. Wallace and she is still with her husband just as she was when McClaren was sleeping with her.

  5. Jack McClaren went through 3 polygraphs and was cleared on all three. The polygraphs were made available to the news media for this race. Nothing incorrect happened.

    Funny that the Chandler PD investigation you are referring to is what I am talking about. Also, funny, that Paul Babeu and his Chief Deputy, Steve Henry, both are ex-Chandler cops and union guys – in fact, Babeu was the leader of the Chandler Police Union.

    The person involved was separated many months. Jack has been a single man.

    Jack McClaren’s Arizona POST Certtification remains intact. There was never a letter issued by Pinal County personnel.

    The voters of Pinal County had already vindicated and validated Jack McClaren. He has been an elected County Constable since then, withstanding the scrutiny of the courts system. Odd that in this race all of a sudden because he is taking on Babeu that a couple of bloggers come out no where to foist silly stories.

    The FOP and other public safety groups did vet Jack and he has gained not only their endorsements, but of several police chiefs across Pinal County. Jack has provided many volunteer hours with Florence PD, passing vetting with them as a reserve – fully state certified police officer.

    Mr. Smith may have gone to Washington in the movie, but in this case, is a sad attempt at smearing the good name of a veteran of almost two decades of professional law enforcement service in Pinal County – and the good name of Jack McClaren that the voters have already said in another election is their Republican candidate.

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