Former State Rep Terri Proud endorses LD11 Team

Smith, Leach and Finchem endorsed by former State Representative Terri Proud

~ Proud will pass on 2014 race, backs conservative team ~

Former State Representative Terri Proud will not seek a State House seat in 2014 and is instead endorsing the conservative team of Steve Smith for State Senate, and Vince Leach and Mark Finchem for State House.

Proud was an award-winning conservative lawmaker who left office after building a strong conservative record on fiscal, social and constitutional issues.

Proud said her endorsement was based largely on the conservative team’s commitment to protecting Arizona taxpayers and getting government out of the way of Arizona businesses and families.

“I was honored to serve with Representative Proud,” said Steve Smith, “so her endorsement means a great deal to me.”

Leach and Finchem were also appreciative of Proud’s support, with Leach calling it “an awesome gift from an awesome lady” and Finchem referring to
it as “a conservative seal of approval.”

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