Former U.S. Congressman John Shadegg Endorses Ron Carmichael for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party

PHOENIX, AZ:  Former U.S. Congressman John Shadegg announced his endorsement of Ron Carmichael for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.  Shadegg recently retired after serving his 8th term in Arizona Congressional District 3.

“I’ve known Ron Carmichael for many years and am pleased to endorse him for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party,” Shadegg said.   “Ron is a solid conservative who will work to build a stronger, more unified Party.  At this point in our Nation’s history, we as Conservatives must work harder than ever to preserve the freedoms that make this country great.

Ron knows how important the fight for freedom is. He also knows that we cannot win without the hard work of our grassroots supporters and the financial support of our donors. It is critical as we go into the 2012 election that we unite to elect conservative Republicans from the Courthouse to the White House.  Ron understands this challenge.”

Former Congressman John Shadegg joins U.S. Senator Jon Kyl, Arizona Speaker of the House Kirk Adams, 2010 Congressional nominee Ruth McClung, as well as a large number of district chairman, county chairman, and former state chairman in endorsing Ron Carmichael.


  1. Everyone's a RINO but me says


  2. So, we have the McCainite, the other McCainite running from that association and a man with at least one really bitter ex & some other baggage and then there’s Graham. Seems like a pretty simple deal to me

  3. I have been a conservative Republican the majority of my life. I have worked on many campaigns, volunteered countless hours and helped elect some great people to office because I believe in the party. I believe in the platform beliefs of limited government, free market and social issues. I believe that we have had great men rise out of the party to not only lead other Republicans but also our nation down the path of prosperity. Men like Lincoln and Reagen who stood for honesty, commitment to beliefs and courage. Men like George W. Bush who led us in a time of uncertainty and kept us safe. But the party is changing. Nowhere is that seen more than in the race for Chairmen of the AZGOP. To be honest I am ashamed to call myself a Republican today. Over the last few days, even weeks, I have seen the party I love and fight for turn on itself. I have seen grown men that want to lead us into victory in 2012 act like children. I had planned on endorsing a candidate however at this time I do not think any of the current candidates deserve the job. It is a job of responsibility and character. A job that requires the skills of leadership, courage and conviction most of all civility. The age we live in is a 24/7 news cycle in which everything we as Republicans do or say is immediately blown up by the MSM. We are better than this, we MUST be better than this. Until such time as the leadership of the Republican Party can grow up I will not take part in or support any candidates for any party. It is a sad day when someone who loves politics as much as I do has had enough. I truly hope we can unite and rise above this but until then I will no longer consider myself a Republican.

  4. PrayForBruce says

    Graham video. Good stuff.

    And yes, if you can’t tell, I’m voting for Graham.

  5. @PrayForBruce – Yep, good stuff! I’m with you.

  6. Of course Shadegg does, because he’s an elitist lib.

  7. LEO IN TSN says

    It’s very sad that you, Joshua T, have become so disillusioned over the last “few days, even weeks” about power struggles within the Republican Party. Where were you last summer when John McAmnesty did a 22 million dollar hatchet job on a conservative Republican with his media blitzkrieg of falsehoods and shadow innuendoes? You could have taken up the fight for the Party then, but apparently you went missing in action.

    The McCainiacs are very skilled at trying to discourage conservatives through scurrilous personal attacks, and at trying to split the conservative vote so they can regain their stranglehold on the Party. This is another opportunity for you to get back into the fight and support a good, conservative Republican. If you look at the issues at stake, you might just find that Tom Morrissey is such a man.

  8. ain't so joe says

    John “We need a guest worker program” Shadegg voted YES on TARP! Juat what we need – more big government Republicans. “Guest workers” and their offspring become permanent Democrat voters which is just fine with the profits before patriotism crowd.

    No thanks to Shadegg and Graham.

  9. Did I read that right? We shouldn’t have a guest worker program because they might vote Democrat? Unbelievable!

  10. Paula Pennypacker says

    You read that right Lynne! I had no idea how radical and mean this bunch was until I ran for the legislature, and until I met Rob Haney in person. They are not interested in common-sense solutions when it comes to immigration reform. And their hatred for Senator McCain is insidious and very destructive to the Republican brand. Sad but true!

  11. Ask each candidate what their monetary contribution was to the Arizona Republican Party. Randy Pullen stepped up to plate when it was needed. The McCain bunch did him in LD 11 elections because McCain is a vindictive mean sprited man.

  12. Of course Carmichael was endorsed by Shadegg he is also a friend of Kyl’s the good ole’ boys stick together and support their own. Isn’t he also being touted by the former AZ. campaign manger for McCain along with the Lynch group. Enough said.

  13. Thank God for our 1st Amendment rights to free speech, but we all must be careful of what we say when we speak freely. Words can be very destructive, as I have been witnessing within some circles of the GOP.

