Frank Schmuck Questions Jeff Dial’s Military Record in Political Ad

Conservative Republican Frank Schmuck released a new digital ad today questioning the military service of Jeff Dial. Dial is seeking reelection to the Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 18.

The ad references Dial’s admission that his military service was characterized as “unsatisfactory participation” due to his weight, but the Schmuck campaign cites military regulations for an accurate definition.

According to regulations, “unsatisfactory participation” is due to “disobeying military orders” or not showing up for duty or “Absence Without Leave” or AWOL.

Earlier this week, the Schmuck campaign asked Jeff Dial to release his DD-214, the official document issued by the Department of Defense certifying release of discharge of active military service.

Dial has refused to release his DD-214 and instead has only provided a DD 256, which only certifies completion of a term as a reservist. The DD Form 256 is not used to determine if someone is a veteran in part because it can be purchased online with no verification of military service required and because active dates of service must be listed to qualify.

Dial and Schmuck will square off in the August 30th Primary Election.



  1. It’s past time that Jeff Dial release his military records like Schmuck has. If Dial thinks these claims are unfair, he should step up and defend himself. But all he’s done is avoid the issue and send a card claiming these are lies. We deserve better from people in office asking us to trust them to represent us.

  2. Jeff Dial’s Honorable Discharge

  3. Mr. Schmuck showed up at our non-profit homeowners association meeting last night without being invited by the HOA Board of Directors. I’m not sure why he showed up, he doesn’t own property in this community.

    When he was asked to leave the meeting based on the Arizona statute 33-1804, “Open Meeting Law” which states that you must be a member of the association or designated by an association member in writing to attend a board meeting, he was not happy. When he was asked to leave and advised to reference the statute, he said that “I helped to write the law and the press would like to hear about this.”
    He definately lost my vote. He was very rude and and wasted the board’s valuable time. Very sad!!

    I also served in the military for over 20 years. I would focus on if the person in questions was dishonorably discharged or retired. That’s a serious point of focus.

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