    For the record, I do not consider myself a supporter of McCain and his style of politics, but with that said, I don’t consider McCain to be an enemy nor do I have “hatred” towards him as many of you who call yourselves “true conservatives” do.

    And I certainly do not “HATE” those who in some way or another have supported McCain or Kyl politically or who don’t espouse hatred for them, such as Ron Carmichael or Marty Hermanson, who in my opinion sound like great candidates. I do not discret them because they don’t hate McCain and may actually try to work with him on common ground.

    Unfortunately, many of you think your brand of conservatism is the ONLY credible form and all others should be kicked to the curb…who are the ELITE ones here!!! This attitude some of you have is destructive to the GOP party that needs to focus on the issues that matter, such as the runaway spending, poor economy and our expanding unconstitutional government…and you know who you are. You “true conservatives” are now desperately supporting the endorsement of “no name” candidates, without knowing enough about them, regardless of who they are. Some of you are behaving like herded cattle that can’t think with any REAL logic and reason because you are so filled with hate!

    People have told me they don’t think Sarah Palin is conservative because she endorses McCain. This is riduculous!

    My vote goes to the most sensible candidate that can raise the most money for the party going into 2012 and that seems to be looking like Ron Carmichael or Marty Hermanson at this point, irrespective of their association with McCain or Kyl.

    Happy to call myself a Tea Party Conservative!


  15. Shaggy supported Marie Baier, Warren Whitney and John McCain. Need I say more?

  16. Did Shadegg get Rep. Pence and Tony Bouie to endorse Carmichael yet? 😉

  17. #11. Here’s a common sense solution to illegal immigration: Law Enforcement.

    Wouldn’t that aggrivate the profits before patriotism crowd?

  18. Double Decaf Latte says

    Arizona is the fifth state I’ve lived in. One of the first things I have always done is to get involved in the Republican Party, Unlike the other state’s who have welcomed me with open arms because we were all bound together by the candidates we could support. Unfortunately, what I found here is a party bound together by “Who we hate!”

    You can read it here on this blog….it’s all about hate for McCain, Hate for Kyl and hate now for John Shadegg.

    I’ve come to despise the word RINO that is tossed around on this blog and in state, county and legislative district meetings.

    Who are you to be calling others names, Who are you to be the arbitrator of all things Republican. Who are you to drive people out of our party.

    Being a member of a party shouldn’t require a purity test. From where I’m from if you call yourself a Republican you ARE A REPUBLICAN. Our candidates and elected officials need the support of Republicans of all stripes not just those who think that their $#!+ doesn’t stink.

    Get on with winning elections people! And thank God for these fine men who are willing to run for office with Republican behind their name. Honey Marquez, Jesse Bryant and Paula Pennypacker make sense. They get it!

  19. @14 Honey Marques = John Shadegg

    John, you resurrected TARP from the grave spending over 700 BILLION dollars that were NOT YOURS TO GIVE.

    You support the Arizona New York Port Authority, aka the Arizona Economic Development Authority, with unlimited debt accretion and spending power, underwritten by Arizona taxpayers, but with no elected oversight.

    You voted for the REAL ID.

    You support McAmnesty.

    Please just retire gracefully.

  20. Camelback Straw says

    Honey – thanks for your comments. I share your thoughts on McCain. I don’t support him, but I don’t hate those who do. They still agree with me 80% of the time. I would have voted for Bruce Ash and am disappointed that grassroot conservatives have had to scramble to find a replacement.

    I don’t know Morrissey or what he has done to get Republican candidates elected, so I’m open. On AZSOS.GOV, you can see who he has given money to – Republican legislators, the Maricopa County Republicans, and so forth.

    I haven’t seen any activity from Carmichael in years. How many district meetings did he attend over the last several years? I don’t dislike the man, but if he wants to step up, I’d prefer that he accomplish something for the party before running for State Chairmanship. He just hasn’t been there for local candidates, legislative candidates, congressional candidates or state-wide candidates. He’s given money to Kyl, but anyone else? I found nothing on AZSOS.GOV

    I am impressed by Marty’s accomplishments in Pinal County. I don’t see a record of giving money, but Marty has earned my vote through his time commitment to the party for the first round, and I’ll move to Morrissey if Marty fails to make it to the second.

  21. Camelback Straw says

    Oh wait, now I’ve found Carmichael’s donations to:
    Toni Hellon
    Deb Gullet
    John Nelson

    He also gave money to Tom Horne before the primary.

  22. Franklin Brown says

    I would like to know which candidate, if any, will pledge to lead with Biblical wisdom, and not just poll-driven, flavor-of-the-month sound bites.

  23. Double decaf latte and Camelback Straw – we are on the same page. Your comments were well said and I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for sharing your thoughts of reason!

    Tomorrow’s meeting will be fun to watch!

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